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Lactic Acid 70% Gel Peel, 30ml

Lactic works on the surface of the skin to treat tone, texture, and pigmentation. Lactic’s unique ability to draw moisture toward the surface of the skin makes it ideal for individuals whose skin dries out easily. This treatment also effectively combats acne, leaving a wonderfully smooth and clear complexion. With continued use as directed the skin will look more youthful and vibrant. The Lactic 30ml and 100ml are ideal for full facial applications. For specific areas, or spot treatments, the Lactic 50 Roll-on would be best. Choosing the Best Peel: Skin Laboratory offers different types of chemical peels to help with things like exfoliating the skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking for the BEST peel for your condition, the following list will help you select it. The peels effectiveness is not limited to these conditions: Glycolic: Eczema & Dermatitis, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Razor Bumps, Stretch Marks and General Toning & Texture Lactic: Actinic Keratosis, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Dry Skin, Eczema & Dermatitis, Melasma, Psoriasis, Razor Bumps, Scarring, Sensitive Skin, Stretch Marks, Sun Damage and General Toning & Texture Salicylic: Acne, Acne Scars, Adolescent Skin, Large Pores & Blackheads, Oily Skin, Psoriasis, Razor Bumps and Warts BHA+: Acne, Adolescent Skin, Large Pores & Blackheads, Oily Skin, Psoriasis and Warts HQ+: Acne Scars, Actinic Keratosis, Melasma, Oily Skin and Scarring

Key features

  • Medical Strength Professional Peel; approx. 15 full facial peels per bottle
  • Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging
  • Effectively treats stubborn skin conditions, such as psoriasis and environmental/sun damage
  • Evens skin tone and minimizing areas of discoloration for all skin types
  • Cumulative benefits and optimal results with weekly treatments

Honest reviews


Got Red Bumps on my face

Am I ALLERGIC to this stuff??Just to be extra careful, since this was “70%”, I tried it just on ONE side of my face (left). The next day I had a bunch of little red bumps on my face (left side).Here it is, a month later, and the little red bumps are still there!I will NOT use this again.Edit:It is now April 12. I have been waiting since February for these red bumps to go away. They are s-l-o-w-l-y- diminishing.Clearly, something is wrong. Either I’m allergic to this stuff or it’s just too strong for my face. Definitely going in the trash. No 2nd chances on this one!Edit: April 26, 2013My original review was written in 2012.This is an update (a YEAR later).I would NOT recommend this product for several reasons:#1-The left side of my facial skin is messed up. Skin tone is very uneven compared to the RIGHT side, which was NOT treated with this product.#2-The “red” bumps I referred to in my original review NEVER went away. Instead of “red” bumps, I now have mild skin discoloration. Although the bumps are not “red”, what’s the point of using a peel, if the “marks” left on your face are darker than the rest of your facial skin.#3-On my left cheek, I now have something — I have no clue what it is, but it looks like melasma. As a result, I now have to try to get rid of that.I am staying with “natural” products.No more chemicals for me.No thanks!BTW, I am NOT saying this will happen to you. I’m just reporting what happened to me.Keep in mind, everyone’s skin is different.

Goldie Glendale, KY

It helped my stubborn, resistant hyper-pigmentation!

