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Lavender Bath Salts for Relaxing Muscle Relief, Sleep Enhancement, Therapeutic Skin Softening and Healing Detox – All Natural

The Secret of Transforming Your Bath Tub into a Warming Spa Premium Bath Salt for Maximum Skin Care – increases blood circulation – stimulates body’s natural release of toxins – kills germs and bacteria on the skin – leaves smooth, fresh, and clean skin – soothes away stress – relaxes sore muscles, aches, and pain – has natural lavender smell – leaves no tub stains Natural Product Our Mineral Sea Salt Soak has been specially formulated for maximum skin care benefits, combining naturally therapeutic ingredients for a soothing, indulgent bathing experience. These beneficial bath salts soothe away stress and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. Helps improve skin’s texture and leaves you feeling spa radiant! Sea Salts vs Epsom Salts Epsom salts are just magnesium. Sea salts contains a whole family of essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride and others. Epsom salts can be chemically or synthetically made. Our sea salts come from Mediterranean Sea. They are natural. Wonderful Gift For Women This is a wonderful gift for women: mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, grandma, new mothers, or valentine. It does not matter whether it is a birthday or Christmas, this is a great present for girls and ladies, elderly women and seniors. Click ‘Add to Cart’ Button on the Top of This Page Now

Key features

  • Contains ONLY All Natural Premium Quality Ingredients – NO CHEMICALS
  • Leaves Skin Smooth, Fresh and Revitalized
  • Relaxes Sore Muscles & Relieves Body Aches, Pain and Tension
  • Promotes Healthy Natural Deep Sleep
  • Buy with Confidence with our Bath Path 100% Satisfaction, No Hassle, Guarantee

Honest reviews


bath salts lavender

I was given a free bottle by the manufacturer with the agreement that I would write a review. I opened the jar and the lavender ish smell was overwhelming, but by the time my tub was full of water I didn’t smell it anymore. While in the tub my skin may have felt a bit softer than a water only bath, but that’s about it. Otherwise it didn’t seem any different than a regular bath. Considering how expensive it is, I don’t think I’d purchase it. But thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it.

John Galesburg, MI

Great aroma, soothing soak, refreshing – good for a man, too!

The Bath Path lavender soak has a great smell and is a refreshing, smooth soak.I primarily used the soak for my feet. It relieved some of the soreness and stiffness in my feet. I also use a sea salt to scrub my dead skin while I soak.Overall, I recommend this as a gift and as gift for yourself (man or woman) for a soothing, refreshing soak.

Michael Sebring, FL

Naturally Wonderful – honestly Natural!

I use salt soaks to help with an arthritic condition and minimize chronic pain issues. So, I’m picky.I used this several times under different conditions (my pain level or the water temp.) and I am really quite happy to say that I find great value in this mineral sea salt soak.The fragrance is natural. It is lavender and isn’t overpowering. It also doesn’t disappear once you’ve added the water. You sit in a bath of delicate lavender and it just smells good.The sea salt does the job. I’ve never soaked in a salt bath that didn’t dry up my skin and require lotion/oil afterward. This is no different. There is vitamin E oil in the mix and that is so appreciated, but dryness will be a factor for you with this product. Now, I didn’t lower the stars on that count because it really is to be expected.I’m thrilled with the product.**** Disclaimer*** I did receive this product free in order to evaluate the effectiveness. I do not know the company/person that makes the sea salt nor do I know the individual that sent it to me. My opinion is an honest reflection of my experience with the Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak.

Liliana San Benito, TX


This is a sea salt soak with Vitamin E oil and lavender oil. The sea salt crystals are much larger than your regular salt grains, about 2mm across and has a mild lavender smell.After a grueling bike ride today I soaked in it. What I liked about it was that it was not overpowering in smell or oily like some other soaks are and afterwards my skin felt remarkably silky. I also felt refreshed and rested. I got a coupon from the manufacturer (but paid for shipping) for these bath salts for the purposes of review but after I use it up I plan to get another one because I like it so much.

Lakeisha South Dennis, NJ

Incredible Scent, Soothing and Relaxing

I LOVE lavender. It is by far my favorite scent. But I’ve come across plenty of bad or weak lavender scented products. This is the real deal. It is strong (not pungent) and relaxing. It smells natural and when put into warm water, gives off a gentle but noticeable lavender scent.The salts dissolve easily and soaking feet or hands or even your whole body is a wonderful experience.I have to say that I like to open the lid and let the scent float up for a little aroma therapy while working or reading.A great product that would make a lovely gift too.The label states to use one cup (probably for a full bath) which means that you would use this up in two baths. But if you use it for foot or hand soaks, it will obviously last longer.I was provided a sample for evaluation and an honest review.

