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Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste Essential is about freedom to play and enjoy life. The pure glass bottle that uses curves, not lines, reflects the fluidity of the modern world. The patented time-release technology in this unique Lacoste Essential fragrance results in the slow release of fresh, energetic top notes of tangerine, bergamot, tomato leaves, and cassis. This energetic burst will be experienced throughout the length of the day, in combination with woody base notes of patchouli and sandalwood that produce a totally unique fragrance experience.

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Honest reviews


Got exactly what I wanted

I ordered this cologne for my husband after smelling it in the store. Price was good, shipping time was accurate and we received the bottle intact.

Kari Mentor, MN

My favorite

Strong scents, the one criteria alone that can make me avoid certain colognes. I prefer to wear a cologne that will make me smell good, but not overpower so much that it will make people around me uncomfortable. I live in NYC and everyday I use public transportation to go to school and work. I work in retail and I am very social in college, so it’s safe to say I am always around people. I like to manage myself to be presentable, so I always love wearing cologne. One day I was shopping with my mom at Macy’s, and we came across the Perfume/cologne section. While my mom was being bothered by five different salesman trying to make a sale, I decided to walk over to the men’s section and smell some new colognes. Now prior to this, I have had no experience with Lacoste scents. For some odd reason, I decided to walk over and smell the Lacoste scents that were being offered. While other customers were trying out the different scents, I picked up the Lacoste essential and sprayed it on myself without having any idea what I was going to get. To my surprise, it was a beautiful summer smell, kind of soft but very manly. My favorite part was, as you can guess already is that it wasn’t a strong smell. However, I did not purchase it at that moment and I will tell you why. Department stores such as Macy’s charge way higher than you can get elsewhere. Especially, in my case because my dad has worked with perfumes/colognes most of his life. He is a distributor for the ingredients needed to make perfume/colognes for many companies. Since he knew a lot of sellers, I told him about the Lacoste essential and he acquired it for me for a much cheaper price. Now, the duration of the cologne is mind boggling. Keep in mind I leave everyday for college at 7AM in the morning, and by the time I come back home from work afterwards, its around 11PM. It’s amazing how even after 15 hours you can still catch the scent from my shirt, considering I usually put on two sprays at most. My girlfriend likes wearing my sweater sometimes because of the cologne scent still lingering on it. Of course I have many other colognes but this is by far my favorite go to scent. This product is wonderful and I am glad that day at Macy’s I decided to walk over to the Lacoste section to give this item a try.Hopefully my review helped make your decision! Please let me know if you have any comments or questions, thanks for reading!

Reba Morris, AL

Not Lacoste’s greatest, but still very nice

This scent is clean and lively. Normally colognes which have this sort of scent don’t last as long as you’d hope. But that’s not the case here. It has quite the shelf life once you put it on. My main issue with this scent is that it is not quite the standout that other colognes by Lacoste (such as Pour Homme or Style In Play) happen to be. Still, the price isn’t unreasonable and the scent is a better than most others you’ll find. Sample it first if you must, but don’t be surprised when you like it enough to buy it. It’s a lovely fragrance to mix your days up with in addition to the other Lacoste colognes I’ve mentioned.

Caryn Alexandria, MN

Same issue

Great scent, but you’d do better by visiting a mall kiosk. Very small bottle with a big price. Again I love it, but sticker shock.

Pamela Ashley, IL

Sexy Cologne

As a woman, I love how this smells on my man. I think it’s one of the most subtle and sexiest colognes out there. It’s not pungent and it lasts all throughout the night. You can wear it everyday to work or even at night to go out. I highly recommend this!

Margery Rochester, NH

Smells great and lasts long

Part of the problem with after shave – it often does not smell like its native cologne. For that reason a lot of people just go with a generic after shave which serves the sole purpose of skin moisturizing and little else.Lacoste Essential is a REALLY good smelling cologne. For that reason I wanted to get the after shave and deodorant. No comment on the desodorante, but the after shave smells almost identical to the cologne – fantastic.Highly recommended purchase.

Nan Unionville, NY

pretty good

Used to love this when I was younger, now I just think it’s ok. A better summer scent for similar price is versace pour homme or chanel allure sport for a little more.

Jennie Granada, MN


I bought this for my husband, he loves it, it smells amazing, he gets lots of compliments! It’s a great price, much cheaper than at department stores. Delivery was super fast! I will buy it again!!!

Carolyn Mill Creek, CA

Lacoste Essential

Lacoste Essential is a great perfume as Lacoste makes great products. Also, this is my second time of ordering it and wold recommend it to anyone.

Maribel Cedar Point, IL