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L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake for Men – Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 Oz

Introduced in 1994. Fragrance notes: citrus and spice combined with lower notes of musk, amber and woods. Recommended use: evening.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Honest reviews


I did not care for it.

I did not care for this product. I did not like the way it smelled on me. I would not buy it again.

Christi Great Bend, PA

Subtle and refined fragrance that lasts all day

I’ve tried many different EDT’s over the years and can definitely say L’eau D’Issey is my absolute favorite. If you likePolo Sport,True Star By Tommy Hilfiger,Hugo Boss For Men, orCurve By Liz Claiborne, you’ll probably like L’eau D’Issey.It smells refined, youthful, and sophisticated, with a light citrus & woody spice scent that is very pleasing, not musky, overly sweet, or intrusive to other people’s olfactory nerves. I don’t like to douse myself in fragrance and be one of those people you can smell from across the room. A little goes a long way and understated elegance is the theme here, down to the attractive frosted glass bottle and minimalist packaging design. All I need is 2 or 3 small pumps in the morning before going to work, and I smell nice all day.Because it is impossible to describe in words how this smells, and the fact that fragrances interact differently based on each user’s skin chemistry, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. Go to your local Sephora/drugstore/perfumery, rub some into your arm, and have a sniff.For $50, not a bad investment in smelling nice. Based on past experience, 4.2 ounces lasts me a year or more.

Janelle Jefferson, MA

Reminds me of 90’s

Love this scent! And if you buy through Amazon its 100% legit as well! The silage; the performance of this scent is just crazy! With the lemon burst in the opening it makes it a perfect spring/summer scent!

Sydney Miracle, KY

Panty Dropper!

Wowsers! I smelled this on an 80 year old man, and did not hesitate to ask his wife "what cologne is your husband wearing?" She said he smelled it on her son, and loved it, and has used it ever since. Don’t let the age fool you, he is one smooth dude. I ordered this for my husband immediately. I just opened the box, and it is everything I remember. Clean and Sexy! Pretty big bottle for the price too. Everywhere else it cost about $80 for this size bottle. I am in LOVE! Sexiest smell I have ever smelled bar none. Cannot wait to get this on my husband.

Lynette Mullens, WV

Gorgeous Cologne Unique and Brilliant At a GREAT Price

Most cologne for men is either cloying or in an attempt to be “masculine” over drenched with smokey musk, notes of leather, cedar and other over powering scents. Issey Miyake a remarkable designer in his own right, innovative and a bit edgy – changed the face of mens cologne with his creation of L’eau d’Issey Cologne.It’s become the signature scent of my partner of 25 years and the only cologne I’ll wear on occasion.It’s a clean scent, reminiscent of cool beach breezes, subtle notes of jasmine and a light hard to pin point undertone that’s refreshing and unforgettable. When you wear it the compliments are frequent and usually described as sexy, sensual, light, airy and clean.Never soapy or overbearing Issey wears well and has true lasting power. Truly unique, slightly intoxicating and one of those little luxuries you never tire of.Over the years I’ve bought this size from Amazon – and at always a remarkable price.I can remember when only Sephora carried this size at $160.To buy it here on Amazon for $70 is a steal. It’s also Prime eligible so if your a Prime member that’s free two day shipping to boot.

Bridget Emma, MO

Husband loves this!

He’s used it when it had first come out and use it a lot when we were dating and i decided to get it for him again, which he used up quicker than it took to get to us (not saying it took forever, just saying he loves it so much, lol). Excellent scent!

Lula Waurika, OK

Absolutely amazing scent

I am a scent fanatic and currently own around 50-60 bottles of cologne; L’eau D’issey is probably my most favorite and something I reach for whenever i go on a new date, meet new people or try to make a great first impression. Every time I wear this, I get compliments from both men and women; if I could only own ONE bottle of cologne, this would be the one. Guys, purchase this and you will love the attention it will get you.. it stays on you for hours at a time and will not fade away like chep cologne.. you get what you pay for and this is a WINNER in my book! best of luck,Alex

Lee Monument Beach, MA


A favorite. At times it’s hard to find a good price so the hunt can be long but worth it.

Felicia Saco, ME

Great if you like clean citrus scents

This cologne is the same type as Irish Green Tweed but I prefer this one because the scent matches me better.It lasts until I wash it off even if I sweat a lot, but it’s a lot weaker when I sweat. By “sweat” I mean “bicycle 10 miles to class when it’s 96F outside” magnitude of sweat so when I’m in air conditioning all day I have to be conservative with it because it’s really noticeable.Also just to offset the “you’ll get a lot of compliments on this cologne” comments: women will only use what cologne you’re wearing as an excuse to talk to you if they want to talk to you.

Leann Hollenberg, KS

A must have

My husband has wore this cologne for years and it smells sooo good!! Very sexy and he gets many compliments!!

Priscilla Ariton, AL



Leslie Waterford, CT

Sweet and herbal smelling

This fragrance has a distinctive smell that is suitable for almost any occasion or season. It has a little citrus, but the inscense-like smell is warm enough for the cold days. Classy and refined.This is by far one of my absolute favorite colognes. It is a very crisp and clean smell that doesn’t leave a lingering haze. It is simple enough to be worn with weekend clothes and sophisticated enough to be worn to a business meeting. I strongly suggest this cologne for anyone that wants to make a great impression

Mable Stratham, NH

Great scent

I got this as an anniversary gift for my husband and he is really picky when it comes to cologne. He loved it. Products smells great and I received it super fast.