I started out with the 50% Lactic Acid peel, which helped fade my melasma a little, then I moved on to this one.The first time I tried this peel, I started with a one minute application. I had mild tingling but nothing extreme. I added 1 min each time until I was doing 4 minutes. I noticed more subtle improvements on my face each time and continued to be impressed with these peels. Lactic acid has a wonderfully moisturizing effect that leaves your skin so soft and smooth the next morning.I’ve struggled with stubborn, resistant hyper-pigmentation (melasma) around my eyes for years. I tried countless products that seemed to work for others but did not work for me. Only photofacials had been able to remove it but it returned with the slightest bit of sun (hyper-active melanocytes) so photofacials were just too expensive for a temporary solution. These peels, week by week, (and a gradual increase in strength, along with a combination of other products I have listed on my profile), slowly faded them. As I moved on to stronger peels, its now 95% gone. It will still occasionally come back when I have a run in with the sun but it fades away again.The company has a lot of information on their website and are very responsive so I continue to buy from them.NOTES ON PEELS:-Don’t do it more often than they recommend. They recommend you do it every so often for a reason. Your skin has to have time to heal and develop new skin before you strip it away again.-You HAVE to wear sunblock. Your skin is more exposed and vulnerable to damage from sun. Protect it. If you don’t you are canceling out or even reversing your progress. I like this one,Ole Henriksen Protect the Truth Sunscreen SPF 50+-1.7 oz. Its not the best moisturizer but as a sunblock, its great. Its my favorite because its hard to find high spf that doesn’t leave a white haze, smell funky or make your eyes tear up.-When you are doing your peels, make sure you start with a clean DRY face, water will dilute the acid in your peel. I am wondering if thats why some people did not see any results. I wash my face, swipe it with alcohol on a cotton ball to remove any leftover oils and to help dry it. Wait 10-15 minutes, then apply the peel.-Use a fan brush like this oneTaklon Fan Mask Brush Acid Applicator for Glycolic Lactic TCA Skin Peel / Masques (Small). Mine has lasted over a year. You can use cotton balls/squares but I think they absorb product so you will waste some and get less peels out of your bottle.-Watch your face when the peel is on. The recommended time is a guideline, everyones skin is different and reacts differently. Thats why they recommend you start slow. Some are ok 1 min the first time, others the full 4 min. Once your skin starts looking pinkish, its time to remove. If it gets red, you’ve gone too long.-Make sure you wash off ALL of the acid. Wash, rewash, wash again. I like to shower right after to make sure its all gone. Any leftover acid will continue to work its way into your skin. I like to use a post peel neutralizer as an extra precaution. MD Formulations had a post peel neutralizer that was AWESOME but they don’t sell it individually. I am trying this oneNeutralizer skin pH balancer helps balance the pH of your skin for the safe and effective neutralization after peeling.. It works but I am still trying to find one more like the MD formulations one. You pour onto cotton ball and sweep your face right after peel, then wash it off with water. You can also mix your own neutralizer using baking soda and water.-Moisturize after. This one has been my favorite to use after,Hydrating Repair Peptide Wrinkle Cream (Post Peel) – Enhanced with Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid & Natural Botanical Extracts. I also use it as a night cream. Very moisturizing and doesn’t feel greasy or leave a residue.

Ella Decorah, IA

Fabulous product!

I ordered this product after doing tremendous research. The first time I used it, I didn’t ‘feel’ much going on, but my skin did peel a bit during the first week. The second time I used it, my skin tingled quite a bit and turned reddish, and my skin broke out. I think it was the impurities coming to the surface. The next couple of weeks I used the product weekly and continued to break out a bit. Now my skin is clear and my complexion is unbelievable! I was a bit skeptical when I began using the product, but I persisted, remembering that when I would have facials (professional) I was told I’d break out first and then clear up.I would highly recommend this product. I tend(ed) to break out on a continual basis, worsening during my menstrual cycles, including cystic acne. I rarely form blackheads at all now that I use this product regularly, which means nothing blocking/clogging my pores. In fact, although pores do not actually shrink, my formerly large-appearing pores are less pronounced and look smaller to me.

Libby Belcher, LA

Skin improved dramatically

I have been researching facial peels for 2 months, yes the thought of hearing the word CHEMICAL PEEL was frightening!! If you are allergic to milk or sour milk be CAUTIOUS, check with your dermatologist first. Just saying this as I have kids who are allergic to milk etc. This is excellent for persons of African descent. I did a patch test on my inner arm and waited 48 hours and all was well. I used this on March 3rd. I have finally tried lactic acid (70%) and my skin has improved dramatically! My larges pores have shrank somewhat! Company did recommend to leave the lactic on for exactly 5 minutes. I left it on for 8 minutes accidently, next time I will use timer, it was my first time using it. I did felt a stinging as reported in the instructions included. I have also been moisturizing at night with Almond oil and I am looking for a replacement. The result? Smooth textured clear, reduced pores and radiant skin! I can’t wait to complete the process, because if this is what I achieve after just one treatment, my skin should be flawless by the time I’m done!! Needless to say I’m very optimistic and very, very pleased. This is for the doctors, who told me not to purchase the chemical peels based on these reviews. She told me that she thought it was people who just made up reviews. I am a REAL PERSON with real skin and I am sincere in my reviews to help others who are thinking of purchasing this product. I purchased this product from SkinLaboratory on Amazon and they are real people who are making a good business by selling these products. Any questions call them. Skin Laboratory have excellent consumer service skills and will assist you and answer all your questions..**********************************Just made another purchase from Amazon, can’t bet their shipping!!! I purchased a larger size 100ml. This is great! Just follow instructions.I am using this on my 13 year old. I leave it on her for 7 minutes, I use the timer. I use baking soda for rinse. Her skin is clearing up.I lift mine on to a little to long and it burnt me! I learnt my lesson. Maximum is time 5-8 minutes only! Be nice to your skin. My skin is looking good and I have been receiving compliments too. I do Avon and I told my friends to order Lactic 70% from Amazon, by Skin Laboratory company. I don’t need to wear any make-up anymore

Wilda Arcadia, MI

Hands down winner!

