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Lanolin, Anhydrous Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade

Fragrance-free pure lanolin from Australia pharmaceutical grade 57gr/2oz Pure Lanolin is ideal for use as a protective barrier and rejuvenating balm for skin damaged by extremes of climate, detergents, gardening, etc. Ideal for protecting and nourishing split heels, tender skin and scar tissue. Lanolin for our products is harvested from happy sheep that graze in pesticide-free fields, purified to pharmaceutical-grade, and imported to the U.S. If you do comparison shopping, please make sure you compare products of similar purity because purification to pharmaceutical-grade is the most expensive step in the process. For large areas of the skin we recommend using one of Koru Naturals lanolin creams or oils instead of this product.

Key features

  • Pure Pharmaceutical-grade Lanolin from Australia – No additives
  • Fragrance and preservatives-free
  • Complies with U.S.A. Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Safe for nursing moms and babies and people with skin conditions
  • Pure lanolin is a wax that melts at 98°F (body temperature). If it feels too hard to use please use a hair dryer in low to soften. If it is too soft, refrigerate for one hour. Suitable for the entire body. Always use a small amount. For severely damaged hands or feet apply more and wear gloves or socks for 3-4 hours.

Honest reviews


Good Lanolin Choice – Recpmmended

I get very chapped hands and lips in winter so I bought several lanolin ointments at my local drug store. All of the brands are not created equal so I decided to compare three versions of lanolin ointments.Australian Golden Lanolin “****” (4 stars); This is a pharmaceutical grade ointment and was in the middle price range per ounce. It is a thick tan paste with a moderate smell. I like that it is in a wide-mouth jar and easy to scoop out. I put it on my hands, let it sit a few minutes, then wipe it off with a wash cloth. It stops the chapping overnight. I like it, but the smell is such, that I don’t put it on my lips or use it around other people.Now Foods Lanolin Pure, 7-Ounce”*” (one star); This is the only ointment I bought that wasn’t listed as pharmaceutical grade and it was the cheapest per ounce. It is a thick yellow paste that certainly looks like 100% lanolin but smells so bad, I simply can’t use it on my skin.Lansinoh HPA Lanolin 2oz”****” (4 stars); This is a pharmaceutical grade ointment and the most expensive per ounce of the three types I bought. It is a stiff paste in a squeeze tube. I can detect almost no odor or taste from it. It can be hard to squeeze out of the tube and is so thick, you have to warm it up in your hands for a few seconds before applying. I apply it to my lips, let it sit a minute, then wipe it off with a washcloth. It also works on my hands. I can believe it would work well for breast feeding. To solve the problem of squeezing it out of the tube, I cut a little flap in the tube and scoop out what I need. Because it’s so thick, it doesn’t ooze out of the flap. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because it is somewhat pricey.SUMMARY -Australian Golden Lanolin: Easy to use, works wonderfully for chapped hands, not a bad price, a bit smelly.The NOW ointment: Relatively inexpensive but I can’t stand the smell.The Lansinoh: Very useful, works wonderfully for chapped skin or lips, no obvious smell or taste, a bit hard to use, pricey.Recommended!CFH

Graciela Guinda, CA

Great discovery

After researching many moisturizers/creams/gels, etc., I read the reviews on this product. It has exceptional – yes, sticky and thick, but you won’t be sorry, I often mix it with my ponds moisturizer for my face and chest and use it straight for hands and feet. People are always telling I have great skin…really believe this product is a good investment. Great seller, quick delivery and special offers for multiple purchases. Worth the investment

Dena Whitehall, WI


This products is wonderful – there are a few drawbacks…1) product is EXTREMELY sticky, it DOES NOT wash off! As a matter of fact, it makes your skin 100% waterproof! I use this on my feet only, and apply it using a rubber glove. When I take my socks off in the morning my feet feel fabulous!I would recommend this product to anyone with severely dry skin.

