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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin

Gently cleanses impurities while respecting skin’s pH balance. Zinc purifies skin and helps remove excess oil. Clear, refreshing texture Use as a daily cleanser for oily skin. Soap-free. Alcohol-free. Oil Free.

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dont waste your money

Dont waste your money on this product line didnt help..try peter thomas roth or dermalogica from ULTA.comIve tried alot of other brands on the shelf

Maribel Suamico, WI

not effective

this product sounds amazing on here, but it didnt help my skin at all. i was disappointed. waste of money

Meredith Iron Gate, VA

Excellent for Oily Sensitive Acne-Prone, Skin

I never heard of this brand or product before until I saw a manufacturer’s coupon in the paper for their Effaclar Duo Acne cream product. Right away, I start to google info about the brand/products. As always, I also go to to read everyone’s reviews about any products. The reviews were promising and thought I would give the cleanser a try. I used Obagi Nu Derm product line for almost 3 years. In the past year, I have had many hormonal monthly breakouts every single month. I started to trying other products that would clean my oily skin better and prevent big acne cystic breakouts. I’ve tried other products like Peter Thomas Roth, and Cetaphil oily skin cleanser (that didn’t break any oils off my skin), and over the counter products, but they left my skin too dry and I still had blemishes and acne, the kind that are big red and bumpy first like a mosquito bite, then it finally breaks through with the pus. ( I know, it’s digesting)So far, I have used this foaming cleanser all week. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean, free of the day’s mineral makeup products and removes the oily, shiny skin I have very refreshed and cleansed. My face felt clean, soft and not tight. I am in my upper 40s and I don’t want products that make my skin feel too dry or tight. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling soothed, clean and fresh.I am also ordering their Effaclar MToner to complement the cleanser and I will slowly build up the Effaclar line into my skin routine, including the eye cream. For someone who has had those cystic, hormonal big red bump pimples, I hope this will be my answer to finally get things under control. My dermatologist gave me Retin A Micro to put on my giant pimples. All the Retin A did was dry it up a bit, flake my skin along the surrounding area and then as the pimple dries up, it makes it super dark and leaving me with this very dark pigmented scar. So, I quit using the Retin A too. I bought the Effaclar Duo acne treatment because it has peroxide which I hope will lighten up the pimple and its scars.I’ll have to update this review after a month or two of using the La Roche-Posay products. But so far, I like the way my skin looks and feel.Update: Feb. 13, 2013:I returned this product as it was overly drying to my oily skin. It was very effective at drying the oily skin; actually too much for me. Perhaps for a teenager with extreme oily and acne skin types.

Della Pierceton, IN

Will always Use 🙂

I have been using this product for a alittle of over a year and it works great. Does not over dry my skin and helps with the acne. I have exetremely senitive skin and have tried tons of acne treatments that don’t work or make it worst, but this product works great and feels clean. The transaction was very smooth and i received the product super fast. So I will be buying my future cleaners and treatments from this seller. ***** 🙂

Shirley Neshkoro, WI

Cleansing but not drying

This is great either just by massaging it to a creamy lather with your hands, or I sometimes use it with my Clarisonic. It never dries my skin or makes it feel tight, just leaves behind a wonderful soft, cleansed skin. Doesn’t really have any perfume, so it’s not irritating if it gets too close to your eyes. Also does a great job of removing left over eye makeup.

Paula Lincoln, CA

Excellent !!!!!!!!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel, 6.76-Ounce Tube works well with La Roche-posay Physiological Ultra-fine Scrub.Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Your skin will love your for the TLC these products provide.I recommend this product and vender.

Vera Kirby, OH

Seems fine for what it’s supposed to do.

It’s not the best cleanser I’ve used but not the worst. I have combination skin and currently experiencing adult acne. This didn’t aggravate my skin further it was gentle and did its job. Would probably purchase again.

Alicia Waltham, MA

waste of money

unfortunately this product did not make any difference in my oily acneic skin. I woke up everyday with different pimples. I used this in conjunction with the effacer k…OH boy what a mess this left behind. Now I am using a product I found online, totally but mistake and is working wonderfully on my skin. I wish the seller can read this maybe I still have time to return it. I just threw in my junk drawer almost halfway full. If this works for anyone, I would be happy to sell it to you @ half of the cost.

Kaye Huntley, IL

La Roche-Posay Purifying Foaming Gel…. I LOVE IT!

I love this using this after a hard days work, specially on hot summer days. It leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed and it smells great!!!!

Amie Likely, CA

Great cleanser that decreases oil

I’ve become a recent convert to La Roche-Posay skincare products after using their sunscreen for years. I’ve been washing my face with the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel every morning and night for about a month and I really love this product. My skin is very oily, with clogged pores that tend to break out easily.The gel does a great job of making my skin feel clean and I have noticed a decrease in my skin’s oiliness throughout the day. The tube is pretty large, and I really only use a dime-sized amount, so I know it will last a long time. I use it in conjunction withLa Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment, 1.35 Fluid Ounceand the products work really well together.If you suffer from oily, acne-prone skin I recommend giving this cleanser a try.

Abbie Lodi, OH

Finally found it

I don’t know what’s in this cleanser but it sure works like magic. I actually use in conjunction with the Effaclar Duo treatment which heals most spots almost completely overnight. I’ve tried all the over-the-counter cleansers, and I even got put on Differin, Retin-A Micro, and Erythromycin astringent…all of which did a far less job of clearing up my face in a longer stretch of time and effort.For anyone wondering, I have sensitive combination skin. I get mild break outs on my cheeks and chin and this does a great job of handling them as well as getting up the clogged pores on my nose. I also noticed my skin was much more glowy after repeated use. I bought a soft face brush to use the cleanser with, nothing fancy.

Crystal Chicora, PA

Good for Acne-Prone Skin

This cleanser is wonderful for my acne-prone skin.It’s light and gentle and leaves my face feeling very clean and tight. I do not find it overly-drying.I am mid-way through my second bottle now. The first lasted me the better part of a year.

Young Yorkville, IL


This face cleanser for years I love’ve been using my dermatologist recommended it for my combination skin helps my combination skin to balance it also cleans my pores amazing

Kathrine Aledo, TX