Flossie Dellroy, OH

Bath salts with natural lavender essential oil

These coarse mineral sea salt crystals from Bath Path have a very intense lavender scent from natural essential oil. Lavender is my favorite fragrance and just taking the lid off this jar of bath salts and taking a deep breath relaxes me. When the crystals are added to hot bath water, the room fills with the lovely scent.I like to shower before taking a therapeutic soak so I don’t have to rinse the scent away and the lavender fragrance lingers quite a while. Soaking in the mineralized water also makes the skin feel soft and very well-hydrated.A quarter cup added to a foot bath after a pedicure will leave the feet feeling fresh and renewed.A sample was provided by Bath Path for testing and unbiased review.

Tameka Beloit, WI

Heavenly Smell!

I’m usually a "soak in Epsom salts" kinda gal, but after using this product, I think I am changing my mind about that.On receipt, the first thing I noticed was the packaging, which was a pretty decent quality. Then I opened the top of the jar to get a whiff of the lavender smell, which I am a huge fan of, and it was heavenly.That night, I ran a Jacuzzi bath and threw in almost a cup of the lavender salts, and noticed the following:~ The smell was not as strong once in the water, so therefore not overpowering.~ My skin felt super soft immediately. My husband jumped in the tub with me to relax end enjoy the experience. (Ok, this may be TMI (too much information) but men enjoy relaxing too.~ It was definitely soothing to our muscles and is a great alternative to Epsom salts after a long day at work.All in all, a great experience!Note: I was provided this by the manufacturer, and it was a pleasure to try it out.

Brandi Alabaster, AL

Don’t miss the chance…

to experience a delightful, relaxing tub bath using these salts. “Take me away”…..after a stressful, chaotic day it was so nice to come home to this product sitting beside my tub. I poured these salts into my jacuzzi/whirlpool bath and was transported.This is a bath salt that I highly recommend and will keep supplied in my bathroom for days like today.Enjoy….

Celeste Riverton, UT

Delicious relaxing bath salts

I have lots of bath salts and oils. I cherish my bath time as a way to relax and unwind and soak out tension. So when I was offered the chance to try out Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak, I was delighted.First impressions: beautiful big jar with an elegant silver top, with a very classy modern label. The jar is plastic but appears to be glass at first glance. Plastic is better for the bathroom area, in case it gets dropped, so it won’t shatter. This is a 16 ounce jar, and looks pretty enough to leave out on the counter.Instructions on the jar say to sprinkle a bit of this luxurious salt soak into a hot bath and relax your cares away, so that’s what I did. Ingredients are 100% sea salt, vitamin e oil, and lavender essential oil.I had been expecting this to be epsom salts, and I usually use the very course large crystals of epsom salts, but this is even bigger grains of salt. I haven’t seen such large grained salt before. I haven’t taken a bath in sea salt before either.Second impression: opening up the jar and placing it under my nostrils, I inhaled the most refreshing and realistic scent of lavender I’ve ever smelled. I had a big lavender bush growing in the front yard of my last house, and that is exactly what this smells like, pure quality unadulterated fresh lavender, as if I had snapped a twig from my lavender plant and rolled it between my fingers to release the fragrant oil.I put about half a cup, since a cup seems like too much, into a hot tub of water and enjoyed a wonderfully scented, relaxing soak, feeling my muscles relax, and my tensions melt away. I would rather use less of this than a cup and get four soaks out of a jar. The scent is strong enough that even half a cup scented the water and the bathroom beautifully. The large grains of salt do need to be stirred and swished around in the hot water for a bit until they desolve before you enter the tub.This is a luxury item. It does not come shrink wrapped or with an inner seal over the top of the jar. But it is the most fragrant and delicious soak I’ve ever had, and has the most genuine lavender scent I’ve ever smelled, as if you are in the lavender fields of Grasse, France. I will continue to use and purchase this. It’s wonderful. I was so relaxed that I slept like a baby in a deep sleep after my bath in this. Since I often have insomnia, this will become an important evening ritual about twice a week.If you love a long luxurious scented bath soak, and want to experience a truely remarkable genuine lavender scent, you will enjoy this.I was offered a sample jar of this to try in exchange for an unbiased review.

