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La Mer by LA MER La Mer Creme de La Mer–/2OZ

The original miracle, borne from Dr. Huber’s quest to heal his own skin’s scarred appearance. This ultrarich cream transforms skin on contact and soothes sensitivities. It helps heal even the driest complexions and dramatically renews skin’s appearance. Skin in any state will benefit from this nourishing treatment, but it is especially suited to very dry complexions. To this day, each opal jar is filled by hand to maintain its delicate balance.

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  • La Mer Creme de la Mer. 2 oz / 60 ml. For Women and Men

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La Mer Products in General

La Mer should, at least initially, be purchased from a trained salesperson. There is alot of fol-de-rol with this line, and you will need assistance selecting the right product and coaching in how to use it.If you buy it from a large enough retailer of the product (Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza, for example), you will be invited to special workshops. And any retail sales person will put you on their list and call you when there are gifts-with-purchase.I use this line, but I also use others. My only qualm with this one is that the Creme is made with mineral oil, which I personally find is not helpful to skin. (Think about it, it’s a petroleum product.) This is one reason it must be “liquified” in the palm of your hand. And not a little, a lot.You have to be willing to suspend your disbelief and accept the product’s “miracle” properties that cannot be described by science. For the analytical person, there will be greater faith in lines that are continually researching, advancing their science, and doing clinical studies. For general, versus “targeted” skin care, this is a very good line.This line requires patience and practice. If you are a slap-dash person or someone who has to rush out the door in the morning, this is probably not the line for you.This line is geared to Women and Men of a Certain Age (and with a certain pocketbook) and more youthful skins may find other skin care products more to their needs.

Margot Rankin, IL

The Real Lowdown on Creme de La Mer

In years past, I tried this Creme de la Mer, largely because of all the hype on it. I hoped I wouldn’t like it, but I actually did. The price is truly ridiculous, but a few years back I got a couple of one-ounce jars for a hundred ten at the time, and once I had a two-ounce jar that was a savings over two of the one ounce sizes, but due to price and the economy, I haven’t bought one for a few years. I was shocked to see the current price!Now I’ve always been a bit suspicious that while I liked this cream, it had a huge amount of “myth” built up around it, celebrities buy it and tout its wonders, and the magazines are always praising it. It has a “magic broth” made from special seaweed. Oh, really? Well, look at virtually every cream, especially the department store brands, and they fall all over themselves to continually introduce a “new and better and more magical” concoction, usually featuring some herb, vitamin, or whatever. There have been critiques of very respected people such as Paula Begoun stating that this is actually a pretty old fashioned formulation with nothing especially magical about it, and no, that seaweed broth isn’t any more mystical and magical than anthing else out there. It is sold for a very very high cost that people are convinced to pay as a result of buying into all the marketing hype.Here’s the scoop: Not one of any cream or lotion out there will cure your wrinkles. If you want to buy into the hype, all the department store brands ALSO produce the familiar drug store brands, which while not identical, are every bit as good. Really they are. I know because I feel like I’ve tried almost everything out there. For the expensive ones, many are quite nice but they don’t ever do anything particularly “magical”. They moisturize, some better than others. I hoped to find something very much like Creme de la Mer simply because I have sensitive skin and I battle frequent dry spots and flakiness. If my skin is irritated for whatever reason, La Mer is soothing to put on overnight, and that’s what I liked it for: other brands I’d tried weren’t as soothing and moisturizing overnight. If you use too much, it does seem somewhat shiny/greasy. The key is to use only a small amount. I suspect very young women with oily skin would not like La Mer anyway.Here’s the truth: The best thing you can do for your skin, especially if you are 45 or older, is get a doctor’s prescription for Retin A or Renova. I’ve used this for about 18 years now, and I have amazing skin. I’m about to turn 64, and my skin is every bit as nice as someone with good skin in their 40’s, even perhaps 30’s. Smooth, clear, soft, no wrinkles. Retin A helps your skin boost collagen production, which declines with age. Adequate collagen helps your skin stay more youthful. Beyond using Retin A at night, the key to good skin is: always wear good sunscreen and never allow burning, give up on having a tan, never go to a tanning salon, don’t smoke, don’t drink much, and moisturize moisturize moisturize. Do these things starting as young as you can, and you will have great skin when you are older. Simple as that. You can’t really fix skin that has decades of damage with mere creams and lotions, it’s not possible.Now to a La Mer twin: I finally discovered it, and it’s Nivea cream in the blue tin. It has the same consistency, the same scent, it feels the same, it works the same. You can get about 5.8 ounces for about six dollars, so you can do the math: about a dollar an ounce compared to La Mer’s current one hundred fifty an ounce. I use this at night, very small amount, you “warm” it on your fingers first just like La Mer. I use it when needed, not necessarily every night. There’s a discussion here about real German vs. Mexican produced Nivea. I really doubt if there’s a difference. I have the Mexican made one and it’s like La Mer. I can’t compare the German one, but really, why wouldn’t the formula be the same no matter where it’s made? Nivea makes a “soft” cream for roughly the same price, 5.8 ounces for $6, and it is very much like the new La Mer softer version. I use that one during the day, it’s lovely and not as heavy, and if I don’t feel I need the heavier one, I use it at night too. I’m happy as a clam that I don’t have to pine away for La Mer any more because Nivea truly is a twin to La Mer. Nivea has been around for ages, and I suspect that when Dr. Huber was formulating his cream, he might have started with a formula like Nivea’s as it was a very popular and widely used cream long ago.I gave La Mer 2 stars entirely due to the utterly ridiculous price.

