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Kose Sekkisei clear whitening mask 75ml/2.7oz

A peel-off, airtight black mask that effectively removes dirt and impurities to dramatically increase skin¤Ô¤±¤Í¤¼ clarity and radiance. It also suppresses melanin production and prevents the formation of aging spots and freckles. Suppresses melanin production to prevent sun spots. Herbal Extracts: Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Moutan Bark Extract, Japanese Coptis Extract, Artemisia Capillaris Extract

Key features

  • Kose Seikisho Mask White (Peel Off Type) 75ml/2.7o

Honest reviews


great mask

I have combination skin: oily nose with dry cheeks. I do not need whitening, but I do have flaky skin and large pores. I was hoping it would help peel off the flaky/dead skin on my face that haven’t decided to fall off yet, and a gentler form of biore pore strip.It feels good going on. The peeling power is firm: it was able to peel off the layer of flaky skin that has appeared on my face after the wintry weather, but not enough to pull off the hairs. However, I recommend do not get it into your hair.It feels good, is effective for helping to get rid of flaky skins and makes my pimples feel better. I do not know of its whitening power, but for a peel mask (they are so hard to find), I’d recommend it. (After taking the mask off, use a cotton ball to swipe the lotion(toner) onto your face as exfoliation, and it makes your skin feel so soft, like a mini spa treat.)Another bonus: it peels off in ONE SHEET! For some masks, it’s too thin/fragile to peel off in one sheet, or it feels like it never dried properly and you have to rub it off. Nope, smear this mask on in a thin layer, but thick enough you can’t see your skin through it, and it peels off in one nice large sheet (with small pieces around the edge, but that’s ok).

Evangeline Wilsonburg, WV

Not impressed

I was looking for an amazing product to use in my esthetics practice and read that this is better than Biore pore strips…I found it to be quite the contrary. It is not strong enough to pull all compactions out from the pores. It is now just sitting on my shelf. I have even offered clients to take it.

Herminia Reedsville, WI

Interesting, but fiddly to use

I’m on my second tube of this stuff; the first one I bought a few years ago. So, I don’t remember too much about it from back then, but clearly I wasn’t enamored of it, or I would have kept buying it. Bought it again this week just for fun.I have to wonder whether this mask (or any ‘instant’ kind of product) can have significant whitening properties. The mask is black and I wonder if it simply makes your skin appear more white when you remove it, because you’ve been looking at the black thing and then white is the contrast.The other thing is that they must have reformulated this. It feels like a liquid polymer of sorts. Yesterday I poured some onto my fingertips. My former method of applying this mask was to put on the fingertips of both hands and smear it on, using the fingers to make sure it got to all the areas of my face that I wanted to cover. But last night I put it on my fingertips and it ran down into my palm almost immediately; it’s thinner than it used to be, so it’s runnier, and it was very hard to apply. I put it on (sketchily), and waited until it was dry, and then tried to peel it off.Perhaps I smeared it on too thinly, but I ended up needing about 15 minutes to peel it all off, and it came off in little strips and clumps rather than one big sheet. And there were sections where I just couldn’t get a grip on the edge in order to peel it. In the end I had to remove a lot with my Transport pads, and they came away almost solid black. My skin felt quite taut after removing.Next time I’ll try to apply it (a) more thickly and (2) more evenly, to see if I can get an ‘easy peel’ process. But if I can’t, then this is the last tube of the stuff that I’ll buy.

Antonia Frankenmuth, MI

Fabulous Product

I am madly in love with this product. It worked so well at making my skin soft and smooth. I am very touch on products and it takes a lot for me to love something. This product does the job…period.

Kaye Darien, GA

love it

this leaves my skin sooo soft but it i have a little blackhead issue around my nose and i havent seen this mask get rid of it i had to use another face wash to rid me of balck heads but all the same i love this product does make my face feel soft after the peel

Kristen Ages Brookside, KY

Good product for removing blackheads

I only use this product on my nose because the first time I’ve tried this I did it on my entire face and after I peeled the mask off my cheeks were red for over 6hrs..As for using it as a blackhead remover on my nose, it works fairly good. Don’t except it to remove ALL the blackheads in one shot but it does remove a good portion of it.I’ve let my brother used this for his nose and he absolutely loves it over the nose strips. This product does work amazing well for my brother though, even better than my nose (perhaps my pores are not that big nor have a lot of blackheads to begin with).

Jocelyn Jacksonville, FL

Nothing to write home about.

I’ve been using this mask on and off for almost a year. The consistency is sort of runny, so you must apply a lot of the product to get a thick, and even layer. You need a thick even layer to peel the mask effectively, otherwise you end up with random patches of black mask that you have to scrub off. I tend to you this mask when I feel that my pores need extra cleansing. When applied correctly, its definitely effective at removing those random stubborn blackheads, however be careful of your brows because this stuff really adheres to your skin and WILL remove hair. It’s not worth the price, in my opinion and I’m not certain how it allegedly whitens.

Michelle Orviston, PA

They need to make a bigger bottle

The reasons why this I rated this product a 4 and not a 5 is because of the steep price and the bottle will only last like 8 applications. If you put a thick enough amount on, it will peel off in one piece; which is awesome! I don’t mind the wait time for it to dry.(20-30min.)My complexion has benefited from weekly uses.The smell is light and pleasant.

Elma Moorefield, KY



Carmela Angleton, TX