Cherry Rincon, NM

Lavender all over …

When I received a complementary coupon for these bath salts, I had no idea how important they would be, or how soothing. The very day they arrived from Amazon, I had an accident and fell down three steps landing on my rear end. Not only was it undignified, but it was painful in several areas.Once I got home, I added about 1/3 cup (much less than recommended) to my tub along with a half cup of ordinary Epsom salts. I used extra hot water and soaked, and soaked. When I got out I was relaxed and sleepy and went to bed. The next morning I was still some sore, but the aromatherapy of the lavender combined with the mineral soak took what could have been a difficult night and made it a restful one.The salts dissolved nicely in the tub, and the lavender is quite strong. A very nice bath spa experience. Two thumbs up!

Gwen Crocheron, MD

Very Soothing

Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak / B00DCNBST4I’m a big fan of bath salts, so I was happy to receive a free review copy of this product from the manufacturer. I take baths almost nightly, and that tends to dry out my skin; I have to be careful what oils or additives I add to the water because my skin is very sensitive to artificial scents and perfumes.These bath salts have a pleasing subtle scent of lavender (not so much, to me, to be overwhelming, though mileage will vary on these things) and are great for moisturizing dry skin. I’ve used these every night for a couple of weeks now and have had no adverse reaction to the bath salts and I do feel like my legs and feet are softer as a result. I will definitely be buying more of these when this batch runs out.NOTE: This review is based on a free review copy of this product.~ Ana Mardoll

Sandra Lancaster, MN

Smells great and feels even better

I’m not a big fan of baths, but after being on my feet all day I thought that Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak with Lavender would be just the thing I needed to give my feet a little pampering. Upon opening the jar you are greeted with a delightful lavender smell. In fact, you could use it as an air freshener all by itself.After letting the salts (I used about cup) dissolve in a bowl of warm water, I put my feet in to test the waters. I let them soak for about 15 minutes. It was very relaxing and it did take some of the achiness of the day away. The lavender smell was not too strong and it left my feet feeling nice and smooth. They are made of all natural ingredients…what’s not to love?Sample provided for review.

Ila Dumas, TX

Very relaxing

I look forward to my next bath with these bath salts. I did not put in a cup (must be mix-up in the directions), but more like a tablespoon. I enjoyed the aroma as I settled back and just relaxed. Really nice bath, very relaxing but I felt a bit invigorated when I got out of the tub. If you are a bath connoisseur, you might want to give this one a chance. I’m glad I did.

Peggy Elmhurst, IL

Great way to end a stressful day

This provides a great soak to relieve stress and tension. It has a true lavender oil scent which is known for its relaxing properties. I use lavender oil on its own for all kinds of purposes, and I love it. I actually make my own mist with lavendar oil and mist it on my pillow, and it really helps me sleep. After soaking in this sea salt, my skin was very soft. But most of all, I was relaxed. The only thing is that if you follow the directions of using 1 cup, then you only have enough for 2 baths. I used about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup and still got great results. I didn’t like overfill the bathtub or anything though. I do wish that this came in a bigger tub and would last longer because I would like to use it more often than the 2 times that’s in this tub.I received this product free for my honest review. This is my opinion after receiving and testing this product myself.

Ann Hawthorn, PA

Makes a nice gift

I think this product makes a nice gift. It’s nicely packaged (for the price) and when you open it, it smells really nice. It is indeed a strong smell, but that will diminish when it’s used.Ingredients: 100% sea salt, vitamin e oil, lavender essential oilAs others have said, the directions call for one cup per bath, so being only 16 ounces you’ll probably get 2 baths out of it.So, as a gift or for infrequent use, I think it’s a nice little luxury product that’s not too expensive, but for using regularly, you’ll probably want to find something cheaper.Overall, 4 stars.NOTE: I received a free product sample for review.

Karen Deepwater, MO

So relaxing

These bath salts are wonderful even when they are not part of a pre sleep ritual. They dissolve quickly and have a very pleasant not overpowering scent. I find them rejuvenating after a day of hard exertion but relaxing at the same time. Whether soaking for a long or short time, the effects are definitely rewarding.

Kellie Blackey, KY

Super relaxing!