Jana Carthage, MO

works when nothing else does

i use this nightly as lip balm and on my cuticles and rough elbows and it keeps them feeling soft and unchapped. Yes, it’s thick and sticky and smells like lanolin, but it WORKS

Sara Chittenango, NY

Heavy duty for sure……

Heavy duty for sure……Lanolin, Anhydrous Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade…A cross between crisco and vaseline. My son and his wife are type one diabetic so they really suffer from dry skin!~

Carla Mount Kisco, NY

Better than tubed balm for home.

This is a great product for severely dry chapped areas. I put it on lips and cuticles before going to bed. Stays on and works overnight.

Deanna Sumas, WA

Real Lanolin

It doesn’t get more authentic than this! I’m a first time lanolin user and when I opened this product a few minutes ago fresh from shipping I smelled sheep! There’s no mistaking the scent. Reminds of when I was a kid visiting farms and such. The product looks like vaseline and is similar in consistency though I think it applies better than vaseline and is less sticky. Lanolin arrived just in time after I spent the day scrubbing and cleaning. My hands were more dry and rough looking than they’ve been in ages. Though it may be common knowledge to others I’d first heard of lanolin from an interview I read with Joanna Lumley. She said she uses lanolin on her face. She is beautiful, in my opinion but I can’t imagine using this on my face because of the smell. I can foresee myself using this regularly for hands and feet and bringing with for drying airplane flights and trips across the desert. I’ve only rated this product 4 stars because I’m not acquainted with it yet. When I know more how I feel about it from experience in every day life I can post an update here and possibly alter the star rating. One more thing; If you have an allergy to wool proceed with caution. This product is very pure and is the oil collected off sheep’s wool.

Guadalupe New Madrid, MO

Makes my feet so soft!!

I slather my feet with this at night, put on socks and in the morning my heels are a lot softer. I love this stuff it is very thick and tacky, so just know that. It is pure lanolin, after all. I also love that it’s pharmaceutical grade so I can put it on my lips. Will purchase again if I ever run out!!

Shawn Annville, PA

Very effective. A little goes a very long way

I have been using this lanolin for almost one month and it has been working beautifully. It even keeps my hands moisturized between washes. I opted for the pharmaceutical grade quality since I was worried about possible chemical contaminants which might cause my skin undue irritation or harm.I have very sensitive, very dry and eczema prone skin and I have sensitivity to most cosmetic brands. I have therefore been relying primarily on pure unrefined shea butter to keep my skin moisturized however I was still not completely satisfied since I have to keep re-applying the shea butter throughout the day to keep my hands, especially my knuckles, properly moisturized.I like my products to have multi-purposes uses so I have also been using it:i) on my bikini and underarm areas (in conjunction with aloe vera gel & castor oil) after epilating to prevent/reduce ingrown hairs;ii) as a night time facial cream (in conjunction with non-comedogenic neem seed oil & shea butter);iii) as a lip balm to prevent dry chapped lipsCON:It is a very sticky wax so a lanolin cream would probably be more suitable if you wish to use it over large areas of skin.

Ronda Mercedita, PR

Just right for homemade lip balm

My clone recipe for Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm called for lanolin and this stuff is really pure. The lip balm is certainly great–I think even better than the original. I’ve made enough for gifts and have plenty left over for the family–probably for a couple of years!

Odessa Eagarville, IL


I love to cook and hands can get rough even sore. This stuff works for me.I have tried many hand lotions from bargain to the most expensive. I bought LIQUID LANOLIN from Home Health. It was advertized as nothing added, yet there is a warning not to apply to broken skin or rashes and do not use on children or animals. Something lost in the refining process. It is not as healing.If you are not allergic to lanolin I think you will love this pharmaceutical grade product. I keep it in every room.

Cleo Cedarhurst, NY

Must have for winter!

I bought this to make a cuticle cream I found online, prior to making it I started putting a little on my dry dry hands. it’s sticky but melts quickly with your body heat and rubs in well. It locks in moisture that’s in my skin and makes a difference right away! I made the cream using moisturizing oils and everyone LOVES it. The next one will have more lanolin in it so I can have added protection through the day.My mom has a dry spot on her hand that has been there years, less than a month later it is almost gone! She has tried everything to get rid of the dry patch.Shipping was fast too!

Sasha Cumming, IA