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Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance Eau de Toilette, Vanilla Coconut, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

Launched by the design house of Lavanila. This citrus fragrance has blend of pink grapefruit, lime, bergamot, orange, cedar wood, and Madagascar vanilla notes.

Key features

  • Launched by the design house of Lavonia
  • For all skin types
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews


Vacation in a bottle

This fragrance is simply delicious and so much more than a straightforward vanilla scent. This time Lavanila blends its famous Madagascar vanilla bean with fresh, young coconut flesh, luscious hypnotic fragrance of Tiare flower, alluring Heliotrope and some musky, earthy sandalwood. It simply smells like a warm island, bathed with tropical fragrance of its fruits and flowers. At first it smells little strong but it mellows down to a pleasant glow of paradise, even a few hours after spraying some on I can sense the scent exuding up and through my clothes. I actually get in a better mood every time I get a whiff or even better – spray some in the sheets and wake up smelling like dessert, my cats never complain…Not only does this smell great but it’s actually healthy. No synthetic fragrances or oils are used, only 100% natural botanical extracts and added nutrients (30 essential vitamins and minerals and 19 amino acids) making this a healthy cocktail for the skin and the senses. I also love the Vanilla Bean (the yellow box) from this brand, but that smells like pure cake, delish!- Kasia S.

Karina Wolsey, SD

Heavenly smell! Tons of compliments.

My heading says it all. I get compliments all the time on this perfume. And I am a person who loves and wears a lot of perfume. However, none of the perfumes I wear get the reaction this one gets. I think it’s because it has a beachy smell that appeals to most people. Perhaps it gives them warm, happy memories of being carefree on the beach with lots of happy, scantily clad people having fun! Whatever the case, I can’t wear it without hearing, "You smell good!" several times from various people I encounter.When I wear it, I feel like I am in Hawaii and should be wearing a lei and/or a flower in my hair. I’m into that vibe though, so it works for me! It’s like automatic vacation!

Jean Bacova, VA

Warm, vanilla, not so much coconut

Can’t really smell much coconut. But it is a very deep, warm, rich vanilla. Very warm. I wouldn’t describe it as a light scent. It is deep. I liked it. It smells good after settling.

Annette Saint Agatha, ME

Get THIS one!

I absolutely LOVE this scent. It is glorious. So heavenly. Almost unbelievably delicious.Okay, MAYBE I’m going a little overboard with the compliments, but seriously, this is the best smelling perfume EVER. I don’t care how much money you have to spend, I don’t care what the $500+ perfumes smell like or if you’re fool enough to spend that amount of money on it -THIS one is the very best.Lavanila popped up on my radar last Christmas season when I made the decision to throw out ALL of my chemical-filled, paraben-filled, cancer-magnet products. If the FDA won’t do its job anymore (I mean, have you heard of GMOs???? Do you KNOW who quite literally runs our FDA now? Google the word that is: MONSANTO) that doesn’t mean I am willingly going to let myself be exposed to that junk. When you know better, you do better, and I definitely now KNOW better.I have replaced literally ALL of my products, from cleaning products (Dr. Bronner’s for EVERYTHING; mopping floors, cleaning countertops, kitchen, bathrooms, it even cleans glass streak-free when its diluted properly) to beauty products, to cosmetics, hair products, EVERYTHING. And I am NOT a victim of "greenwashing" (faker and wannabe products that advertise like they are clean and good and everything —and then you read the ingredient list and it’s "cancer causing this" & "cancer causing that." Um, NO). I am a smarty-pants label reader extraordinaire and will not be taken in by the Poser-products.Perfume came at the very end of my ‘REPLACE LIST’ along with hairspray, nail polish, & nail polish remover (which, the brand Honeybee Gardens came to rescue with those products very nicely and I highly recommend them). Unfortunately I had the HARDEST time finding perfume, which, I’ll admit, is a luxury, not a necessity, however it’s something that, when I got down to the end of my list, I was determined to find.Enter Lavanila Healthy Fragrances.These babies are NOT at all inferior to their petro-chemical, cancer magnet, counterparts (try saying that 5 times fast). 🙂 They are absolutely DELICIOUS. Especially this one.My first Lavanila purchase was the very safe Pure Vanilla in the ‘set’ that comes with the body butter, deodorant, and perfume spray (I believe the bottle is 1 oz). These smell good and, honestly, if you’re going to order online without getting to smell them first (the way I did) simply for the same reasons I did (you too perhaps are a smarty-pants, label-reader, cancer-avoider, infiltrated FDA-thumbing, Monsanto/Biotech-hating modern girl trying to avoid the chemical smorgasbord in conventional perfumes) I would say that it is a very nice purchase and smells really wonderful, like real pure vanilla (which it actually IS) and both the deodorant and body butter are not only great products, but are also really pretty to look at (which I really appreciate). HOWEVER, I would also tell you to FIND the nearest Sephora, call them until you find one that carries the all the Lavanila perfumes, and then go try all of them yourself to find which one you like best. And if you can’t do that I would tell you simply that THIS ONE is IT. THIS one smells the very, very best. Again, I don’t want to lay it on too thick, so I’ll just say, This one is the BEST. It smells absolutely magnificent/amazing. You will love it. It is like paradise on your skin and if you spray it in your hair that scent will stay with you until you literally shampoo it out. It stays on skin and clothing for hours as well, lasting through the day.I am literally ECSTATIC over this product, if you can’t tell already. It is absolutely amazing.I am amazed, once again, that in a GREAT many things that I have replaced, the "natural" counterparts are actually WAY better than the products that I bought for years and years thinking they were safe (when of course, they are not, again, the FDA does not do its job anymore and does not work for ‘us’ anymore).This is definitely one of those products.So I guess I’m saying, if you’re looking for a healthy perfume you can put on your skin without worry and are looking to purchase a Lavanila product, the Pure Vanilla IS really good, but if you want to be a risk taker, get THIS one, it’s better. It’s awesome. It’s the best smelling Lavanila perfume out of the whole collection and I have smelled them all at my local Sephora. Lavanila Lemon comes in second after this one, tied with Lavanila Pure Vanilla. This one takes the TOP spot though. And no, it doesn’t smell like coconut (like I thought it would) it smells like Heaven on your skin.If you tried/used the Bath & Body Works Bronze Bombshell back when they used to sell it it smells very similar, only way better. It’s amazing. And it’s clean. 🙂

Georgina Ira, IA

I really like this

I am obsessed with Lavanila perfumes. The Vanilla Coconut is one of my favorites. It smells very sweet. It does not smell like tanning lotion like most coconut fragrances do. I find it does smell more vanilla than coconut but I do not mind. It also last all day. I apply it in the morning and I can still smell it on my wrist at the end of the day. I am also obsessed with the new Vanilla Lemon scent.

Abbie Thomas, OK