In all honestly, it’s been a very long time since I’ve taken the time to indulge in a bath. Like most people, I am stressed and rushed and too “busy” to do something as luxurious as spend twenty or so minutes in the tub. I should be doing laundry, cleaning the cat boxes, preparing dinner for tomorrow, exercising. People, forget about all that crap. It will still be waiting for you tomorrow. Your sanity may not. Seriously, I am so glad I was approached to review this product because it forced me to slow the heck down, decompress and simply relax.The salts come in a plastic container so it’s safe to keep in the bath area without fear of slippage and glass breakage for those prone to klutzy moments or those with naughty cats who like nothing better than to set up death traps for you . . . The directions instruct you to use a full cup for each bath but I like to make things last as long as possible and if I used the full cup I’d only be able to enjoy this stuff for 2-3 baths. So, I used less than a cup and the scent managed to infuse my small bathroom and hallway with a fresh and natural scent of lavender that wasn’t overpowering but just right. I suffer from migraines and can’t tolerate strong, fake, flowery scents which is why this natural product appealed to me in the first place (it only contains 3 ingredients, none of them chemicals). Most of the bath bombs and salts on the market either make my skin itch or induce a migraine. Not this one! After the bath my skin was left feeling soft and very lightly scented and my frame of mind really was much more peaceful. My naughty cat even enjoyed the scent and sat on the edge of the tub soaking in the tranquility. I can’t vouch for the fact that it helps with sore muscles because I’ve been slacking on the workouts (I’ll update on that when I’m not so lazy) but I do have a bit of pain in my wrists/hands that mostly bothers me at night from typing all day long and they were not nearly as achy that one night after the bath. It could be all in my mind but hey whatever works, right?I can easily recommend indulging in these bath salts for yourself or purchasing them as a gift for your loved one especially if he/she is stressed and needs a little soothing.*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Lula Mecklenburg, NY

Very strong odor, a lot goes a little way

A lot goes a little way? that isn’t the saying, but in this case it’s accurate. A cup of bath salts per bath means there are about two and a half baths worth in this container. The crystals are big and dissolve slowly so I was sitting on some grit, unpleasant feeling.My skin did feel softer and there was no oily residue in the tub. Sometimes with oils and salts when I drain the tub, then rinse with the shower, I feel like I’m on an oil slick, none of that here.The scent is super strong. It’s a pleasant lavender but overwhelming in a small bathroom.I had no allergy problems or breakouts, but I prefer a smaller granule and a gentler scent.sample provided

Rosario Belfast, TN

Got Stress? Try This Mineral Sea Salt Soak!

I admit it. I’m a bit of a mess. I have a serious sleep disorder and as a result I get tired and stressed easily. One thing that is always guaranteed to help is a warm bath. Normally I use bubble bath but when the maker of these bath salts offered me a free sample for review I jumped at the opportunity.I love the scent of lavender and I even spray my pillows each night with a lavender scented spray. The Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak comes in a resealable 16 ounce jar. I loved that the ingredients are natural and only include the sea salt, vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil.The instructions say to use a cup of the sea salt but I didn’t need that much. I used maybe 3/4 of a cup and that worked well. The scent of the sea salt is nice but a little light. I would have enjoyed a stronger scent. It did take a few minutes for the sea salt to dissolve and the result was that my skin felt more moisturized and I felt totally relaxed. When I finally forced myself out of the bath tub I dried off and went to bed. Thanks to the lavender scent on my skin and pillows I fell asleep right away and slept through the night.These bath salts do not leave behind the mess that bubble bath does so it was really easy just to rinse the tub with clear water after my bath. That is a huge plus for me.The bottom line is that I loved these bath salts and I’m going to put them on my Christmas list this year!

Corinne Davenport, VA

Felt good without being too strong

I could defiantly feel the salt working its way into my sore feet. It was pleasant without being too strong. The lavender scent was the same, very nice without being overpowering. All in all I would recommend this as a great gift for someone who enjoys high quality bath products. I also want to add that my girlfriend loved it and it was not stingy or irritating (anywhere) like other bath salts she has tried.The Package looks good on your shelf, I would recommend that they thicken the plastic a bit, but other than that it is all you would expect in sea salt.I mean as long as they ship the real thing it should be hard to mess up right? They didn’t mess it up!

Sylvia Cresco, IA


First, the price point is a little high for 16 ounces. The recommended use per bath is 1 cup, which equals 8 ounces meaning a jar is two uses.The Lavender scent is very strong in the jar but dissipates quickly in the bath. I made the mistake of getting into the tub about 30 seconds after I put the bath salts in and they hadn’t dissolved yet. It was a bit like taking a bath in gravel. No worries, though. They were completely dissolved in another minute. I have to admit, the bath was very relaxing and my skin felt very soft after the long soak.

