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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation – Cream Ivory

Laura Mercier’s Silk Crème Foundation is a rich and luminous foundation that offers full coverage – great for Rosacea or hard to cover pigmentation.

Key features

  • Rich creamy texture glides over the skin effortlessly and provides long-wear and luminosity
  • Silk Creme Foundation will hydrate and protect while causing fine lines and imperfections to optically disappear through its advanced light-reflecting qualities
  • Oil Free, fragrance-free and extremely long wearing – great for all skin types
  • Contains Silk Powders to even out skin tone and leave skin soft and smooth in appearance
  • Glycerin helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance while Green and Black Tea Extracts provide the skin with antioxidants

Honest reviews


Great foundation

I’ve looked high and low for a foundation that would provide great coverage without looking caked on. This is an excellent foundation, very creamy, easy to apply and natural looking on the face. A little goes a long way.

Shana Gifford, SC

Not worth the money

This foundation has way too much hype associated with it.Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-Hr Foundation works MUCH better than this stuff and at a FRACTION of the price! Rimmel LF has outstanding coverage, it applies VERY easily, and does not fade or transfer after many hours of wear.I did not get much coverage when this LM foundation claims to be full-coverage.Also, the shade selection seems very red-based, which isn’t good for yellow-toned skin like mine.I purchased the shade that seemed most yellow-based on the LM site.I really wanted to love this stuff and find my perfect foundation per YouTuber juicystar07 and her sister, but I don’t like what I get for the money.Rimmel LF works BETTER for around $6!

Regina Belmont, MA


Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation is so appropriately named. While offering full coverage the cream glides on with the lightness of air, very much like slipping into something shimmery and soft. For me, the application is so much smoother than a liquid.With this cream skin seems to have an added luminosity, a glow that other foundations don’t provide, and skin feels hydrated rather than covered over. You know the kind of “covered over” feeling I mean – those foundations that you can’t wait to wash off so that your skin feels fresh again.The texture of this product makes it easy to blend so that you can add coverage to certain areas if necessary. While many recommend applying with fingers, I’ve had the best of luck using a sponge. The narrow end of the sponge is especially useful around the eyes.I like to wear it over Mercier’s Foundation Primer (an indispensable), and then especially if it’s going to be one of those morning thru evening days I set it with Translucent Loose Setting Powder. No need for touch-ups!Thank you, Laura!- Gail Cooke

Evangelina Redmon, IL

Amazing coverage, photographs beautifully

This is hands-down my favorite foundation of all time. Before I found it, I was constantly trying new foundations, and none of them came close. I was beyond thrilled when I finally found this.I have oily, acne prone skin and I almost always have blemishes to hide. This is full coverage, to be sure. If you have great skin, you might want something that’s more sheer so you can show it off. But if you have anything to cover, this is fantastic. It goes on easily, and it’s buildable, so you can add more in the areas where you need more coverage. You can also sheer it out by mixing it with a little moisturizer on the days when you need less coverage.I LOVE how beautifully it photographs. The product will cover any discolorations, even in person. But in photos, it reflects light in a way that disguises flaws in texture as well. Gorgeous.I used the color cream ivory for a long time, but when I moved north I lost what little color I had, and I now use rose ivory, which is a bit lighter. (Don’t let the color name scare you–it’s really neutral rather than pink, where cream ivory has a bit more yellow.) There is not a huge color range, unfortunately, but both of the colors I’ve tried are very natural.This foundation doesn’t break me out at all, which is a miracle, and even more miraculous is the fact that it lasts so long even on oily skin. I put it on over a primer, then set it with powder in the morning (I use drugstore loose translucent powder mixed with corn starch from my kitchen–you can play with the ratio, but a roughly half-and-half mix really helps control oil for me). Then in the afternoon I’ll use oil blotting papers if I start getting shiny. With those little tricks, this makeup lasts all day and into the night.You do need to shake this well before you use it. I’ve sometimes felt that the color gets a bit darker toward the end of the bottle, and I think it’s just because I’ve become lazy about shaking it, so more of the pigment is left at the end.It’s a lot of money for foundation, in my opinion, but for me it’s definitely worth it. One bottle lasts me the better part of a year, and I wear makeup pretty much every day. Compared to what I was spending buying cheaper products only to throw them away when they didn’t work, the price is really not bad. And if it makes you feel better every single day when you leave the house, it’s worth it and then some.

