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Layrite Super hold Pomade, 4 oz

About the product: Developed to replace the wax that greasers would use in the SoCal rockabilly scene, water-based Layrite pomade holds like a wax, but washes out like a gel! What other pomades call extreme hold, we just call original. The same formula greasers have been trusting for 10 years. – Holds as strong as a wax- High shine for that polished look- Water-based formula washes right out just like a gel- No drying formula keeps hair soft with no flaking- Controls even the curliest and thickest hair out there- Keeps your hair in place and looking good all day How to use it: Because it is water-based, Layrite pomade is versatile – you control the strength of hold and sheen simply by drying your hair to the desired amount: – Dry your hair: Layrite Pomade is has the strongest hold when used on DRY HAIR. Blow your hair completely dry for hold like a 90 weight wax or towel dry your hair for hold like a 30 weight wax. – Apply Layrite: Rub an ample of Layrite into the palms of your hands until it softens, then rub thoroughly into your hair. – Style: Simply comb or brush into desired hairstyle. Add more Layrite or more water as needed to achieve the style you want. – – Layrite does not dry in your hair so you can re-style as need throughout the day without losing any control.

Key features

  • Manufactured by Layrite
  • A brand-new, unused, and unworn item
  • A good quality product

Honest reviews


Great product

Great product. Went through a few different brands until ending up with this one. Doesn’t contain any of those secretly-harmful ingredients that tend to be overlooked with most big name products.The product holds hair in place, but is flexible enough if you want someone to play with your hair or you fall asleep on it. It also smells great without being overwhelming!

Jordan Perth, ND

Hair paste

A good product for the price, the consistency of the paste is pretty thick and it leaves your hair shiny .

Emilia Paragon, IN

Good stuff

I love this stuff! I use it with a little bit of water in my hair, when I do it like this my hair is easily formable throughout the day! A little scoop works for me, when I put more it just flattens my hair. Smells like Play-doh in the jar, but smells like vanilla in my hair

Charlene Broadus, MT

Works great!

I’ve never been a fan of petroleum based pomade products so I’m always on the hunt for something with great hold that washes out easily. Layrite fits the bill perfectly. It took a bit of getting used to but now I can slick my hair back with a quarter sized dollop and a little bit of water. I live in a city with triple digit temperatures during the summer and most other pomades I’ve used tended to melt and get really soft when I was out in the sun. Not a pleasant experience if it’s hot and windy and you don’t have your pocket comb to fix the damage. That being said, Layrite holds up very well in the heat. I could spend 30-40 minutes in 114 degree heat before it got soft and even then it still maintained the shape very well.Layrite is a bit pricy compared to the dozens of other products available but I find myself having to use a lot less of it to get the same style and hold.

Jimmie Onekama, MI

Good stuff, on par with anything else I’ve used

I love this stuff. It works great, smells nice, and washes right out . I sweat pretty bad so that will usually be the only thing that affects its ability to hold all day or night. I probably also use a little more than instructed but that’s just how I roll.

Esperanza Stetson, ME