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Le Edge Full Body Exfoliator – Pink

Le Edge is an ergonomically designed tool with a surgical grade stainless steel edge to remove pore-clogging debris, including dead skin cells, oils and residue anywhere on the body for smoother, brighter skin. There’s no more need for loofahs, scrubs or chemicals. Simply pull the Le Edge tool across wet skin at a 45 degree angle for maximum exfoliation results. The non-slip handle in pink ensures you stay in control.

Key features

  • Hand-held ergonomic designed tool
  • Hygienic stainless-steel edge
  • Removes dead skin cells, make-up, fake-tan and pollutants
  • Replaces harsh scrubs and pumice stone
  • Experience smoothness like never before!

Honest reviews


Not working

Tried it twice as directed and it doesn’t remove any dead skin. I thought it is like a body scrub (as described), but it is not. It might be good for in-grown hair on hands and legs (not thicker hairs) only. Waste of money for me.

Magdalena Buxton, ME

Great exfoliator

If you use this product you will not believe how much dead skin it removes!!!!! I use every time I take a bath and sometimes even on dry skin. It actually works and works great!!!!! Everyone needs one of these!!!!!

Estela Austwell, TX

Nice tool

You can see the grime on it after you use it on your face. I use it twice a week before shaving and it has been a miracle for my ingrowth hairs and gives me a softer cleaner skin.

Dayna Bloomfield, MO

Ew, yuck. That’s how you know it works.

I used this on my face and OH MY GOD. The “goo” (dirt and oil and dead skin) that scraped off in the warm water was truly disgusting. I ran it over my face multiple times until nastiness was no longer coming off my skin.I am 22 and have acne-prone skin and I am excited to add this to my skin care routine!I used this on my body, and no goo scraped off, but I believe that it is doing something simply because of what an impact it makes on my face. My skin definitely feels nice after I use it in the shower.As well, I use it for an unintended purpose. I have hyperhydrosis with my hands. As a result, the dead skin buildup is crazy. Le Edge really helps scraping off the dead skin, way better than any pumice stone I’ve tried using for that purpose!

Patty Burnett, WI

I have pretty sensitive skin

On the positive, I owned this for over a year, I kept it in the bottom of my shower and it never rusted. The metal part appeared to be as fresh and clean as the day I bought it. This is definitely a positive as it’s a tool that one drags against one’s skin. It does exfoliate well. Think of that skin that you can slough off with your fingernails after you’ve been in the shower for awhile, that’s what it’s removing. Not as well as fingernails though, you can still get some off afterwards. I have pretty sensitive skin, and using this once in awhile was ok, but using even two days in a row was extremely irritating to my skin. It would sometimes leave me red. The skin also builds up under the metal edge. In trying to clean the skin out from this edge with my finger once, the tool actually sliced open my fingertip and made me bled. After having this for over a year, I just didn’t consider it that useful and threw it out.

Rosalinda Stonewall, TX

Not quite exfoiliating.

Not the amazing results I expected. Definitely noticed the scum that came from scraping my face, but after using on my body I found it to be a bit softer, but I can get better results from a regular exfoliating brush. I do recommend for using along with hair removal creams.

Celeste Killduff, IA