I’m using this product on my hands.When I noticed my hands were aging faster than the rest of me, I asked the dermatologist what I could do. He told me to use a lotion called Lac-Hydrin, a lactic acid lotion. I tried it and got no result; it is also thin and runny. But I got the message that lactic acid is the thing to use on hands and body.When I found this lactic peel, I thought maybe I could bring about improvement in my hands, bypassing the doctor.I’ve been applying a nickel-size dollop of this lactic peel *every night* on my hands and forearms. Once it’s absorbed I put on a nice thick hand cream, and go to bed.From the first morning, I have awakened with improvement in my skin. My hands are less “paper baggy,” and the wrinkles are softening. I’m thrilled and will continue with this routine until I’m satisfied with the result, and will use it periodically thereafter.p.s. If you have raggedy cuticles or open sores, take care. For me, the use of this peel is painless, but when I got it on a fresh cat scraatch, it was bothersome (for a short while).

Lily Raccoon, KY

OMG, I am 10 years younger!!!

I am so extremely excited, I am unsure of how to start…I am 34 with a baby face, most people think I’m in my early 20’s BUT up close have very, very deep lines around my eyes. Two deep crow’s feet at each corner and then around the eyes LONG wrinkles reaching the middle of my cheeks. I do not smoke at all and have not smoked in the past. I have oily skin with larger than usual pores and occasional acne. I applied the peel, first time I could only bare it for about 20 seconds as there was a lot of stinging around my eyes. No improvement whatsoever though, just redness for about 2 hours. Next application was about 1 minute, still no difference but my skin was comfortable with the time amount. 3rd peel was about 4 minutes, some discomfort. Instant white bubbles all over face at contact with water+baking soda. Redness and lots of brown scabs around the eye area for about 5 days. Had to wear sunglasses, I looked like someone punched me in both eyes. Sand feeling all over my face, rough skin texture, looked terrible.The skin sort of curled behind the scabs and I thought, oh no! SCARS!! After the scabs fell off I am a new person, a younger, prettier me. I feel SO MUCH better about myself as none of my friends have the amount of wrinkles around the eyes that I have. Now I have NONE. Pores are smaller than when I was 15. Overall evenness on the face. I am going to keep doing this another 3 times, then take a break for a couple of months. Then go back. This is a miracle! THANK YOU!

Candice Marquez, TX


I purchased this after reading the positive reviews. I was experiencing breakouts which caused discoloration and hyperpigmentation. I received my item on 2/15/12 I used the product that night the next day I noticed the texture and tone of my skin was tighter. Day 2 of use I started to peel. I’m on day 4 2/19/2012 my skin is nearly flawless, I’m peeling but not exceesive and no pain!! It does sting, I followed the directions the first day leaving the serum on 5 minutes, I didn’t use the serum yesterday 2/18/12. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! This is my first review! I’m 100% pleased and the shipping was very fast.

Letitia Eagle Grove, IA


Decided to try this because I heard that Lactic Acid was supposed to be good for women of color.My thoughts on this product: Eh….It’s ok…works alright.I was surprised that it didn’t do a whole lot. I figured “What with this being 70%…”>>shrug<<I know that it’s weaker than Glycolic but I expected something better. With glycolic the results are immediate for me, i.e, smooth texture, radiant appearance, improved clarity, gets rid of acne, etc…But then again–I don’t know the pH of this Lactic solution so I figure maybe it was kind of weak (i’m guessing).I can see how it may work for others and for that reason I gave it 3 stars. Maybe ppl with sensitive skin, or first-time users, etc… could get some use out of it.Personally I prefer Glycolic Acid. Although I have been using a glycolic/lactic 35% combo (ph of 2.1) that came along with my kit (and found that to be quite effective), I may just go back to full Glycolic.In any case, I have dry skin but I must exfoliate DAILY with a scrub (or I will break out) so I figure maybe this is the reason why the Lactic didn’t meet my expectations. I used to have my peels professionally done and my aesthetician used (glycolic) 40%-45%. I am 28 years old, btw and no I am a sporadic peeler so I haven’t built up a resistance or anything like that.UPDATE (24 jan):This is pretty good. I received this in December and I wasn’t impressed with it at first. But–I ran out of my salicylic and decided to try this again instead of the glycolic/lactic combo.I figured, “Well–I bought it…might as well try to use it.”I wouldn’t put this over glycolic but it did work very well.

