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Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation, Fair, 0.26 Ounce

This talc-free, loose powder foundation contains brightening wild rose extract.

Key features

  • Its texture allows skin to breathe, and its healing formula helps to reduce lines and wrinkles while repairing uneven skin tone
  • Wild rose collection
  • Lightly apply over primer or mix with primer to create a liquid foundation effect

Honest reviews


Great for Sensitive Skin

I have extremely sensitive skin…this product is extremely comfortable to wear. My skin does not become irritated with Korres…thank you for creating a product for us!!!

Ellen Henderson, MD

Definitely not a replacement for Bare Minerals version!

I bought this on a whim because I was travelling and needed it right away and it was available on my Prime 2 day shipping. I’ve used Korres products before and I love the high quality and natural ingredients – but I’ve only ever used their body creams and lotions. I had been using BareMinerals Original foundation for about a year before trying the Korres. Korres is more product for the same price, however it is NOT a replacement or exact match for the quality of the BareMinerals version. What I liked about the BareMinerals foundation was that it went on like a powder but with the blending brush it felt like it was full coverage foundation. It felt like it had moisturizers in it as well, but didn’t make my face greasy. A couple people who’d reviewed the Korres version stated it was exactly the same and they felt they didn’t waste as much with the design of the Korres container vs. the BareMinerals container. I don’t agree at all. The Korres brand seems very dry and floats up into the air when you try to put it on the brush. So much so that my husband constantly complains about the makeup dust on our vanity and sink. It does not seem like it has any moisturizing ingredients in it at all. As well, the shade was a bit too pinky for me even though I ordered a beige-toned shade from Korres which was stated to be the match for the BareMinerals ‘medium’ shade. They were well off from each other in tones. I will use the rest of this foundation, but I won’t buy it again.

Brigitte Bankston, AL

love it

It provides good, natural, buildable coverage. I have oily/acne prone skin and by the time the day is over my face is fairly matte and coverage is still good. I have been a long time user of another similar product by benefit, after trying this I’m sticking to this for sure. Side note i use my own powder brush in order to apply this more evenly.

Traci Purcell, OK

so worth the money

yeah this is pretty expensive BUT it is so worth the price 1. Its cancer causing parabans free(paraban chemicals are in all our make up) 2. provides GREAT coverage if you apply it with the right tools. 3. They give you a pretty decent amount that will probably last 2 years. 4. doesnt make you break out and it feels GREAT on the skin. I have a very oily skin type and this actually helps it be less um..greasy lol Its just all around a fantastic chemical free makeup. I would recommend it.

Justina Bluff Dale, TX

Does not work for my dry skin

I believe that this will work beautifully for oily or normal skin, but it doesn’t buff in well & quickly looks "cakey" in spots on my dry skin. I’ve tried it several times using several different techniques, but I can’t achieve the results I want with it.

Kristin Monticello, UT

I chose the wrong shade but I still love it.

Really great foundation. Excellent coverage, I love mixing it with Korres mattifying lotion, it’s wonderful as a liquid foundation.Amber is for African American complexions I reckon. I guess I fall under medium beige. Will repurchase in a different shade next time.

Kasey Wittman, MD