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Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Treatment 3.4 Ounces

Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment heals excessively damaged hair whilst reducing drying time. Suitable for all hair types, this luscious hair treatment oil is formulated with Lanza’s Phyto IV Complex; this extraordinary blend of Abyssinian Flower Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Acai Fruit and Babassu Kernel Oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects dry, stressed hair.

Key features

  • Heal excessively damaged hair
  • Reduces drying time
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Luscious treatment oil with L’ANZA Phyto IV Complex
  • High performance multi purpose hair treatment replenishes Keratin to reconstruct the hairs inner layers.

Honest reviews


Reduced hair breakage immediately by 90%

I am 41 years ago and have fine, brown hair that is colored blonde. Despite coloring my hair since the age of 13, I have never had any problems with breakage. I began to notice that my hair was falling out – the amount of hair in the shower drain in 2 days was the equivalent of what I saw in a month before! Also, I noticed that I could see more scalp – my hair was falling out and breaking. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. While waiting for the tests and the meds, I wanted to do something to stop the breakage and keep what was left of my hair.I did not buy this product on Amazon (yet, will buy a refill here shortly) as I bought it from my hair salon that carries Lanza products. After washing and drying your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner, you put this on damp hair. I have a short bob (hair comes to the top of my shoulders) and I use enough to equal about the size of a quarter. You rub this into your hair while it’s damp and dry as usual.This stuff is AMAZING. Within 48 hours of using this, my hair breakage was reduced by 60%. Within 1 week of using this, my hair breakage was reduced by 90%. It has almost no smell to it. It’s not like any other oil that you have tried – this is not greasy at all. My hair dresser actually had me test it on my hands first, to demonstrate that it’s not greasy. It absorbed into my skin within 5 minutes with no greasy feeling at all. My hair is shiny, not weighed down and strong – my breakage had almost disappeared as a result of using this product. It was not the meds – I didn’t even start them for 4 weeks. Although it is only advertised as a product for your hair, I rub the residue on my elbows after I apply it – my chronically dry elbows are no more!Note: I did use this in combination with the Lanza Strength shampoo and conditioner. These are also great products, but through process of elimination, I determined that this is the key to reduced breakage. This product works great! And, this is a great price on Amazon – they sell this for twice this price in the salon. I will be buying my refill from here going forward.

Josefina Kent, PA

Miracle in a bottle is what they should name this!!

Wow just wow! I’m a late 20’s woman with normally super thick, extremely long, wavy curly straight bipolar hair, and normally healthy. Out of no where my hair changed textures it became so dry and brittle and then the worst thing immaginable happened I started losing hair by the handfuls. I’m talking 6-10 handfuls in the shower then another 4-6 while combing through and another 2-3 anytime I touched it. I could see my part gettig wider and near my temples I could see pure scalp. I use to be able to wrap my hair tie around twice which the second go was so hard to get every hair into and then I could go around it 5 times!! I went to my stylist thinking maybe the color and processing had somehow caused this and I cut 12 inches of my once lucious locks off praying removing any dead ends and damage would stop the falling out. To no avail my hair still continued to come out by the thousands. I finally broke down and went to the DR and found I have an autoimmune disease which the hair loss was a symptom of the lack of nutrients I was receiving because of the Disease. After treatment and supplements it still continued to fall out and sheer panic of being bald in my 20’s became a close reality. When I had cut my hair off I also had it colored and conditioned but something happened that day and my trusted stylist had a fiasco and completely botched my hair which lead to stripping it 3 times which only made it that much more dry, new split ends, and so much breakage. I didn’t feel like myself I had hair past my shoulders but those long beautiful layers were replaced with a straight cut and the long bangs I added to hide the receding hairline just were not me. The color now a blasé brown and my hair lacked luster and shine. Over the last 6 months I have spent well over a thousand dollars on various products all claiming to help those of us with hair that isn’t manageable and just lifeless. Some vaguely helped but nothing to be excited over. Others a complete waste of money. Some even making matters far worse. I recently switched from Moroccan Oil hair care line being as the oil and products were really making my hair worse. The roots were disgustingly oily and the ends were far more dry. It weighed my thinning hair down and sucked away what little shine I had left. I tried a good dozen other lines before I found Lanza and I am forever commuted to Lanza becaus just the shampoo and conditioner have reduced the amount of loss, breakage, and amount of times I have to wash my hair. I also now use Lanza on my children’s hair!! I read reviews about this oil and I figured since I’ve tried almost everything else out there using this product by a line I all ready trust wasn’t a big risk. I only wish I had found this sooner. When my hair first started to change texture and became dry. Before handfuls began to fall out. This is the only product that I have found that has actually healed and repaired my split ends. My hair now has shine! And I’m losing 1-2 handfuls a shower and 1 while combing which is almost normal!! My hair is so so so soft now. The horrible dry tangles that would take me an hour to get through are gone. And when I use a straightner or curl my hair it just seems to amplify the shine and softness. I can feel my hair starting to reclaim its life and hopes of my super thick long lucious locks are being restored. I use just a quarter sized amount after I towel dry my hair and I let my hair air dry to help reduce the amount of heat damage. It’s also helped my curls stay in, my hair stay straight after taking my Chi to it, and when I fishtail braid or another braid to let it rest stay smooth. This product is beyond worth the investment and I saved 60% purchasing it from Amazon. It’s not going to completely undo the damage but this product has helped more than anything I have ever used hands down!

