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La Roche-Posay Effaclar K Acne Treatment Fluid

Reduces blackheads, controls breakouts and improves skin texture. The light, smooth texture helps transform and sooth skin. Blemishes are erased, pores are unclogged and tightened. LHA and salicylic acid is more effective than salicylic acid alone. Formulated with naturally soothing La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, Effaclar K helps calm the skin.

Key features

  • Reduces blackheads and controls breakouts
  • Penetrates and unclogs pores to control acne blemishes
  • The light, smooth texture helps transform and sooth skin. The skin is finer, clearer, and softer to the touch
  • Helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming
  • Non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Not As Helpful With Everyday Breakouts

I’m 30 (ish) fair skinned woman, who’s always had acne prone skin. I’d only ever once found an inexpensive and worthy product that worked, then Bath & Body Works decided to discontinue it (figures) about 10 years ago. Since, I’ve hunted for the next best thing, spending a small fortune in vain to simply clear up my face. It’s just on the chin and forehead, but still there no matter what I use (including proactiv). So I thought I’d try this line of products. Once again, I’ve been left disappointed as although this product softens the skin and pores it didn’t do anything about the acne.

Linda Keokee, VA

Made me break out even worse

Somehow this face cream worsened my acne. I even stuck it out, finishing the entire tube, thinking my face was just adjusting and might come out better in the end. What a waste and a disappointment.

Sheri Mackinaw, IL

I Love This Product, I Really Do…

This is honestly the best thing I’ve ever come across for my acne… Didn’t get rid of it all, but nothing has, including an expensive 5th Avenue dermatologist, the zeno (pretty good, by the way), and thousands of dollars on various treatments.This made my skin more even, reduced the frequency and severity of breakouts, and seemed to make things heal faster. I use it at night after cleansing, and apply LRP’s toleriane lotion afterwards. I don’t get flakes and it doesn’t smell or make a mess, and my skin feels less congested. I really recommend this to anyone who has had trouble with acne- give it a try for 2 or 3 weeks to see best results.

Mitzi Lore City, OH

So far its working as expected.

My dermatologist prescribed Effaclar K for my acne treatment. I assumed it has been working as expected, since he mentioned I will be using it for a while. I like that it’s not oily at all. So If you have oily skin, go for it. In addition, I’ve heard from a friend, it worked perfect for her acne problem too; now that she is done with her treatment, she is still using it everyday to reduce the little imperfections she may have left and the size of her pores.

Lisa Lawton, PA


This product is absolutely awesome. I’ve had acne since childhood and tried this when I was in my mid 30’s. I’ve tried many products including Proactiv. I was introduced to this at the dermatologist’s office. Adult acne is now gone. I bought some for my kids (ages 14 & 21) and their acne is gone. This product doesn’t dry out the skin and a small tube goes a long way. You don’t have to use much. Just a small dab. It also works wonders for preventing razor bumps. After shaving, apply this to the shaved area and no razor bumps. My 21 yo loves it for acne and razor bumps.

Jennie Winnie, TX

Good product

I really thought this was going to help with my congested pores, but unfortunately it didn’t. It smells great, and I did see a reduction in my acne in general but it didn’t live up to all my expectations. Might be great if you have a milder case of acne or just a few spotty areas that need treatment.

Lisa Moraga, CA

keeps skin clear and improves texture

I have weird skin that’s acne-prone and sensitive and reacts badly to anything even slightly comedogenic. Only 2 products have been able to keep my skin clear and happy…this Effaclar K and Dermalogica’s Oil Control Lotion. Effaclar K is great because it’s an everyday insurance policy againt zits, plus it has a slight exfoliating quality that over time will make one’s skin smoother.

Deanne North Prairie, WI

New Formula Doesn’t Work 🙁

It’s sad for me to give Effaclar K two stars. I started using this product in 2007, and it kept my face perfectly clear until 2011. It was a miracle product! I would get compliments on my clear skin all the time. Then, in the fall of 2011, they changed the formula to add an “Anti Relapse” ingredient. When I used the new formula, I got more blackheads and I started breaking out again. The consistency of the formula has changed, and it simply doesn’t work. I REALLY wish I could continue getting the old formula, and now I have to find a replacement for the product I used to love.If anyone has any suggestions for products that are similar to the old formula of Effaclar K, please let me know!

Brenda Pond Gap, WV