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Lafe’s Deodorant Spray, MSM, 8 Ounce

Lafe’s passion is creating daily use, organic, personal care products to promote health and wellness. We believe in empowering consumers with superior choices in natural personal care products. Lafes’ is formulated with certified organic ingredients and uses the latest “clean and green” technologies such as EA (estrogenic activity) free packaging to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. Our natural personal care products are SLS free, VOCs free, parabens free, propylene glycol free, synthetic preservatives free, artificial fragrances free, and petroleum free. At Lafe’s, we also believe in giving back. Our 1% Project donates one percent of the profit from every sale to support breast cancer awareness and prevention. You’re Safe with Lafe’s.

Key features

  • Deodorant that offers the added benefit of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which is widely known for beneficial effects on the skin
  • 71% Certified Organic
  • Hypoallergenic, no animal testing
  • Gluten, paraben and propylene glycol free
  • No harmful aluminums

Honest reviews


Execellent Deodorant

I have tried this deodorant on a hot yoga studio, and I love it. It does the job very well, and I like the clean feeling. It lasts whole day for one spray. I’m already sick of the deodorant stick to leave the white stuff on the clothes. I’m happy to find this deodorant that makes my live easier.

Helena Durand, MI

It’s alright but I wouldn’t buy it again.

First of all it doesn’t mist onto your underarms it shoots a stream of product so you get really wet. I had to spray it into my hand then rub it on. I didn’t find that it stopped my from stinking. After a few hours I was not so fresh and had to wear another deodorant on top of it.

Marcy Centerville, GA

Does Nothing

This doesn’t work at all – absolutely the worst. It takes forever to dry and has no affect – save your money.

Aline Fennville, MI

… strong way no doubt it is by far the best i have ever used really dose it`s job

i have been using different kind and different brand I have to say in a very strong way no doubt it is by far the best i have ever used really dose it`s job, my husband used it and he told me how great it is and i should order more right away which i did, gave one to my daughter to try and she loves it too and using it every day now.

Janette Monarch, MT

Surprisingly It Worked Wonders!!

I hope this seller never stops selling this on amazon as this product truly does work as a natural alternative for deodorant!!!! I was skeptical after reading about it on another website, and how you can even use it in areas that gather sweat besides the armpits and i was very surprised that it not only worked but worked two days in a row, i gave it a test and no odor whatsoever!!!!! Doesn’t irritate the skin or make your hands messy if you spray some on them to rub it on instead, i’m in love with this product and will be buying it again indeed!

Cortney Davis Junction, IL

Great stuff

Love this. Love it so much. Doesn’t take nearly as much as roll on, and it smells so good, lasts for months even if you use it daily like you should *cough*

Concepcion Mountain View, AR