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Leegoal(TM)Nose up Lifting Shaping Beauty Clip X2


Key features

  • Package of Two Nose Up Lifting Shaping Clip
  • Easy to wear & keep clean
  • Use Nose Up to help shape and lift your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery.
  • Use approximately 15 minutes a day.

Honest reviews



Before noseright, i was really insecure with my nose. Thats what ruined my face the most. when i heard of noseright, i wanted to try it out right away because nose surgery cost like 5 thousand dollars and i watched a vid of a doctor performing nose surgery, it was disgusting -_-. i would do anything besides nose surgery to reshape my nose. i mean i dont have a really ugly nose but its just a bit wide, although most of my friends said that its nothin. i used noseright for at least a month already and i saw a huge difference. im definitely satisfied with this product! it made my nose smaller and prettier 🙂 i want to thank the person who made this product!

Lynne Wells River, VT

Why did I buy this?

I must have been in a weird mood. I used it for a few weeks and realized it was a waste of time nd money.

Lara Eupora, MS

Takes Discipline, but works well

I ordered this Jiahe clip and it has definitely changed my nose shape for the better. I’ve been wearing it faithfully for several weeks. I’m told by friends, it made my nose straighter. Looks aside, I can say definitively that the pressure improved some internal problems with my nose and saved me from having to get surgery. I have sinus problems and rinse often with Neil Med sinus rinse during allergy season. Rinsing was effective up to a point, as there was a blockage in my nose on the right side. After using this clip for three days, the clot loosened from the pressure and came out. I can now breathe so much better than before.You can pay more $$$ on other brands like the nose right and nose magic, but try this instead. This clip takes discipline to see results, so wear it every morning and evening for a good fifteen minutes. It also helps to make sure your nose is oil free (I use hot water and Neutrogena soap) and to warm the silicone parts with hot water before you put the clip on.

Edna Verona, MS

Creates dark marks around the nose

I think the bruises give the illusion of a thinner nose. It created temporary contouring via broken blood vessels haha. No long term effects though… and only do it at night or you’ll leave the house saying "Hi guys, I had a clip on my nose earlier." I think you can skip this. Every time you think you want a smaller nose and you start to look up products for it– set that money aside for rhinoplasty. Upside: you can use these to seal bags closed, not a total waste of money.

Marcia Grapeview, WA

Would not stay on my nose.

Maybe it was just the way my nose is shaped, I don’t know but this was the experience I had. Not worth the cost of returning though.

Kellie Romulus, MI


These are a complete waste of money!They are too tight to the point that I can’t breathe.They say use them for one hour for two weeks and you will see changes all I saw was indents in my nose!

Jeannine Tipton, CA

Thank you Nose Up

I have never been in love with my nose. I always thought it could be cuter, more dainty and visually appealing. I don’t particularly hate it enough to have it operated on because of the risks involved with surgery. It is just slightly bulbous towards the bottom and there is a very slight hump that is only noticeable from certain angles. I don’t know if I can recommend this product for someone who feels differently than me and would actually pursue rhinoplasty.I have been using these nose clips nearly a month and I’m so far satisfied with the effect. I am less self-conscious about my nose looking out of proportion with the rest of my face and I feel that now I tend to photograph better and with more confidence.I had to take intermittent breaks when I first began using it because it was a bit uncomfortable until a few days later when I finally broke it in. (I use it for an hour or two per day).It’s definitely a plus that you receive two of the clips because some break more easily than others, but I can’t expect the quality control to be on point considering the product costs only one dollar. The first of the pair that I used broke after only a day but the second has lasted me close to a month. I would be more than satisfied with it even if it needed to be replaced monthly. A dollar is a very small price to pay for the notable results. I will surely continue buying these.Living on the East Coast I waited roughly one month for this to arrive. Again I cannot complain having only spent a dollar for the product AND the shipping.

Penny De Smet, SD

Three Stars

Gives u a quick fix but definitely doesn’t last long term ….

Stephanie Key West, FL

Just so so.

It is little bit hard. When I get it down from my nose after a few minutes, I got two red square on my sides of my nose……

Edith Imler, PA

Product Was Okay!

Product arrived quickly and was packed nicely and great customer support. I did see some shaping but the product was to tight and it caused a little pain when I removed them.

Lilly Garden City, IA