Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce

LADY GAGA FAME by Lady Gaga for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ Launched by the design house of Lady Gaga in 2012, LADY GAGA FAME by Lady Gaga possesses a blend of Belladonna, Orchid, Saffron, Incense, Honey, And Apricot.

Key features

  • Design House: Lady Gaga
  • Fragrance Notes: Belladonna, Orchid, Saffron, Incense, Honey, And Apricot.

Honest reviews


I like it except for the blackness

Lady Gaga’s music is great, but the woman kind of scares me. For that reason, I was not expecting to like this fragrance as much as I do. It’s actually a great dark, spicy fragrance that is quite long-lasting. I was pleasantly surprised. The one thing I do NOT like is the fact that it is black in color. The marketing for this perfume claims that the fragrance turns clear as soon as it is dispensed in the air. Sorry, but that is not true. When I sprayed it onto my wrists and neck, my skin looked like it had black runny water all over it. I rubbed the fragrance in a bit and the black color disappeared, but I would be afraid that I’d end up staining my clothes if I went ahead and bought a big bottle of this stuff.

Camilla Makoti, ND

Really nice

I’m not a fan of Gaga but i really liked this scent, to me its just very feminine and moderately strong. Very sexy, something you wear at night. I love the bottle and the black liquid. I think this will be a perfume that turns into a classic.

Julianne Kenton, TN

Wonderful Surprise!

I went to Macy’s today with every intention of buying another brand, but tried this and was hooked. The scent is really lovely without being overpowering. It seems to be a fusion of sweet, floral, fruity, powdery and warm (if that makes any sense). When I saw the Lady Gaga display I almost dismissed it without a second thought, so glad I didn’t.

Barbara Natchez, LA

A Sought After Product For My 15-Year-Old Daughter!

I purchased this perfume for my 15 year old daughter for Christmas. The price is comparable to Department Store prices. The fragrance comes in a nice, large bottle and is the first black liquid perfume that vaporizes clear. The scent is full and nice. Lady Gaga Fame is this years must have perfume!

Delores Homestead, FL


Lady Gaga, famous for her strange wardrobe and catchy songs, now she is known for having the first black coloured perfume.The bottle is not black. In fact the colour black you are seeing is the colour of the perfume in a clear bottle.I first smelled this perfume on piece of paper and did not think too highly of it. The second time I sprayed it on my skin and I was amazedat the smell once it settled. Definitely not the same smell I was getting off the paper. I guess it smells better off the skin (which is how it should be).This is a very nice, sweet smelling perfume. I was a little surprised because I thought Lady Gaga would go for a dark, strong smelling perfume like her image in the media.The best part is that it last’s a long time !Side note, once you spray the perfume, the perfume comes on invisible so you won’t have black stains on your clothes and skin.

Desiree Birmingham, IA

Love it

I personally love this scent. It’s really hard to explain it though, which is frustrating for those wanting to read about it. I hate powdery perfumes, a lot… that being said I think a lot of people would say this has a powdery background. It’s not baby powder though, it’s nice. It’s soft and fades a little too fast, but I don’t mind reapplying, especially because I like it so much. It also has a sort of fruity/flowery smell on top… I guess. If you are daring and love different perfumes and scents as much as I do go for it. If you are picky, don’t have a wide appreciation of scents and don’t like a sweet note, avoid it.

Lindsay Huson, MT

Loved it

Purchased two bottles for Christmas. They were a hit and for the price, it was well worth it. Could not have been happier with this purchase.

Avis Kaneohe, HI

Amazing Scent.

I love this scent! I wear it everyday. The notes stay with me all day. The bottle is awesome. Over all, I adore this perfume and I will repurchase.

Felicia Sublette, IL

Great Scent

I am not a fan of celebrity perfumes, usually I think they are horrible and the smell of alcohol never goes away. Ugh. I tried this in a store for the pure novelty of a black liquid which turns clear. I really liked it! I couldn’t believe it. I decided to spritz a bit on my wrists and under my ears to test it out and see how long it would last. My husband said he really liked it (he is very picky about fragrances) and it lasted all day, so I decided to purchase a bottle. I am very happy with it.It’s a little young (if that makes sense… it’s sweet and floral), but I’m still in my 20’s so I feel I can get away with it for now. I don’t think I could wear something like this over 32-35 though.

Leila Pulaski, TN

Love the scent and packaging

The scent is just what you’d expect from Gaga–mysterious, extravagant, and intriguingly sexual. I love that it’s black and the cap looks like a claw–it reminds me of the days when perfume bottles were art pieces.

Elisha Greenback, TN


Don’t let the cap scare you. this fragrance is very beautiful. Works for me. and no, the black color does not color your skin.

Elisabeth South Lake Tahoe, CA

not that great

although im not crazy about this perfume it fades a minute after you put it on,the seller is the best got this faster then the perfume i ordered before this one,i will by from them again just not lady gaga

Nancy Sealevel, NC

Five Stars

love the smell of it…

Dina Louisville, OH

Gaga for Gaga

From the appearance of this bottle, I expected a fragrance that was musky or dark. But what I got was something bright and fruity-floral!I only use a little, so the fragrance doesn’t last all day, but what a start to my morning. One spray of Lady Gaga Fame and I’m happy. It’s a beautiful scent. One that I don’t tire of (and one that my family doesn’t complain about at all). It doesn’t create a cloud around me, like some other fragrances do. It’s very personal and I like it very much.I highly recommend this perfume for anyone who enjoys a fragrance that’s on the sweeter side.

Tanya Delaware, AR


I got this for my 13 year old niece. She likes the smell, I don’t care for it. Must be a scent for the younger generation.

Cathleen Shrewsbury, NJ


I didn’t have high hopes for this perfume since the packaging is so extravagant… but I had a sample of it in a store and absolutely fell in love. Definitely a night time/date night scent! Amazing bottle, amazing scent, cant go wrong!

Bette Hollandale, MS

lovely fragrance

i am a Gaga fan .. didn’t buy it for that reason…the reviews were great so i made a blind buy,, love it .. doesn’t last as long as some of my other fragrances but long enough 6 hours or so..

Angel Bald Knob, WV

Great Gift

I purchased this for my mom for Christmas. She’s a big fan of Victoria Secret perfumes, and it reminded me of some of those that she used to wear. She LOVED it. It was wrapped appropriately, came in the real box, and had the real lid, so I am sure it was the actual product and not some kind of scam. The price was phenomenal.

Aline Dodge, ND

Love this black bottle

This is the first time I purchase this product what can I say I love it, I love it as I said before I love different shape bottles and scents and this one is a keeper.

Valarie Holt, MI