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LECHAT Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish, Angel’s Breeze, 0.500 Ounce

Change your nail color with your mood, literally! perfect match mood gel polish is temperature-activated. Whether you feel “hot” or “cold” your nail language says it all. Available in 42 shades. Experience the magic today.

Key features

  • Easy application
  • No running or shrinking
  • Long-lasting shine that lasts for weeks

Honest reviews



This polish is really really awesome and fun. On top of that the quality is great, the polish is actually thinner and easier to apply than other brands. It will work with any UV cured base and top coat set. I used Ulta’s Red Carpet Manicure set.A bit chilly is a great bright tealish/blue color when warm, and goes to a great purple when cold. I get so many ooohhhs and ahhs when i show people how it changes color.Just know that the “warm” color will be the most visible. For me I’m blue quite often, but holding a cold Starbucks Frap I started to turn purple, running my hands under a cold faucet will turn purpler. I can’t wait for summer vacations with the polish going in and out of water, as well as winter weather going in and out from the cold!If you want more details on the color options, visit LeChat’s facebook page they have an album of all the colors and changes!

Marian Parkton, NC

love the color changing!

goes on just as great as all the other Gelish polishes, however it changes color with a change in temperature. I love it!

Alyson San Rafael, NM

Fun in or out of the sun!

This mood gel polish is the talk of wherever I go. Those that know can tell when I’m warm and cool by the color of my nails.

Sheree Mantachie, MS

Really fun polish!

I’m really enjoying this polish. It’s a little hard to apply but only because while in the bottle it’s cold so it’s a dark pink but as you apply it to your warm nail it turns a very pale, sheer, frosty pink making it kind of hard to see where you polished. It does take quite a few coats (4-5) to get it nice and solid but it’s worth it. It’s also more reactive than I expected it to be. In the mornings, when I’m generally chilly, the tips will be dark pink with a fade to the lighter pink. I also get the same effect when I’m holding a cold drink or the AC from the car is blowing on me.

Shawna Oakmont, PA


The color changing is SO awesome! I got "A Bit Chilly" and it goes from a dark blue-purple all the way to teal! I couldn’t believe it had such a large color range and that it actually even worked!I used it with the Gelish system and it lasted a long time, 2 full weeks before I just got bored and took it off! I will definitely order more.

Leta Naples, NC

2nd bottle!

OMG I am so in love with these gel polishes. This polish is a light pink with some shimmer, and the tips get dark pink (need a little length on the nail) just like the picture. If your whole nail gets cold it becomes completely dark pink. The polish goes on nicely. These can be used with the gelish system. I have fun with these polishes. Need to buy more colors.

Angie Mohave Valley, AZ

Always shows the “hot” color

This product always looks like the lighter "hot" temperature color at body temperature. The color change effect is only visible if you dip your hands in cold water. I wouldn’t use it again.

Iris Ochelata, OK

Love this brand!

Outstanding performance, yet again, from LeChat. This particular color was gifted to me from a friend. I probably wouldn’t have purchased it myself because I am not crazy about the warm color – a boring, pearly white. (I added a stamp over mine to make up for that.) Anyway, once the fingertips are exposed to something cold, the color changes drastically to a blue or a purplish-blue. (Depending on the light.) Some of the mood polishes have a subtle change, but NOT this one. As always, proper application will get you two weeks of wear.

Celeste Crossville, IL