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Lanza Healing Style Powder Up Texturizer for Unisex, 0.53 Ounce

Provides lightweight texture with uplifting volume & control.

Key features

  • Allows natural movement & separation that lasts throughout the day.
  • Hold Factor: 6 of 10

Honest reviews


Great for adding volume!

When I am trying to do a quick up do, I love this product for adding just that little extra volume, I need. I have to tease my hair just a little less, which saves it some damage. The only issues, is that it does leave my hair feeling a little "sticky", but truth be told, it is not has "sticky" or "waxy" as other products out there.

Alexis Dundalk, MD

Really works to create volume

I’d been looking for a hair texturizer since I hate to backcomb my hair and I’d read that powders like this one can be used for the same purpose as backcombing. Since this one had really good reviews, I thought I’d give it a try, and I really like it!When my order arrived, I was shocked to see how teeny, tiny the bottle was, and had to get online to make sure that I received a full-sized bottle. Once I was reassured that I had, I used this and quickly understood why it’s so small — because you only need a small amount!After watching some videos online of how to use powders like this, I realized that the best way to use it is to part small sections of your hair, and gently tap the bottle a few times along the parted area, before using your comb to move to another small section of hair. In other words, to add it to the back of your hair, you’d move through about five different partings. After doing the back of my hair, I then move to each side, following the same method. Then I flip my hair upside down, and gently rub it at the roots. The result? Instant va-va-voom volume!Since I have dark brown hair, I’d been worried that it would leave white marks on my hair, but it blends right in.It does have a matte texture, and it feels a bit gunky in your hair after you use it. I’ve found that that gunky feeling means that I have to plan to shampoo the next day to get it out, or my hair just feels gross.Also, another reviewer mentioned that this has silicones in it, but I checked the ingredient list online before purchasing, and it doesn’t. (I avoid silicones and sulfates in my hair since I follow the Curly Girl method.)This is a good product that’s worth trying out!

Sasha Mather, CA

Texture, Texture, Texture

I have used Powder Up Texturizer through at least three different hair styles. I can’t say enough about the job just a tiny shake does.* When my hair was short, I used it to get lift all over.* Now that my hair is long, I use it get lift at my crown.* I was in Chicago during some very hot, humid days. I used the powder all over. It worked like a charm, and when my hair did droop a little, all I had to do was use my fingers to give it a little fluff along the roots and that was it.I have used other products that are supposed to be the same. The others always seem to end up ‘sticky’. L’Anza’s is never sticky.I love L’Anza!

Naomi Oak Harbor, OH


If you tease or back comb your hair, you have got to use this. It really helps get the lift and makes it stay. A little goes a long way.

Bessie Skaneateles Falls, NY

I like this for volume!

This really works and compared to the other brand I’ve tried, it’s easier to get a comb through after using, especially the next morning after use, yet I don’t feel I have to shampoo my hair as often as with the other powder volumizer. I star off for price though.

Tessa Ama, LA

AMAZING product!!!! Wow!!!

Wow!!! I wasn’t sure I believed all the hype but boy was I wrong this stuff is AMAZING!!! Don’t be upset by the small bottle a little goes a long way and I am sure I will have this for several months. I honestly did not think my hair could look this good outside of a hair salon!!!!

Elma Wolf Point, MT

A little goes a long way

When I saw the small size of this, I felt worried that I threw away my money, but, just a little is enough to control my hair, and it improves the texture.

Kimberley Wheaton, MN