Irma Emma, IL


First of all I LOVE lavender, I have a lavender garden. What I tend to dislike is lavender scented things like candles, oils, etc. They tend to have an overpowering smell that stings my nose. So whenever I purchase something with Lavender, it is usually with some apprehension. When I received this product in the mail, the first thing I did was take off the cap and sniff, and sniff, and sniff again. The scent is definitely lavender, and it was heavenly. Then my son was caught smelling it repeatedly as well.After my first 3 mile jog in years, I decided to give it a try hoping to soothe my muscles so I would be able to walk the next day. I poured the recommended cup of salts into the warm water and let it work its magic. I soon found myself eyes closed and completely relaxed – mind blank, a perfect end to a long day. Had the water not eventually cooled, I would have easily fallen asleep. As it was I climbed out of the tub and right into bed.My skin felt amazingly soft. I was worried the salt would have dried my skin out a bit, but it didn’t, and I was able to walk the next day. I was still mildly sore but not at all what I expected to be after jogging.My son ended up using the salts the next night, and he too went right from the bath to his bed. He said “that was so relaxing.”My one complaint would be that this one jar of salts only holds enough salt for two baths. I wish it came in a bigger size! I will definitely be adding this to my bathroom essentials… things that should always be kept on hand.Cherise Everhard, July 2013I was given this product in exchange for an honest review

Adeline Sallis, MS

A Very Fragrant Lavender Bath Salt

Over the last 6 months or so our family has become a big fan of designer mineral salt baths. I know this sounds pretty cheesy, but we have found that a scented mineral bath really does help to ease aches and pains. While my wife enjoys a nice long soak I find that the salts are ideal for extended foot soak (not to gross anyone out, but they also help heal/eliminate a few nasty plantar warts).The Bath Path Sea Salts are a nice option for anyone who enjoys lavender. Personally, I find lavender to a very relaxing fragrance – and it runs a close second with mint for our families overall favorite. The Bath Path salts are larger crystals and take upwards of 1 minute to fully dissolve in a 100F bath.Notes- A very, very fragrant lavender aroma. If you enjoy the smell of lavender you will be in heaven… if not… well you will be somewhere else!- They do take about 1 minute to dissolve in 100F water- Very relaxing and the salts caused a very slight tingle on my skin- Did not cause any type of reaction with my skin- Makes a nice gift… a little unusual and not for everyone – but anyone who enjoys spas will likely be pleasedFinal Verdict – If you or someone you know enjoys salt baths the Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak is a nice indulgence. It is a nice way to relax after a long or strenuous day.4 1/2 StarsPlease Note – I received this product for reviewing purposes

Corine Lacona, IA

Sweet smelling salt

*Disclosure: I was contacted by Bath Path and given a sample of this product specifically for the purpose of reviewing it.*Hmmm. Salt. Plus lavender. It certainly smells nice. When added to water in the recommended amount, the lavender scent is prominent but not overpowering. After a good soaking in it, a much lighter version of the scent remains on the skin. If you dig lavender scent for yourself, not a bad way to go. The salts dissolve within a reasonable about of time, about 5-10 min from the time they are poured into the water. After a dunking, my skin felt just a tiny bit slick, and certainly softer according to the third parties I engaged to judge this aspect. Adding some of the salts to a sink full of water let the lavender aroma invade the kitchen space and work its way through the whole domicile, again in a light but still present manner. Alas, I was without aches or pains to see about the soothing claims made for the product, something I’ve used epsom salts for previously, but I’m going to vouch for the relaxing scent and the lack of marks in the sink/tub. With the bit I have left over, I’ll be passing it around and updating this review if I get any other important information.

Cora Knapp, WI

Pleasant Smell – But Not Worth The Price

****NOTE: I was given a free product sample to try.****When opened, I found the Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak to have a very pleasant, if strong, lavender smell. The granuals themselves dissolve quickly and leave no residue. The experience was very pleasant and relaxing, although I’m not sure if this is due to the salts or just a nice long hot tub. This is not a comment on the salts – just hard for me to tell – I guess I don’t take enough baths to tell the difference. However, the combination of the nice smell and the soothing bath salts makes for a wonderfully luxurious bath!That being said, I followed the recommended usage amount (since I had been given the jar for free) which was a whole cup – or half the jar. At that usage rate, you would be spending $8 / bath!!! Needless to say, $15+ for a jar of scented bath salts is quite expensive when you can purchase twice as much epsom salts for $4. Not that there is a 1 for 1 correlation – epsom salts isn’t the same as this product. However, since I don’t use bath salts, this was the closest similar product that came to mind. However, I’m pretty frugal. If you are not concerned with cost, it would probably be worth it. My only further comment is that if the recommended amount is a cup, the jar should be larger. As it is, buying another jar of the product after every other bath seems kind of ridiculous…

