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Laura Mercier Brow Definer – Fair

Laura Mercier Brow Definer is an innovative wax/gel formula that coats each brow hair as it’s swept through the brows providing renewed colour to eliminate dullness.

Key features

  • Lightly holds hairs in place
  • Lasts throughout the day without fading
  • Adds fullness and texture to troubled brows
  • 0.09 oz.

Honest reviews


You’ll Definately see those eyebrows

I would recomend this for someone with dark hair, because it is a dark product. It lasts all day with no touch ups. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Melinda Grindstone, PA

Best Brow Product!

I had been using Smashbox’s Brow Tech for a few years and thought IT was the best until I tried L.Mercier’s brow definer. AMazing. It’s easy,not gummy, fast and looks natural. You can make it darker, more intense simply by adding more. ANd it lasts all day. I never had any brow product for that end part of your brow (that stopped growing years ago ), look like my real eyebrow and that doesn’t disappear an hour later, either. Please never stop making this one , Laura.

Bonita Nimrod, MN

not bad

I am growing my eyebrows at the moment and this little jar makes it easier not to go crazy seeing all the mess going on while waiting for them to grow and shape. It does look natural – I got the fair, but think I should have went a shade up. my hair and brows are medium blonde.

Lena Hood, CA

Did not work for me

This brow definer looked too fake when I applied it to my eyebrows. The color may not have been just right, but, I don’t think I could have gotten any closer to my color.

Neva Sullivans Island, SC

Fair is the best color for dark blondes, IMO

I have dark blonde eyebrows, and my head of hair (which I don’t color) is also dark blonde. There are some lighter strands of blonde throughout my eyebrows, though, as well as a couple of greys. I am really glad that I bought “Fair”, as opposed to the next-darkest shade, which is “Soft”. “Soft” would probably be best for light-to-medium brunettes to use. I hemmed & hawed over which shade to pick, but I knew that the rule of thumb with brow color is to go lighter, not darker, if one is unsure. I’m so glad that I bought the lighter shade. I am blessed with very nice, thick eyebrows, but they still need a little finishing & filling in, especially as I age. This product creates that “movie star eyebrows” look. I make sure all of the stray hairs are removed first, and create a general shape (arch) that works with my face, when grooming my brows. I have always used a small razor & not a pair of tweezers to shape & groom them. Friends are often envious that I still have full brows (since tweezing can remove hair permanently and is more time-consuming to use, anyway). Side note- lots of my friends, especially the ones who followed the thin-eyebrow trend of the 1990’s, now regret being so diligent with tweezer usage years ago. I don’t recommend tweezing- the hairs almost always thin out & lighten with age, which is something to keep in mind.Anyway, I brush them into place with the LM Brow Grooming Brush that looks like a clean mascara wand. By the way, that is a nice set of firm bristles in both of the brushes- it really is worth paying the extra money quality applicators of makeup. I take a little bit of this on the [angled] Brow Defining Brush- keeping in mind that less is more. I use a light touch to apply, utilizing a lighted makeup mirror, and work outward to fill in & define the brows. I DEFINITELY would not want to go any darker in this product for myself, because this adds PLENTY of color. Just a heads-up, I think that a woman with really light blonde, sandy or redhead eyebrows would likely find this color too dark to use on their brows.I wipe off the excess from angled brush after using, to keep it clean & neat. Voila- perfect brows. I have had this pot for over eighteen months. I have half the pot left, and the product is still working great. It was worth every penny. The packaging is great, and it makes me look polished.

Alta Hilltop, WV