Vanessa Nahant, MA

Fresh and clean fragrance

Projection and longevity on this fragrance is second to none, it’s a good clean citrus day summer scent, but because of it’s strong projection you can probably also pull it at night at a club… It may be a good office scent if you’re light on the trigger, because even though it’s not an offensive scent, it may be over powering to some; A must have in your summer fragrances scent collection, although I admit it’s not my favorite scent, my G.F loves it, and other women seem to like it as well. ( reasons why I give it 4 stars )

Nora Encino, TX

First it smells a bit funky… Then the magic begins!!

I have been curious as to why people liked this fragrance… When I smelled it in the store it smelt weird and funky to me… I won’t bore you with heart notes and compositions. Once applied the fragrance transforms and has a unique and sensual smell that is quite sophisticated. I wear Lacoste 12.12 White, most Calving Klein fragrances, and several others. My point is I dig fragrances and would recommend this one.

Carol Oregon City, OR

It is awesome!

I like this EDT very much! It is sooo sexy. In Europe this smell is very popular. When men wear this perfume women follow them :). My husband always was a fan of “Drakkar” and nothing else. Once I brought a piece of paper sprayed by this perfume and left on the counter and my husband asked me what is this, it is smell soo awesome! So, after that i bought this EDT for him as a gift on Valentin’s day. And it is definitely an original one (size 2.5 oz).

Dominique Hamlin, IA

Smells great

great cologne one of the best been around for a minute one of my top 10 colognes at least give it a try you won’t be let down

Mae Alder Creek, NY

Beats all of the fruity and spicy perfumes in the market

I fell in love with this fragrance the first time.It has a very light feminine touch to the scent.It is not too sweet as to make you feel like working in a candy factory.It’s not spicy as to make you burn your nostrils.It is elegant, soft and gentle.Yet it has a manly feel to it.It is not over powering but every time the scent reaches your nose, your heart stops a beat.It catches your attention when you least expected it.Buy the largest size, it’s a bargain.While i love this product with one million stars, my last order got here damaged with the cap smashed and bottle leaking.Amazon immediately took care of it.Love the service, love the fragrance, love the price.Buy it without any regrets.

Felicia Great Bend, ND

I love this scent my husband!

I purchased this scent for my husband. It is a scent that I found by accident when one of our mutual male friends was wearing it. I decided to purchase it for my husband as he likes to smell good. I have female scent made by Issey Miyake that compliments his well. I have had it for awhile, so that is an added bonus! I commonly buy us complimenting scents. This scent definitely turns heads, so if you want that then buy this! You will not regret it!

Rosalinda Rose, OK

not a huge fan

Not really a fan of this, too flowery smelling. Most people love this and it does last a long time but just a little disappointed. I have owned over 75 scents and currently own 40 this would be in the bottom half in my current selection.

Paige Elk Rapids, MI

Mature and Versatile.

This has been a staple for me since ’99. Typically I use different scents for different occasions, seasons and even outfits. This fragrance however is one of the more versatile variety. Fresh & citrusy enough for daytime use but spicy & mature enough to wear out at night. It’s a Summer fragrance imho but I can see using it during the Winter because I detect a slight proximity to Dolce & Gabbana pour homme in that it contains a level of spice and maturity. It also lasts for the better part of the day and projects well. As always I ONLY purchase fragrances from AMAZON or HIGHLY RATED vendors not the “lowest priced” and have never had an issue w/ authenticity.

Ursula East Greenville, PA

Nice Price for a Familiar Product

This is an enjoyable smell (I’m terrible at describing colognes or perfumes, so I won’t bother), which he and I love. You can’t go wrong with it. I was going to buy this from Macys again, but I was so happy to see that amazon offered it for a cheaper price.

Mabel Neelyton, PA

As a bit of a collector, this is one of my favorites

I have tried quite a bit of cologne [maybe at least for my age, over 40 kinds, currently own about 20] and have to say that this stands out as one of my favorites.It may be a bit girly at first, as it’s like a very floral Acqua Di Gio. But it settles down and isn’t so flowery. I have received many compliments and i find it lasts me a good while. Definitely will be keeping this in my collection once i run out 🙂

Brandy Owenton, KY

Five Stars


Rachel Heron, MT

A delicate fragrance.

In addition to costs, this fragrance has been famous for being very thin (very kind). Only for special occasions strictly not recommend it for day to day.

Janie Harviell, MO

great scent

This is a great scent also. I love it. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this scent. It’s bien good.

Doris Woods Cross Roads, VA

Incredible smell

This is one of the best perfume I’ve ever had. I strongly recommend this product and the seller.

Ladonna Smithboro, NY

Seems legit, last all day

I bought directly through amazon and seems to be the original no water down version. Last all day the fragance. It smells like the 90’s men colognes, like a mediterrean breeze in a spring sunny day, imagine: the base of aqua di gio, the crispy of eternity, the musk of cool water and you got it. Its nice not very agressive like aqua di gio but manages to impress anyone around you. Age recommended 25+

Crystal Alda, NE

love me some l’eau d’issey

captivating, arousing, luxurious, scintillating …executive… surely a winning fragrance. a must have for anyone into exceptional fragranes. i love me some l’eau d’issey

Francisca Emmet, AR

Great scent. A lighter

Great scent. A lighter, slightly sweet smelling fragrance. Its recommended use is evening but I think this is a light enough cologne that you could wear it during daytime – it is casual but classy.

Lina Mozelle, KY