Marilyn Sawyer, MI

What a joke

I tried this product because I assumed that for the price tag this product would produce something darn near close to a mircle for my sensitive, acne-prone skin.WRONG! IT clogged my pores, cause a huge breakout and did absolutely nothing for my skin. My dermatologist laughed when I told her I tried this product. I even tried the “gel” version, thinking maybe the cream was a bit too heavy for my skin.But no – save your hard earned cash – the only thing this product has going for it is that it smells sort of nice.

Glenda Ripley, OK

No miracles in a jar – but a wonderful cream!

I think the cream here is getting flack for not miraculously changing people’s skin. I don’t think anything will magically change your skin by itself. That’s genetics, nutrition, toxins, water intake, amongst other things. But as a moistureizer it’s fabulous!This cream is gold in a jar for the 30+ crowd and any sun God or Goddess out there. Buy it. That’s all I have to say. If you have to place all of your eggs in one basket place them in the original Crème de La Mer formula. It’s pricey, but for 50 and under you only need it once a day. For the 50-sih Plus crowd, the hydration is unparalleled. You will feel and see the difference. Not Greasy. It’s like silk.

Jami Thousand Palms, CA

Sea Kelp for the face???

Yes, this product is a derivative of sea kelp!I didn’t think I would stick with it after one jar full, but, forget about it, it’s the best.I put my sunscreen on after this application.Try it, you’ll see the difference!

Bertie Sprankle Mills, PA

Worked like a miracle on severe redness and irritation

I had purchased a jar of CDLM but could not bring myself to use it very often because it cost so much. So it was just in my medicine cabinet for a long time. My husband had actinic keratosis. His physician prescribed Efudex which is a topical chemotherapy (F-5-Flouroracil). It has to be applied every day for several weeks. It kills the faster growing cancer cells — but it also wreaks havoc on the healthy cells. At the end of two weeks my husband had lesions that were red and even weeping, like burns. At this point he was told to stop and use cortisone cream, but the cortisone did nothing. He was in agony from the pain. I just happened to remember that I had a tiny jar of CDLM and that it had been invented by a NASA scientist to treat his own burns. I gave the tiny jar to my husband and he just slathered it on. He had been skeptical but also desperate. Well, it stopped the pain almost immediately and very shortly after the redness started abating. The jar had almost been emptied! I quickly ordered another, larger jar. Now, several years later, I still have just the tiniest bit remaining in that second jar and I use it for emergencies if I have redness or irritation. It still seems to work. I’m not going to buy more but I have to testify that it really was something of a miracle worker in our extreme time of need!I do believe that my CDLM was the original version from Max Huber labs (says so on the bottom) — before it was taken over. Who knows if the current mass produced version is really the same as the original “artisinal” version.By the way, my husband’s face healed beautifully and the actinic keratosis is gone. Efudex is not for the faint of heart — takes courage to put yourself through the regimen. But it works.

Patty Lucas, KS

Sets the curve for all other facial products.

This face cream is so far above everything else on the market I can’t even compare it to other "beauty products". Years ago a respected elder told me not to waste time on any of the other (cheaper) brands of face cream. This stuff does
• everything
• your whole cabinet of elixirs, creams, potions and goopy topical agents do.I wash my face (with a Clarisonic) and then I put a tiny little dab of this stuff on my fingers, rub them together to get the Creme to melt a bit and then I just
• press
• it into my skin. The contour of my skin, my pore size, the texture and tone, the moisture levels, the fine lines – all of it is improved. You can see it happen, immediate results. The scent is divine. The texture is indulgent. It works for every kind of skin. I have combination skin – some dry, yet very oily in the T-zone, and some breakouts usually around my chin. La Mer managed to make a product that improves all of my skin concerns. Blemishes clear much faster, and scars/sun damage/uneven tone improve very quickly. It’s clearly noticeable if I use it before bed and then look at myself in the morning. Major improvements! To be honest, the best part is how your skin feels on your face after applying it. The first time I tried it I was heavily skeptical and I was converted on the spot. It makes your face feel like it has never been worn before–like you have brand new skin.I know it’s pricey–don’t be turned off by that. Jettison everything else you’re wasting money on and just get this. Throw out the cheaper brands, get rid of the harsh crud, stop fighting your skin and give it something to feast on. Over the course my adult life, I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of crappy products, skin or otherwise. It’s hard to know sometimes whether any product will live up to its claims (mostly not) or the price (mostly not). This is an incredible product. IT IS WORTH THE EXPENSE.Sometimes we get lucky, we take a chance, we find something we like. I’m way past that point with La Mer. This product is a winner above all others. Wonderful investment that will make you feel good and will actually do good for you.

Doris Jerseyville, IL

Silkier skin.

My skin responds exceptionally well to Creme De La Mer. I have times that I wish this was not true. Not merely because of the price, but because it is a petroleum product with an owie price tag. So from time-to-time I treat myself to this wunderstuff. And each and every time my well-maintained skin goes from being good to being even more supple, more radiant, more problem-free. My skin stays hydrated.While it seems price-y to use in such a capacity, this stuff can be miraculous on an accidental sunburn when there’s an area you’ve missed applying sun protection.I did try the most recent incarnation, the soft cream, thinking it would just speed the application process that is specific to CDLM and absorb more readily. Alas, it wasn’t the same level of moisturization. I’d wake in the morning feeling dry. Not what I expect from my La Mer products, so back it went to be exchanged for original formula.And if I ever hit some big financial windfall, I’m going to be one of those bitches that uses this stuff all over my body too.I’ve run out again. Back to using other better cosmetic (but not high-end)brand product. I miss it already.

Eddie Mount Vernon, GA