Sheree Muse, PA

Great Foundation

So I bought this for my sister because I know she loves it along with tons of other girls I can’t personally say how this product is but everyone I know loves it. An the shipping was great and very fast. 100% Authentic product.

Natasha Otis, KS

Switched from Bare Minerals to Laura Mercier!!!

As I am aging (48), I wanted better coverage and something more luxurious for my foundation choice. I have used Bare Minerals for many years and have been essentially satisfied however, I felt it time to make a change. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is "delicious" in texture, smell and application. That may be a funny way to describe it and the word is very descriptive for many reasons.Not cheap, like most boutique products, you only need to use a little of the foundation as it goes a long way. The texture of the foundation is silky and fabulous to apply even with fingertips vs a cosmetic sponge. The coverage was even and not blotchy and blended well over face and onto neck. My skin is oily T-zone and dry cheeks. I applied this over an SPF moisturizer. The smell of this really is what made me think delicious because it is like applying a French dessert mousse to your face – yummy. :)Regarding color I chose (Beige Ivory) – this is always a tricky thing when it comes to make up colors as we know because of no chance to try it before you buy it when purchasing online. I am very pleased with the color as I have fair skin and tend to get freckles in sunshine. I was concerned it may be too dark of a color and I didn’t want to go with too light and look pale. So, this worked well for fair-skin.Extremely happy with this Laura Mercier product. I even purchased the finishing powder which is excellent. Based on this experience, I am going to transition over to the Laura Mercier line.

Jewell Ponca, AR

Smooth and lovely foundation but not magical! 🙂

Purchased mine at Sephora – that’s why it’s not showing verified purchase but wanted to review here.I was so looking forward to getting this foundation and I do love it. I had not been using foundations for years – just my bare minerals powder makeup over moisturizer and so applying this adds a nice coverage that then I apply some loose powder over it to finish it off. I do love the coverage, I love the beautiful texture, but I was still expecting more based on the rave rave reviews. I am still getting used to adding foundation and I’ve used probably a pea size portion to get as much as I would like all over my face. It is definitely a high end quality foundation, no doubt about it …. so a solid 4 stars and big love to Laura Mercier in general. I love her line of products. (especially the lip liner, ladies!)

Laverne Jonesville, KY

Holy Grail

I’d been using a powder compact foundation, which I thought was starting to make me look older as it settled in my fine lines, especially in the winter. I tried some popular high-end foundations from Chanel, Shiseido and YSL. Then I found LM Silk Crème. It’s amazing. I was wary to try it because I thought it would be too heavy. But applied with a Sigma Flat Kabuki brush I get flawless coverage that is almost invisible. Even in sunlight, it looks barely there. Applied with fingers it’s more full coverage. It has a slight glow but does not shine. I have combination skin, so I follow it with the LM Setting Powder (this is transculent; if you opt for the LM Mineral Powder you’ll add more coverage and color, which I didn’t want). I also use a Becca Mattifying Primer just on my nose to prevent shine. I’m shocked at just how amazing this foundation is. I’m sold. As for color, I’m usually the second palest shade; in the Silk Crème I use Cream Ivory.

Irma Carterville, IL

Too heavy

This is a nice foundation don’t get me wrong – I just found it too heavy to use on its own. I mix it with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for a lighter look.

Meghan Wolf Lake, MN

My favorite foundation, no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this foundation, it blends very easily, it has such a great coverage, just use a teeny tiny bit and you will be good. My skin looks flawless and amazing, I totally love it. I have dry skin, I used a moisturizer and then a primer, and it worked like magic, it is my favorite indeed!I see myself re-purchasing this over and over, it is well worth the price.

Frieda Ropesville, TX