Phyllis Freehold, NY

Saved my hair

I use exclusively natural hair products. After years of this my hair is seriously dry and brittle and broken. Dry, stiff, sad, easily tangled, but still grows long fast. I was like "what do i do? I don’t want to go back to the toxic load of hair awsomeness and sacrifice my health. I can’t!!!" I was very desperate for a solution.I bought this and my hair is transformed. Thank you Lanza.I also began a regime of a prewash coconut oil, egg, and honey hair bath wrapped in a plastic bag for thirty minutes. It protects hair from moisture loss.My hair doesn’t tangle. It feels soft like it should. It shines and it behaves.Ps: comes in a fancy glass container. Nice display for a bathroom….especially if you’re fond of gold.

Jordan Brooklyn, IA

Hair like butta!

I have tried every hair oil out there….from $6-$65. Some good, some not-so-good, but nothing yet that kept me loyal. I was eternally searching for the “right” oil for curly (3a) hair. This stuff is AMAZING. Makes my curls perfect, my hair feel like butta, and even if I accidentally put in more than I intended, I don’t leave the house with greasy head (many oils have a very narrow window between looking great and looking like Professor Snape). Get this, you’ll love it.

Ida West Greene, AL

Not bad…

It’s not bad. I don’t think I have noticed any remarkable changes in my hair but it can’t hurt when using heat to try something extra to help keep it looking it’s best. I do find my hair is a bit silkier when I use this AND heat but when I just air dry I don’t notice much of a difference. Maybe the key is heat all the time??

Beth Harker Heights, TX

Great product

This is a great product. I saw it at the hair dresser for double the price.. so I checked on Amazon and bought it here. In fact I bought 2 bottles. However, when this March, I was going to travel overseas, I bought one of the soft plastic traveler tubes from cvs pharmacy and poured my product in there.. for some reason the product changed its viscosity.. it almost separated. Not sure how to describe what happened and why, it became a day later white and foggy.. not sure if the contact with that plastic did it or what happened. Maybe if it comes in a plastic (dark color) pump bottle instead of the glass (which probably is better than plastic, but can break), it will be more practical. The product itself is great!

Pam Liberal, MO

Great treatment

A little goes a long way, and I could really tell a difference in the texture of my hair after about a week of using it. My hair just feels and looks softer now.

Stella Akron, PA


This is the MOST amazing stuff!! I am losing hair due to medication, plus had been fighting the "frizzies" in the hair I did have left & my daughter-in-law recommended this to me, and gave me a small bottle of sample of it. It has helped tremendously, and this bottle will last a LONG time because it takes VERY little to use! LOVE it!!

Regina Shingle Springs, CA


I bleach my hair, and use straight irons daily, and have had a hard time finding a product to make it not look so frizzy and tense. After ONE application my hair felt like It was natural and brand new. I was in SHOCK. You HAVE to get this product. Coming from a girl that has split ends, bleached hair, over processed hair, this product made even MY HAIR look glorious. BUY IT NOW, You wont regret it.

Annette Maury City, TN

Doesn’t weigh down fine hair

I love this stuff. I have fine hair that can be quite frizzy at times. I can use just a little bit of this product and it tames my frizzies and doesn’t make my hair look oily or reduce the appearance of volume. It doesn’t flatten my fine hair. This stuff is a find.

Kirsten Clarksboro, NJ

Leaves my thick/coarse hair soooo soft

A small amount will do, I have long, thick/coarse hair w/fly aways! This product is great – I use about a quarter size amount when hair is wet and comb through my hair – then I blow dry and flat iron – my hair comes out so soft, smooth and shiny – I can even go a day between washes this stuff works so well – will buy again

Janette Buhler, KS

Wonderful product!

I do like most Lanza products and this one is no exception. I put it on towel dried hair before blow drying and the blow drying goes much faster. My hair is dry and needs moisture, this helps a lot. I have tried a number of different oils and some are definitely better than others. This is one of the good ones. It is a bit pricey and I do think some of the other hair oils that are less expensive work just as well as this one. This one claims to be a healing oil that has Keratin in it. I bought 3 different hair oils, Lanza, Orofluido, and Agadir Argan Oil. Of the 3, my favorite is Agadir, closely followed by this one, but everyone’s hair is different and this is just my opinion. I will use them all because they are all good products. Will probably not buy this one again just because the others seem to do the same thing for my hair and are less expensive.

Connie Mc Gill, NV