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[Laneige] 2015 Renewal – Water Sleeping Mask

Night time skin transmission (permeability) shows higher rate than the one in the day time. Applying it right before sleep time, the best state for the skin transmission according to the skin circadian rhythm, maximizes the efficiency of overnight water supply. The function of skin remarkably declines in the night time. Enriched with Beta-glucan, Water Sleeping Pack_EX deeply hydrates fatigue and dry skin while Ceramide SLN formula strengthens the skin barrier. With containing the Snow Water, it helps to keep your skin look more crystal clear and vitalized. – Antioxidant effect of Hunza Apricot Extracts helps brighten skin tone evenly by removing harmful oxygen and purifying skin. – Recoverine from Chestnuts promotes turnovers of horny layers to remove dead cells away for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture. – An aromatic essence compound exclusively developed by AMOREPACIFIC, SleepscentTM(Patent application No. 10-2009-0043726), helps to relax your mind and body and derive for a good sleep. A good sleep effect allowing sufficient relaxation eventually reinforces skin restoration for healthier skin condition. Essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood etc. are contained in the SleepscentTM. – Light gel-type texture without stickiness but moisture leaves you a comfortable sleep.

Key features

  • 2015 renewal version
  • Volume : 70ml
  • Overnight skin care for hydrated and bright skin. for all skin types.

Honest reviews


More than just moisture

I just receive this and put it on last night.A couple of months ago, I realized that I had somehow neglected my poor, aging skin to the point of it being a big, parched, wrinkly mask. NOT pretty with makeup on and I didn’t know what to do, I’ve always had nice skin (save for the adult acne I have been battling for 15+ years). I perused Amazon and found some good items to start with. They totally helped but this mask was on my ‘wish list’. I decided to go ahead and still buy it, even though my dry skin was no longer an issue.It took a while to get here though. I received it nearly a month after my initial purchase, even though most of my Amazon Korean purchases have had super fast shipping.So, after I put it on, it does have a SLIGHT sticky gel-like feeling, but nothing annoying. I woke up not feeling like I really had a ‘mask’ on and after I washed my face, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I used my toner, then my moisturizer and then my foundation primer and then my foundation. The difference was amazing. It wasn’t just moisture….I had GREATLY reduced pore size and even my nasty chin breakouts were very much calmed. I actually felt like I had a flawless finish! Before, I would see my large pores through the foundation primer, the makeup & the setting powder, but today, I can’t see the fine-lines, large pores or many of my acne scars that were so large and red just days ago. I better order more so that by the time it finally gets here, it will be time to need more! ;-D

Julie Williamsburg, OH

Seems to work well

I like that this is an overnight mask and really seems to calm my skin down when I’m having breakouts of dryness from stress and allergies. It’s not sticky at all after it dries and my skin seems to really need the moisture.UPDATE: So I used one of my usual lactic acid peels this month and it really burned my skin! Turns out in dry weather, chemical peels can be more harsh on your skin, so you have to be very careful. After a few days of redness, my burns were slow to heal. Well, on a whim, I threw this mask on one night hoping it would help and by morning, the burns had completely cleared up! The moisture was exactly what my burns needed. Now I use this mask after every chemical peel I do, even if it’s very mild. I love this stuff! It seems to last a good while, and I will definitely reorder when I’m out.

Rosalinda Bynum, TX

It’s good but not magical

This is a thick gel mask. Not sure why some reviewers complained about the scent. It’s light and not offensive. I am the type that can’t stand strong fragrance but I don’t mind this scent at all.The mask feels light and moisturizing, but the result doesn’t last long. My skin is back to where it was the next day. Good for a quick pick me up treatment, but don’t expect it to have long term effect.

Roslyn Muse, OK

Laneige water sleeping pack

This is a big disappointment to me, I usually use a paper mask but then I heard about a mask made in Korea that I could just wear it to sleep, my skin was supposed to be feeling soft in the morning. My experience has been quite the opposite. I used it twice since purchase and each time I noticed that my skin actually looked worse than the night before, not soft at all. I have stopped using it and gone back to my paper mask again which is much better. As soon as I switched back, my skin was much happier and so was I.

Traci Shook, MO

just ok

this feels good when you first apply it,hydrating and cooling to the skin,then after a while my skin becomes very dry,like i dint even moisturise or anything and in the morning my skin is even drier, as for brightening,i have not seen a difference,i bought this based on the good reviews but i wont be purchasing this again,unfortunately it just dint do much for me.