Henrietta Bayard, IA


First of all-this product stings, doesn’t burn. If you have ever had the painful Obaji Blue-this is nothing. I am not sure if this will do anything or not and will give it to the end of the bottle to see if there are changes. I have blotchy, freckly, acne scarred skin (not horrible, but could be better) and am looking for something to try before getting “put under” to do a serious peel. I don’t know that this will do anything for me since the Obaji did nothing at all. At any rate-just wanted to say that it doesn’t BURN like a frying pan-like the Obaji did… Please ALSO know that after using both for some time-the GLYCOLIC acid works MUCH better if you have blotchy skin that needs improvement. The lactic acid seems to be doing nothing-but then I am not at the end of either bottle. FYI!

Valeria Winnabow, NC

Not a one Size Fits all

I hate to give this a bad mark, since it seems to work for some people and the company is great. Alas, this did not work for me. This was my first purchase from Skin Laboratory & it wrecked my face completely. I only had it on less than 5 mins. I had scabs and burns all over my face for a week. BTW, I’ve been using Glycolic acid wash/moisturizer for years. I also had a professional Salicylic Acid peel and that also wrecked my face. I guess I just can’t do anything besides Glycolic Acid. I’ve been using their GA peel 35% peel, after my face healed from the LA, with great results. Regardless of the report that Lactic Acid is gentler than Glycolic, if you are not accustom to this type of acid or this level, be very cautious. Also, a neutralizer is a must. A Baking Soda solution works fine.

Diana Canton, NY

Wow amazing product and even better company

Lets just start from the beginning. When I got and IUD I didn’t know that aside effect was severe cystic acne and pimples. Well after tons and tons of breakouts I was horrified so I got on doxycycline well when I would go out side I would get this horrible rash from the sun all over my body!!!! Gosh now I was a freak with this disgusting rash and horrible acne. So I got off the doxycycline and my IUD my face cleared up ever I was left with horrible scarring from the doxycycline rash and bad hyper pigmentation and red spots everywhere. I did some research and I found skin laboratory online. I had sooo many questions so through there chat room on the website I asked a lot of questions the lady was so sweet And patient and answered all my questions. She recommended this product and gave me a lot of tips. After receiving this product I was so excited to try it after two times the dark spots and red spots have faded and my skin is so blowy! I can wear a light foundation before I use to wear the heaviest foundation and concealer I could buy. I apply this with a q tip and leave it on for around five minutes I rinse with cold water and apply cetaphil after. This has really worked wonder for me for my face hands and feet where I was s armed from that rash. I couldn’t be happier!!! It might not work for everyone, but its a pretty cheap and you get a lot of peels

Sherri Drummond, OK

Did no harm

Two stars for not causing any damage but not doing anything useful, either. I saw no difference in my sun and age-related spots, and no increased glow or anything. Whatever it did at a cellular level didn’t show up anywhere I could see it. This was my opinion of a few products I tried over the last year or so.

Marci Montezuma Creek, UT

Works pretty well

Man this stuff works. It gradually lightens your skin. I’m black and it works for my skin type. Buy it.

Angel East Williamson, NY

Wonderful product

This is a great product, I have used glycolic acid for years ( lower doses) this did not sting or burn for me , I did not even have to nuetralize it ( water only) I loved the sample they sent also!!! If you go to there web site & read the tags you can learn alot. Very impressive company!!! This is good to use as a break from stronger peels. ( no pain!!)

Libby Jay, OK

works great

Both my son and I use this every few weeks. Way less expensive than having a facial and the results are wonderful. Soft and clear skin but be careful to use it for just a few minutes until you know how your skin will respond. Very strong.

Jordan Alta, IA

Great price!

Lactic Acid 70% Gel Peel is great for home use. Just don’t over use it! Lactic Acid 70% Gel Peel is great for home use. Just don’t over use it!

Gretchen Clarksburg, MO

No complaints

I use this product interchanging with glycolic acid peels biweekly or every 3 weeks. I apply and let it sit on my face and neck for 2-3 mins, i then rinse clean with cool water and neutralize it with baking soda and water mix. Occasionally I get a slight itch or tingle on my cheeks where my skin gets dry at times or on a pimple if I have one at the time. It’s not bad at all just hard fighting the urge for scratch for those 3 minutes. With my peels, professional microderabrassion monthly and daily moisturizing I have managed to cut my make up use down 90%. I now only wear it if I’m getting dressed up and going out 🙂

Callie North Richland Hills, TX

Not strong enough

I used this and had no peeling or results so I suggest you use Lactic Acid with no gel mixed. Just heavy Alavert after treatment.

