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Laura Mercier Accessories – Sponge, 4-pack

Laura Mercier’s 4-pack sponge is used to give extra control for applying foundation to all areas of the face. The sponge material holds product impeccably & applies foundation smoothly & evenly.

Key features

  • Laura Mercier Sponges maintain its form after repeated washings.
  • Non-allergenic & made of synthetic non-latex foam
  • Replace when sponge begins to “pill” & lose firmness
  • Applies foundation smooth and evenly
  • Wash with mild soap & allow to air dry after each use

Honest reviews


Finally a good makeup sponge

Have been looking for a good makeup sponge for a long time. No more! These are a little pricy, but great quality. Will buy again. Doesn’t smear your foundation around and are easy to wash by hand. Would recommend.

Cheri Hudgins, VA

Superb quality

Very happy this these. They are quality and do not fall apart like the cheaper sponges do. They blend my foundation well without absorbing all the product.

Jacklyn Rescue, CA


Love these sponges. They’re are extremely soft and feel good on my face. Haven’t washed any yet but I love the fact that you can throw them in the washing machine. Well worth the money.Update 4/15/07Have washed 2 sponges in washing machine and am pleased that they came out just fine. No difference in texture. One sponge was stained with my makeup but since I only use them for putting on my tinted moisturizer it doesn’t bother me. Washed sponges with regular load of clothes so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. The other sponge I washed came out almost totally pink all over but to be fair I hadn’t used that sponge as long as the first one. The important thing is that they were definitely clean.

Charmaine Wittensville, KY

First sponge I have used.

And I believe these will be the last, cause I love them. Like the other reviewers have said these are not like the white pie shape sponge. They are softer and more flexible and they dont sound like a wiper on a dry windshield, lol thats how I feel about the white ones. These blend your makeup into your skin evenly and just easier to use. Glad I bought them and will do again when these wear out one day, if they do.+

Delia Kingman, AZ

Ingenious little sponges

I’ve never much cared for makeup sponges, because the disposable triangle versions, the ones you buy in bulk, scratch my face and are a burden on the environment. I’d always imagined there was something out there that was a bit softer and hopefully, more permanent. The day I walked up to a Laura Mercier counter, my search ended.I was sold on texture alone. These biodegradable sponges respect a sensitive face, yet are sturdy and hold up over many months. Since they’re washable, there’s no need to worry about bacteria build-up. They absorb quite a bit, but one Mercier makeup artist taught me the neat trick of dampening the sponge a bit with water before squeezing out the foundation. As I prefer a lighter application anyway, I’ve found that this helps blend the foundation into my skin very well. It also means I use less foundation over time.Figure in less waste and fewer trips to the drugstore to buy the cheaper sponges, and it becomes clear that spending more now is a great investment over time. Your face will thank you.

Olga Chadds Ford, PA

Great Sponge for apply makeup!

The only way to go to apply makeup, evenly applies your foundation and concealer,(cream or stick). Nothing like the cheap wedges or foundation brushes that just move the liquid or cream foundation around. You save from wasting your product that costs so much today.

Marsha Essex Junction, VT

I Know What You’re Thinking About The Price . . . .

I know what you’re thinking . . . why spend $14 for these when you can get a whole bag of wedges for a few dollars. I thought the same thing, but there are some definite advantages to these sponges:First, these babies are anti-bacterial. The others are one-time-use only disposables. Once you touch those little white triangles to your face, you have to throw them away because they breed bacteria. Yuck! These won’t grow a thing. One of them lasts me six months so it takes me two years to use all four sponges in the pack. I used to buy way more than $7 a year of those little triangles.Second, you can wash them in the washing machinne. Yep, let me say that again. You can wash them in the washing machine. Just drop these babies into your next load and out they’ll come, nice and clean again. You can’t do that with the white triangles. If you wear a darker colored pigmant of foundation, some color may be left behind but they will still be nice and fresh and clean. After their little trip round and round, just let them air dry.Third, they don’t crumble when using them like those little white wedges do. Also, they’re nice and big and an easy shape to hold. I find I have more control than with that little wedge.Lastly, they give such a wonderful finish to your foundation. They don’t leave it streaky like I’ve seen the white wedges do. Just dampen them lightly with water (as Laura recommends for the best finish) and blend, blend, blend away. Beautiful!

Rose Friant, CA

Yay Sponges!

Yeah so, they work really well. I use it to put foundation on (haven’t used for anything else yet) But it works very well! And all I do to clean it is rinse it under some water and squeeze it and suchles and viola! 😀

Denise Cedaredge, CO