Audrey Superior, NE

Sensitive skin

I used to use this all the time because SLEEPING MASK!!! So convenient and easy!But I thought I had acne while I used it, and when I stopped, my skin stopped breaking out!So I think I’m allergic to some ingredient in it, and I’ve since switched to an all-natural moisturizer and my skin is healing up. 🙁

Tanisha Hulen, KY


I’ve heard several great things about this product so I decided to try it, plus the fact that I suffer from dry skin sometimes. I’ve only tried it once, but the next morning my face felt refreshed and healthier. Also, most of the dryness had gone away. The one thing about this, since it’s recommended for use before bed, is that unless you normally sleep on your back, you have to train yourself to. It doesn’t absorb totally (takes all night) so a little gets on the pillow. Other than that it’s wonderful. The jar is quite large as well, and you don’t need to use it everyday which means it’ll last a while so the price doesn’t seem so expensive.

Rene Lake Elmore, VT

Not for dry skin.

I’ve been applying this on almost every night, and it has done nothing to my dry skin. On the plus side, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. But what a let down on the moisturizing part.

Lina North Bend, NE

Very happy

I haven’t had this product long so I haven’t used much of it. So far I really like it. It was shipped from Korea and was here very fast.

May West Chesterfield, NH

Nice upkeep for moisture

I live in an arid/semi arid climate (it’s so dry people commonly wake up with nosebleeds and cottonmouth). I enjoy using this product 2-3 times per week to lock in any moisture I can. I have a skin type which is oily, but only gets extremely oily and produces blemishes when I don’t moisturize enough, so this mask is an excellent addition to my routine on nights that I have makeup to remove or just don’t want to wake up as a shriveled husk. First, I’ll say the packaging was nice. Nothing fancy, but classy enough to display on the bathroom counter. This product came with a small spatula in the box, for those that are big on not contaminating product. The scent of this mask is a delicate floral, pretty subtle, though nice for the few seconds the scent is noticeable. The feel of the mask itself was pleasant, almost like a "gel-cream" moisturizer and spread smoothly. I recommend applying this product at least a few minutes before going to bed to allow it to absorb into the skin without rubbing on your pillow. Though some people have suggested up to 30 minutes (presumably in more humid areas), in a climate like the one I’m in, it took about 5 minutes when using about a dime size amount. I really love how refreshing and moisturizing this mask felt throughout the night. When waking up, don’t feel it at all until I rinse my face and can feel a layer slicker than my skin washing off, but I do feel as though my skin is a bit plumper, more even, and has extra prep for the day ahead. I do sometimes use this also if I’m going to bed very late and won’t get much sleep, or have been crying and have puffy eyes. By the time I wake up, I don’t look so obvious (especially with the puffy eyes).Pros–Nice scent-Decent dry time for me (compared with other masks)-Spatula included (hygienic)-Nice feel on skin (like a gel-cream)-Moisturizing and refreshing-Won’t stick to pillowcase-Helps counteract temporary skin issues (puffy eyes, under-eye bags from lack of sleep)-Includes instructions on some basic facial exercise-Gives that "full night sleep" vitalityCons–Scented (for those who are very sensitive)-Takes longer to absorb than a typical moisturizer (if you haven’t used a sleeping mask before)

Holly Highland, OH

Moisturizing/Hydrating Overnight Mask but NOT For Sensitive Skin

I had really high expectations for this product but unfortunately my skin did not respond well to this at all. I have dry/sensitive skin with very mild rosacea and bubzbeauty mentioned this product in one of her youtube videos. I use a lot of asian products such as Cure, JuJu Aquamoist and Hada Labo which are all great for sensitive and dry skin. This one didn’t work for me, it irritated my skin and caused it to flare up. It is very moisturizing and hydrating but if you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

Irma Gladstone, OR

Great Quality Product

Formula is perfect – relieves puffiness and makes skin feels smooth and soft. Best to apply at night since it is thick and does not absorb quickly into the skin.

Mariana Holcomb, MS

Laneige Water Mask

This product is amazing. I apply it every night before bed, after it dries which only takes not even a minute it feel like there is nothing on your skin since it is water based! When i wash it off in the morning my skin feels super soft!

Gwendolyn Cedar, IA

Didn’t notice any difference

I didn’t notice any difference in my skin when I used this. I do live in a humid environment so it is possible no hydrating is needed. I went on vacation in a desert area and took this with me thinking with the dry air it would be helpful. I still didn’t notice any difference in my skin. I do have oily skin so maybe someone with dry skin may get some benefits. It does have a pleasant light scent. I will use it up since I bought it but unless you have very dry skin I can’t recommend this for you.

Myra Wardtown, VA

very good

very good mask. better and smooth my skin. i’m lazy and i don’t need to wash away the mask and i can wear it to sleep.