Karin Stuttgart, KS

Simple Perfection – Lavender and Salt

Bath Path bath salts are a good simple straightforward product, sea salt and lavender oil, as it should be. When I hear a “you smell good,” after a bath, well that bath product was a good one. This is a good bath product.I like this bath salt a lot, the lavender oil is just exactly right – pure and simple. The additional salt is nice in the bath; it does soften the water a little bit. The difference is subtle but nice.The package is good. There is no lavender smell when the lid is sealed (this is a good thing, if you can smell lavender, the oil is evaporating – not a good thing). The jar is an extra-large cold cream jar, perfectly serviceable, and convenient for pouring into the tub. The salt dissolved completely. I didn’t use the full cup as listed on the package; instead I added salt to my taste and smell.A good bath salt. Well worth it for a relaxing moment in the tub.I was provided a review sample.

Katy Lovingston, VA

Nice for Relaxation and Pampering

Bath Path’s Mineral Sea Salt Soak comes in a lovely lavender scent. Direction have you add 1 cup of the bath salts to your warm bath water but I don’t think I used that much.The salt is good for your skin and makes you feel soft. The lavender scent is relaxing and soothing.I like that is all natural and only contains 100% sea salt, vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil so even the scent is all natural and not an artifical scent.Very nice quality and would be nice for pampering and relaxation or to give as a gift.

Mara Penasco, NM

Great for Male Athletes who are Secure in their Manhood too.

This Mineral Sea Salt Soak is terrific for sore muscles and general relaxation. My son is using it after football games to help limit muscle soreness and it really seems to speed up his recovery. He smells great too, which is a wonder in itself. This product is a good value and would make a great gift. It is simple to use, and doesn’t contain the gunk that I’ve seen in other bath products that will mess clog filters and mess with the jets in your tub.

Ashleigh Woodsfield, OH


These lavender bath salts make bath time a real treat for me! Although I wasn’t sure I’d like the lavender scent, I love it — the way it smells on my skin when I get out of the bath and the way it scents the entire bathroom. I don’t use the full recommended cup per bath (the container probably is only a cup and a half itself) and instead use only a 1/4 cup, so the scent does not seem overpowering or cloying. I might feel differently if I used a lot of the salts per bath.The salts dissolve easily in warm water, and they don’t leave a residue that I can detect. I use them in a Jacuzzi, and I was a little leery about what they might do to the jets. No worries! Everything works fine. And best of all, I emerge from my bath soft, smelling great, and completely relaxed. They are going to be a staple in my bath routine from now on. Note: I received a sample for review.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Manuela Racine, OH

What a difference all natural ingredients makes!!

I had the opportunity to try Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak and have found my new favorite bath product.The jar contains 16oz of product. The instructions indicate to use 1 cup of product per bath. The container conveniently has a marking at the 8oz level making it simple and convenient to measure the correct amount of product.Once in the water, the bath salts dissolve quickly. As a bonus, the water remains clear, which is always a plus for me. The difference all natural ingredients make can be immediately seen. No clouds, no artificial colors, no perfume overload. Bath perfection.I was reluctant at first with the lavender fragrance. One of my least favorite scents and always gives me a headache. Although the fragrance was somewhat strong in the container, it was not artificial or perfumy. Once dissolved, the fragrance was light, relaxing, and helped temporarily relieved the headache that I did have going into the tub. As an aside, lavender is used in aromatherapy as a soothing scent.My skin was noticeably soft in the bath. I didn’t use any lotion afterwards and my skin remained soft until my next shower. Also, there was no filmy or oily coating on my skin. This may be a product that can be used by individuals with sensitive skin. As I the week I used the bath salts, I was having a dermatitis reaction to a food allergy. It actually soothed my skin.Overall, this is a wonderful product. I will be purchasing it in the future. It is a perfect pick-me-up after a rough week. I spent an entire hour in the bath tub and exited feeling recharged. I highly recommend this product.

Brittney Westside, IA