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LA Girl High Definition Eye Shadow Primer Eye Shadow Base Nude

What it is: HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is a multi-tasking primer that has a light weight, non-sticky formula that sets for a long-lasting eye makeup application. What it does: The smooth texture glides over eyelids to prep your eyes for a flawless, even application. HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is a universal primer that serves as a base, works on all skin types and allows you to wear your favorite eyeshadow all day long while enhancing the pigments in most eyeshadows. What else you need to know: Addresses appearance of redness and discoloration Balances the skin and brightens the eyelids Provides all day long wear and enhances the pigments of most eyeshadows

Key features

  • Make your eye shadow last all day long
  • Sets for long-lasting eye makeup application
  • Easy to apply. No brush needed

Honest reviews


Does the job for a few hours

I have such a problem with creasing that I had to try using a primer. This was the first one I’ve ever used. It was really creamy which is something I liked immediately. I could tell that I shouldn’t use much because of the creaminess. I used eye pencils way more than liquid liner. The texture of this primer causes eye pencils to not go on as smooth as it normally would. Also, it only seemed to hold the crease away for about 5 hours. There was a slight crease that was hardly noticeable after 1 hours. Full blown creases after 5. It definitely won’t last all day. I chop this up to not being a universal primer. As in all skin types cannot wear this. I have really, really oily skin which causes a lot of my crease problems. I thought the primer would help with that but it did not. It’s fine if I want to go out at night for a few hours. Eye shadow will stay in place for a few hours. I don’t get incredibly oily under my eye (thank goodness!) so I was surprised that the primer didn’t help the eye liner stay in place as long as it did the eye shadow. I had raccoon eyes in an hour. I’d recommend this product to people with dry or normal skin. Combination or oily skin might have to try a primer specific for oily skin. I gave it three stars because it could work with those who have normal or dry skin. Otherwise, it would have been a two stars for keeping the crease away for a little while.

Natalie Snellville, GA

Eye Opener!

For the price, this could be the best eyeshadow primer I’ve ever used. My ‘go to’ brand was Chanel Base Ombre a Paupieres. I’m not sure what paupieres translates to in English, but with a $38 price tag, it could be ‘pauper.’The LA Girl shadow base is, simply, better. Instead of Chanel’s annoying brush, you smooth it on with a finger (and you know, I hope, to only use the ring finger for this operation…it is the weakest on the hand and, supposedly, doesn’t pull or stretch the skin as much). LA Girl primer does not dry as quickly as the Chanel product so you don’t have to race to get your make up on. The color is fine too, just light enough to open up the eye, but not so light you look bug-eyed. LA Girl’s formula is slightly creamy, so it goes on very smoothly…a very good thing. The last think you want to do is to rub that delicate skin on your eyelid trying to put on an even coat. The creaminess disappears after a bit as the product dries, but it doesn’t dry out to the point where it looks powdery and flaky.I wear dark brown shadow near my lash line and a somewhat lighter brown at the crease. That’s the one that’s tricky and always wears away in a couple of hours. Chanel’s base was the only one I found that really did keep it intact all day long…LA Girl is just as effective, lasts just as long.I’m tired of cosmetics that don’t live up to their promises or use prestige pricing that covers the cost of the fancy packaging, not quality ingredients. LA Girl is better than products costing many times more. Five stars gladly given for an affordable product that does exactly what it says it will.

Mari Rockwell City, IA


It’s the perfect primer for your lid. It’s easy to sweep on and makes my make up more bright and lasts all day!

Sherry Franconia, PA

No creasing!

I have very oily eyelids – this worked wonders as a primer and base for my shadow! Goes on smooth and allows pigments to show true color (I am a medium skinned African American woman – caramel-peanut butter complexion). Used twice so far and shadows have not creased or faded whatsoever. Timely shipping – Great deal!

Tracey Trammel, VA

Goes on nice! Makes a Great Concealer too!

THis also works great as a concealer on blotchy areas of your face! Goes on really nice and keeps my eyeshadow on most of the day. Good product! I would order more.

Jordan Leon, OK