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LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla Lavender 2.0 oz

Finally, a natural deodorant that works. Get superior odor protection with this 100 percent natural, freshly scented deodorant. Soothing essential oils blend with beta-glucan technology fight odor effectively while soothing, conditioning.

Key features

  • Get superior odor protection with this 100 percent natural
  • Freshly scented deodorant
  • Soothing essential oils blend with beta-glucan technology fight odor effectively while soothing, conditioning

Honest reviews


Finally a natural deoderant that works!!

LOVE this stuff. One container has lasted me exactly 6 months! I had the vanilla lavendar and love the scent of it. Best of all though, it works. I’ve tried lots of others that don’t work for me but this one holds up an 8 hour shift of retail work very well. I’m buying another one now. Definitely recommend this product.Update: October 2012. Just discovered it has carrageenan in. When I first purchased this I hadn’t been made aware of the dangers of carrageenan. Shame it’s in there as I loved the product, but will no longer be using it due to this.

Marcia Los Indios, TX

smells fantastic

I love lavanila products. I love the body wash and the deodorants. The lavender vanilla scent is nice, the passion fruit scent is nice, the grapefruit scent is nice. The only complaint I have is that this is kind of expensive- 18$ for 1.7 oz? You can find better deals for lavanila on sephora and ulta.The body wash is only 15$ plus shipping, why is the deodorant more for less product?

Carrie South Hadley, MA

Over-rated and Over-priced

I put this to the test before a rigourous work-out in the gym. As previous reviewers stated, it does not stop underarm odor…it does seem to temporarily mask it. The vanilla fragrance seems to die out after a few hours. This is will work in the Fall/ Winter seasons but not Spring /Summer. Lavanila may be natural but it’s also over-rated and and over-priced. There are so many other natural deoderants on the market that are much more cheaper.

Margaret Fort White, FL

Smells good, but does not protect against BO.

I tested this deodorant on a very light activity day. I didn’t sweat much at all. I smelled like BO after only a couple hours. It’s great to be "natural," but it does not work. You need an antiperspirant to avoid stinking and this just did not do it for me. I love the scent, but it just does nothing to protect me from BO. It’s like wearing nothing nearly immediately.

Marina Avoca, WI

Five Stars

i love it

Claire Hoytville, OH

Works for a mom with a busy toddler!

Works for me! I sweat moderately and this natural deodorant keeps up with me. I am a stay at home active mom and after a day of using this product i am dry and fresh. I walk alot, work out, clean the house and I do refresh during the day with this product may be 2 times. It keeps me dry and fresh!

Laurel Dolores, CO

works better than toms

I only use non aluminum deodorants and am constantly looking for something better. This works better than Toms but is still just a deodorant not an antiperspirant. It smells nice and goes on easily. It is worth a try if you are trying to avoid aluminum. The biggest con is the price.

Dena Silver Spring, MD

Lovely scent!

This is the most wonderfully scented product. I just love the soft fragrance and would recommend it. Glides on like velvet.

Veronica Hyampom, CA

Great stuff, but spendy

I love this deodorant. It has a very light, clean smell – not chemically at all. It does a decent job of absorbing wetness (although obviously does not stop perspiration altogether, like an antiperspirant would). It also doesn’t irritate my skin, like a lot of “natural” deodorants seem to do. I wear it all day and don’t have any noticeable odor afterward, even in the summer months. I will say though that sometimes body odor can be a sign of something not right in your diet. Since removing things like refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed carbohydrates, etc., and adding more fresh fruits and veggies, I’ve noticed a real difference in the way my sweat smells. Clean living = clean smelling. 🙂 The only reason I didn’t give this deodorant 5 stars is that the price is pretty crazy, though no fault of Amazon. Their price is about $5 less than Sephora charges.

June Arock, OR


This is the best all natural deodorant I have ever tried. It smells great too. I love using it and recommend everyone to try it! If it works for you, you will be in luck because it is natural!!!

Helene Wayne, NJ

Great scent

This one is great! The scent is perfect and this really really works! The other organic deodorants do not compare.

Millicent Manchester, MD

Works better than anything else I’ve tried – and much less irritating too

This is great stuff. I’ve been using regular drugstore deodorants – Secret, Lady Speed Stick, etc. – but nothing gives me really great protection on days I exert myself doing yardwork or going to my fitness center (just a 30-minute session on an ellyptical and a few machines – I’m not so active that this is a very strong test of anything). I bought the Lavanila thinking I’d use it for special occasions, since it matches the scent I use – but quickly found it’s much more effective than anything else I’ve tried.It’s also less irritating – no more itching. And the scent is very light, even after a workout – nothing that seems to be noticeable to anyone else at the fitness center I use. (I hate strong perfume smells myself and don’t want to offend others this way.)I’m now using it every day. More expensive, but definitely worth it.

Deana Pendleton, IN

this stuff doesn’t really work

This stuff is ok but doesn’t really work that great. it smells pretty good, but i might as well just not wear deodorant.

Johanna Golden Gate, IL

Didn’t Work For Me

This deodorant smells soooo good but it did not last me through the day. I was disappointed that it didn’t last.

Sophia Harrison, TN

Better than Most Natural Deodorants, Not Great

I’ve been on a search for a natural deodorant that actually works and have tried dozens.While LAVANILLA The Health Deodorant smells great and works better than most, I’m still noticing an armpit smell after a few hours. (Disclosure: I don’t have a sweating problem and most regular deodorants work great for me)Also, while natural, LAVANILLA does contain tea tree oil, which is not recommended for anyone with an estrogen positive cancer.

Merle Towanda, KS