Ida Bronson, IA

Like it

smells great! very soothing. but i don’t think it’s moisturizing enough for me. I used to use Water Sleeping Pack at night and when i wake up in the morning, skin feels and looks great.

Kathy Kershaw, SC

Cool & Refreshing

(review by wife)I enjoy using this product, unfortunately it doesn’t have results on my skin as other reviewers have shared. i do like it as a change from my regular nighttime routine, and offers the same amount of moisture as a lotion. it can get a bit messy.Regardless, well priced product, results correlate price point, & just know it does contain a fresh floral-type scent common in South Korean beauty products

Deborah Charlton Depot, MA

This is the best thing I’ve ever bought

If I could rate this a thousand stars I would. First off, the smell. When you open it up it’s like a pleasant subtle almost lavender like smell, or you know those pillow mists you spray on your bed to help you sleep? It’s kind of like that. Just a super relaxing smell. It’s got a little stick inside so you can apply it to your face (Don’t keep the stick inside the product or it’ll get lost and you’ll have to dig it out) But a little goes a long way, you barely need a dime size for your whole face. It dries pretty quickly and it makes me fall asleep faster because I feel so relaxed. By the time I wake up my ‘fine lines’ are gone. completely gone. And while they do come back eventually, It shocked me just to not be able to see them even looking so close up. The product also helped with my acne marks and brightened them up, and made my skin look lighter and more refreshed. This product is wonderful, and I’m going to order some for my mother soon. This is the beauty product i’ve ever bought.

Dionne Aurora, NC

so glad I ordered!

Although I COULD write about the product itself, I just wanted to say I was totally surprised when I opened the package to find several ADORABLE various samples of other products! That totally made my day. Thanks so much!

Deborah Mount Vernon, KY

Just a little extra something for your skin

This product is great if you are looking for something to apply overnight for extra moisturizing effect, I don’t use it every night, only during those nights when I need the extra moisture, it’s the gel like texture that goes on just as water on your skin and it smells good. Put this on after you apply all of the other products that you use regularly as your night routine, and you will wake up the next morning feeling your skin pumped up with more water, but for those with really sensitive skin and cannot use any product that contains fragrance, this might not be the product for you.

Virgie Saint David, AZ

Feels like silk!

My daughter purchased the Laneige water sleeping pack to use after using the Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush. The water sleeping pack glides on smoothly and (after using the body brush) makes your skin feel like silk! I love this stuff! Ended up buying a few more for back-up!

Loraine Elliston, MT

it works!

super moisturizing! I apply a layer on my skin at the end of my beauty routine on nights when my skin is extra dry and the next morning it’s all soft. I recommend it.

Gabrielle Lake Harmony, PA

Love it@-@!!!!

The item got to me way early than the expecting date and the product it self was super amazing. The mask really helps to get my skin soft and smooth. The light rose smell relax my body too. Recommend buying

Trudy Empire, NV


I bought this as a present for my mom. Later I bought one myself after seeing all the good reviews about it. It was a very nice product; it has very nice smell and it did moisturize my face. The next day when I get up, my face feels very smooth

Marisa Provo, SD

very good

makes your face look less puffy in the morning.

Faye Turton, SD

Really nice!

Goes on very smooth and feels great on the face. You don’t need a lot for it to work. I have acne prone skin and am getting dried out to the point of flaky skin because of all those acne creams, (I have sensitive skin). Using this product my skin stays soft and hydrated and the redness of my acne goes down. I notice the pores are smaller, and overall skin color is much whiter, and brighter. It doesn’t have reaction with my other night creams too which is amazing. This will make your skin soft, brighter, and help maintain moisture, and as with everything you need to use a couple times to see results. Creams aren’t laser face surgery they take time.

Myra Lithopolis, OH

Works like a charm on my skin

I was reading my newest Elle magazine about the Korean night creams being the rage on the fight on wrinkles so I bought this one based on the ratings. It is very impressive so far, and you only need to do it twice a week so this product will last a long time. It was a very good price and my skin looks and feels soft and smooth!

Margery Bennett, IA

Very nice and light weight cream

I love the fragrance of this! It is so light weight, and quite moisturizing. I don’t think my skin has changed a whole lot, but it is pleasant to use.

Hilary Storden, MN

Feels good, not sure if it makes a difference

I really like the way this product feels on my skin (very refreshing), plus is smells very light and relaxing.But I’m not sure if my skin feels any better each morning when I wake up. I really want it to work, but have been using for at least a month and don’t see or feel a true difference in my skin

Emma Filer, ID


very nice. i like the smell and the way it makes my skin feel. will definitely recommend and probably repurchase.

Berta Rudyard, MI