Tracy Slaterville Springs, NY


I am light skin, yellow toned african american. Compared to the glycolic, and salsylic peels, i would say this is the strongest one that i have felt, and my skin is pretty tough. It has reddened my scars, but the redness is clearing now. I took a picture of the before and i will take another one when i do an update review. So far no changes, but i am being patient and trying not to expect miracles.

Beverly Berkeley, CA

came quickly in mail

This was the first peel I bought. It came VERY fast. I have since ordered three other products from them and they all came quickly. My skin has responded well to this. I see a difference two days after. It saves me about 150 dollars a regular peel cost.

Britney Esmond, ND

Brightens my skin

I really like this peel. I use it one time every few weeks. It brightens my face. I do not get any adverse reactions. At times will get a little bit of flakes the following day, but they go away quickly and this just shows me that the peel is exfoliating my skin.

Ivy Valley Head, WV

Works great!

I love this peel. I use it once a month. It helps fade my old acne scars, helps heal my current pimples and helps fade my sun damaged areas from tanning years ago. I like how lightly my skin flakes with this peel. It works great with not too much peeling off.

Carmela Mc Kinney, KY

So far, I like it.

I am 34 with combination skin- dry on cheeks and oily t-zone. Pale (I fry easily in the sun) with discoloations and pregnancy mask and sun spots. I bought this to even up my tone, lighten my pregnancy mask and sun spots. Also, if it would treat the fine lines beginning to creep up, I’m okay with that too! The only peel product I have ever used is Avon’s Anew peel pads, which are alright if you get them on sale, but not life-changing.I tried this for the 1st time last week. I washed my face, used alcohol to get rid of any remaning oil & let my skin dry. Then I started the peel. I tried a brush, but felt like I couldn’t control where the peel was going, so I switched to a cotton ball. I only felt mild tingling. Even at that, I washed it off at 2 mins. & neutralized with baking soda and cold water. My face didn’t look red or angry, so I tried out my 1mm derma roller for the first time right after. Now I was really red! I applied my retinol serum and retinol night cream and went to bed. My face felt tight and slightly sunburnt. The next morning, my skin was truly smoother. My pregnancy mask *possibly* looked a little lighter. (I have been using hydroquine cream 4% from my derm. off and on for about 5 months, but it didn’t really do anything.)5 days later, I tried it again (last night). Washed my face, used alcohol, and used the peel for a full 4 mins this time. It was really burning, when it didn’t last time. Maybe b/c my skin was healing still from last time? My skin only turned pink on my pregnancy mask areas on my cheeks. I used my hair dryer on cool then I neutralized it. This time, I skipped the derma roller as I read you should only do it every few weeks to let the collagen rebuild, and just used my retinol night cream. No serum. Today, my skin feels as smooth as a baby’s butt!Is this a miracle? No, but it’s not meant to be. It’s not a deep peel. It’s only a little bit at a time and that’s okay with me. I don’t want to look like the Crypt Keeper. I want to be able to control it. If I have to do it weekly to slowly see results over a couple of months, that’s fine with me. I think my pregnancy mask is a bit lighter (my husband thinks it is) and my skin is def. smoother. My tone looks a little bit more even. My pores perhaps a bit smaller. I don’t think my fine lines are any different. I will continue to use the bottle once a week until it’s gone then either repurchase or find a new product.I will update every peel or so, to let you know what’s going on.Please remember to use sunscreen! I bought Eucerin’s 30spf face lotion on Amazon at the same time I bought the peel. It’s light and not greasy. So far, I really like it.UPDATE: 4/10/13I have done the peel 2 more times since the review. 1st one, I washed my face and didn’t use rubbing alcohol, since it is very drying. I just used Walmart’s generic verson of ProActive toner. I don’t think the peel really did anything. I didn’t sting and barely tingled.5 days later, I did the full peel again, this time with the alcohol again. Much more stinging. It’s true…you really have to remove ALL your face oils for this peel to penetrate through your skin. So far, am I completely wowed? No, but I will say my face is much softer and my pores are much tighter. That alone is enough to make me keep using it every 5 days til it’s gone. Then even perhaps re-order. Even if it only tightens my pores, for the price and the amount of peels you get, it’s worth it.

Lorna Helena, MO

Would not recommend this

It would be better to see a professional dermatologist for any skin problems. I put on a dark age spot and it caused that area to become irritated and the ointment almost ate at my skin. I had to go see a Dermatologist and they advised me not to continue using this product.

Bertha Saranac, MI