Lash Card Disposable Mascara Shield Helps Prevent Smudging and Clumping By Elizabeth Mott

Makes your mascara go on perfectly! Lash Card has two curves, which means it fits a variety of eye shapes. In addition, these contoured curves ensures nose bridge clearance and the ability to get into those hard-to-reach and bottom lashes. Don’t let smudging or clumping ruin your look, let the Lash Card take care of the mascara mishaps!

Key features

  • Prevents smudging and clumping
  • Ideal to use for bottom and hard-to-reach eyelashes
  • Separating eyelashes & layering mascara. Maximizing curl
  • Each pack contains 10 cards
  • Mascara reapplication

Honest reviews


Great concept

My only issue is I wish it didn’t feel like a board against my cheek or eye. I have a tendency to push but tape works best for side shadowing but for lashes to keep mascara off is good for this. It’s strategic but can be done. I could see especially for beginners or clients. Could find multiple uses for this.

Harriet Canton, NY

love, love, love

HOW did I make it 33 years with OUT these?! I love them! gives you full, beautiful lashes with zero clumps and zero getting it on your eyelids and then having to try to smudge it off without messing up your mascara!

Beverley Kit Carson, CA


I can’t believe I fell for these. It looks like they should work great, but in reality, they just don’t. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Vera Benedict, MN

Love love these.

I saw these cards on a make up artists YouTube channel and figured I’d give them a shot. Like the other reviewer it also took me a little while to figure out how to use the card, like where exactly to put it on your eyelid, how much pressure to put, etc, but once I got the hang of it, it’s so easy.My mascara looked so much better then without the card. No more clumps or ugly little black marks I had a habit of making on my lash lines AND my lashes even looked longer and more defined.I love these cards, they cut down my mascara application time and I don’t have to fiddle around with q-tips anymore and mess up my eye make up due to mascara marks. This is a new staple in my make up bag.

Patti Reynolds, GA

hard to hold above your eye

I received a few of these as part of an Ipsy glam bag subscription. At the time I had just purchased a plastic mascara guard that has a handle that you hold below your eye while the guard part reaches around your eyelid.I really love using the plastic mascara guard compared to these because it’s a pain in the butt to hold a lash card in place above your eye with your left hand while you use your right hand to apply mascara. I ended up giving these cards away and stick with using my plastic guard. The only advantage of these cards is they are disposable so you don’t have to worry about cleaning– my plastic mascara guard gets gunked up with dried mascara and needs to be cleaned ever couple of weeks.I recommend the plastic guard over this. I bought one on Amazon for $1.45 shipped. Search for "Upper Lower Lash Mascara Applicator Guide Eyelash Comb" by a seller named uxcell.

Adeline Natoma, KS

cool product

This product is pretty cool, I tried it on myself, my eyelashes are very small, it helped to stop mascara on my eyelid. would purchase again.

Lolita Garden Valley, ID