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Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer, Purple and Black

The purple and black salon ionic dryer uses ionic technology to help retain moisture to prevent breakage so you can have shinier, healthier-looking hair styles. If you don’t want to use the ionic technology you can turn it off with the on/off switch, and there is an on indicator light to let you know when the ionic technology is turned on. The balanced airflow design dries hair evenly and has 2 heat and speed setting so you can choose the setting for perfect drying and styling control. When you are done drying and styling your hair you can use the cool setting, which releases cool air to set the style. The large round hood of the dryer can accommodate a jumbo set of rollers. The dryer’s convenient cord storage area and collapsible design makes storage and travelling easier.

Key features

  • Hydrating airflow dries hair quickly retaining moisture and reducing frizz.
  • Great for the ethnic consumer
  • Conditioning IONS help retain moisture to prevent breakage for shinier, healthier-looking styles.
  • Large Round Hood accomedates a set of jumbo rollers
  • Collapsible Design makes storage and traveling easier

Honest reviews


Avid Leo Reader

Today I used the product and have to say I am satisfied with it. It gets very hot when you put it on high. Trust me I was very skeptical on whether how well it would work. I liked that the hesd was very wide compared to some selections that I had seen in the beauty supply stores. I did a deep conditioning for 20 minutes prior and then did a roller set and sat under it for about an 1hr and half. The only draw back is the heat distribution to the back of my hair. I shifted myself back and forth to make sure that the back of my hair was dried completely. Overall my hair felt nice and soft and full of body at the end. I am going to buy the heating cap from Laila Ali as well. In the end, the dryer does it’s job.

Robyn Mound Bayou, MS

Exceeded my expectation

Love that the top is wider than I thought it would be, gets really hot. I wish it had a timer but being that is portable I can understand. It’s not too heavy to carry around, but sometimes i have to click back the handle since it’s come out a lot [crazy glue shall do the trick..i hope]. I also wish it didn’t take so much power, it’s messed up 2 of my power surgers, so I suggest you plug it directly to the electric socket and NOT a power surge or extension cord. Overral, it heats your hair well, and that’s what’s important =]

Katelyn Richland, NJ

I am a retired professional stylist, and this fit the bill for home use.

I bought this for home use, instead of the bulky roll-around models. It works perfectly for my needs. It collapses and stores easily, and heats up quickly, with easily understandable adjustments.

Amie Clifton, IL

I love it

Great dryer first i must say i love the cool purple and black color,the hair flow is all around so it dry your hair really good and for deep condition it great i used some jumbo rollers and sure bit they all fit under the dryer and in 30 mins my hair was dry on med setting.

Cecile Animas, NM

I love it

Works great if you have long thick curly hair and want an alternative damaging chemical straighteners. You can buy those huge magnetic rollers & dry your hair with this and it won’t harm your hair. I bought this for my daughter and she said it worked great. Purple is her favorite color and I also got it at a reduced price! Thank you!

Janelle Sycamore, KS

Short Thinning Hair

African American female, hair is thinning due to over processing in the past. I have purchased this hair dryer as well as satin rollers. I have only used the dryer once and for a short period of time (approx. 20 minutes).However, my hair retained its luster and body. It isn’t as loud as i expected to be, no assembly required and fast delivery.. I’m excited to see how my hair turns out with less processing and heat! Not to mention, i will be saving money by not returning to the hair salon every 2 weeks; i can maintain my own hair.

Haley Longford, KS

My Review

I needed a new dryer and I wanted a good quality dryer. I haven’t had any issues with my dryer .I would recommend this dryer .

Delores Pilot Station, AK


I was blessed with a cosmetologist mother who taught me a lot! So I have never gone to a salon to get anything done. My goal was to never need it, and with the final addition of this hooded dryer to my styling collection my goal is complete! IThe only thing you have to be very careful on is just like the bonnet dryer the hot setting is VERY HOT! But all in all it is quite a decent dryer. Fast, effective, and leaves my hair feeling like hair,and not straw! Very Pleased

Annabelle Mosby, MT

It’s ok

Wish it had changes in speed at the various speeds. Frankly, I wish I could get the old-fashioned soft bonnet style. I only bought this because the new bonnet ones are lousy in my book.

Eve Redvale, CO

Sorry, but NO

Bear with me on this, if you will. After about 5 uses this dryer seemed to come loose in its "stem", below the bonnet area. When this happened, the stem could not support the bonnet and the bonnet could not remain fixed in place (like in the photo). The bonnet would flop down, and then the whole dryer would fall forward, and THEN a very small spring about 1" long, would fly out of the back of the stem. That tiny spring was absolutely necessary in keeping the dryer in the position shown in the photo. The spring was constantly falling out of place. But even before that happened, I realized the bonnet is not very generous in size, and I have a small head! Consequently, no matter how long I used the dryer, the bottom half of my rolled or unrolled hair was always damp.I purchased this dryer because of all the positive reviews. I couldn’t DISAGREE more! Maybe I received a defective one, but I was so aggravated with the hassle last week that I crammed the whole thing into a trash bag and threw it away. I hadn’t even owned it 6 months. I now use a tall version with wheels that can be taken apart and stashed in my closet when not in use. I got it at Sally’s.Keep in mind, also, that hooded "tabletop" dryers like the Laila in this review require a stable, firm surface on which to sit, or they’ll slip and fall. Getting the correct height for this purpose is tricky at best.This dryer was not very expensive, in my opinion, and it definitely showed. Lesson learned. I do not recommend you buy it.

Tania Meadow Grove, NE

Great dryer

I really like this dryer. It is not too loud. The high setting gets really hot too so I use to DC my hair 20 minutes on medium heat. Works great and I am very satisfied.

Kitty Sasabe, AZ

Love it!

I was debating between the hard top and the soft top, and I’m glad that I bought this one.The Pros:The hood is just big enough for my large head and a set of gray magnetic rollers (anything bigger at the back of my head would be too big). There is a clear difference in the heat settings, and it has cut my drying time significantly.The Cons:I am not in love with the placement of the vents and wish they were lower at the back of my head to dry my neck region better. I am also slightly taller than average (5′ 7") and have to do some serious adjustments to seat comfortably under the hood.

Delores Perronville, MI

large hood, very loud

this is okay considering the price. nothing you get like in the salon as far as strength but still accomplishes. it is definitely loud. the clip part that makes the hood stay in the standing position is very fragile, mine hasn’t broken yet but I’ve been very careful. overall I rate this a 4.0 because this Is what I expected for the price.

Aurora Olivet, MI

I like it

I gave it four stars because it makes a lot of noise. Something I wasn’t expecting. But overall it does a good job of distributing heat all over and evenly. I would recommend to others but with warning that it does make noise.

Terry Allerton, IL

so so

My onky thing is that it can’t go low enough to be really on top of my hair. That makes me feel as if my hair isn’t getting dry.

Latonya Whitelaw, WI