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La Roche-Posay Effaclar K Oil-Free Moisturizer for Mild Acne with Salicylic Acid

Clears blackheads and smoothes skin texture Provides daily hydration. With Salicylic Acid [1.5%] and Micro-Exfoliating LHA to clear blackheads and smooth skin texture. Oil-free Non-comedogenic Hydrating, fresh, creamy-fluid texture. Use as a moisturizer for mild acne.

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Not same or working!!!

I have used this brand product for a long time and ordered the la roche-posay effaclar acne treatment and received this product instead. The description stated it was the acne treatment and no where on the box states that at all, so i emailed the seller and the seller stated that la roche has had made a change to the product box and it was the same product, well on the tube or box no description of acne treatment, just says Oily renovating anti-relapse treatment. I am sure this product may work for other problems but not what I was needing. I spent over 20 bucks and lets say that its not working and made my acne even look worse and i know this is not the same product, because like I stated i used the orignal product before and would clear up just fine. So now i will have go back and order from the original seller. Please make sure the product you use and the product you receive are the same and matching up tube and box. I will be more aware of this.

Helena Oakley, IL

This is my everyday never leave home without item

I love this cream, because unlike the duo it will not "bleach" my night clothes or my towels, its effective in my fight against blemishes and it actually moisturizes my face unlike a lot of the acne fighters which give me dry patches.

Louella Russian Mission, AK


My dermatologist recommended Effaclar K to use everyday after my cleaning routine. It kept my face oil free during the first months of the treatment. 9 months after I started my acne treatment I can happily say that I don’t use it daily anymore, since my face does not need that level of treatment, instead I use a moisturizer for oily skins. But every time my face feels or gets a bit oily again, or in hot and humid places, I go back to my Efflaclar K and get a matte finish on my face again, especially my T-ZONE. I will keep buying and alternate with moisturizers. I would recommended to my friends.

Emilia Cedartown, GA

Love La Roche Posay

I am using this line for about 13 years. It wasn’t available anywhere, but in dermatologist office, so I was buying it through Canada. Few years back it became available in CVS and now everywhere. First, it does work. My oldest daughters was suffering from acne. She tried all products under the sun. Finally I bought for her this line Effaclar. Now she makes sure she didn’t run out. It cleared her face. I am almost 50 years old. Suddenly my skin started breaks out. I started using Effaclar myself. It works!!

Taylor Salina, PA


This cream did not do much for me. What is more it has an unpleasant smell to it. It also feels sticky for hours after application. All in all–disappointing

Trisha Dupont, WA

Excellent product

This is an excellent product which doesn’t cause breakouts and is well tolerated by my sensitive skin. It makes your pore smaller and your skin smooth.

Cecilia Maple Valley, WA

Did nothing for me

I have oily acne prone skin that is very sensitive. This did nothing for my skin. I used it as directed for 3 months and didn’t see any changes. I still had the same amount of break outs and my scars did not fade either. I would not repurchase or recommend. Since then I’ve had much better luck with the peter thomas roth aha/bha acne clearing gel. Two stars for decent packaging and prompt delivery.

Corinne Sultan, WA