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Korres Lip Butter, Pomegranate, 0.21 Ounce

A rich buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish.

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This stuff is great

I purchased this to replace my Benefit Lip tint b/c I was sick of how that one tasted like vaseline. This one has a very light fruity flavor and the color is very rich but natural and you can apply it as heavy or light as you like. I use it heavy with a lip liner for a dramatic night look–the pigment is very rich, but you can also apply it lightly with just a swipe during the day for light color or just as a conditioning balm for dry lips. You can just apply with your finger, no brush or anything needed. It is very moisturizing. I am a person who does not like regular lipstick b/c it usually tastes weird and sometimes oddly dries out your lips and I always wonder what chemicals I am putting directly on my MOUTH. Also I don’t like lip gloss b/c it is way too sticky. This is one of the only lip products I find myself actually willing to use on a regular basis. It’s natural, easy to use, versitile, tastes good and looks good. As a point of reference, I usually trade this off with my Burt’s Bees Lip shimmer in Raisin. This one is a little more pinky-magenta in color.

Johnnie Harford, NY

Just something extra I didn’t need

I really don’t remember why I ordered this and was surprised when it arrived in the package. At this moment, I have no idea where it is. I have no complaint about it, just wonder why I ordered it.

Casey Butler, IN

Im a bit disappointed!

When I opened this product, I saw Chinese writing and I immediately thought this product is a Chinese knock off although it has Korres on it and his logo, I won’t know until I go to Sephora and buy another Wild Rose and see the difference. I bought one from HSN and it looked different. If this is a the real product I give it 5 stars for being a gorgeous lip gloss that temporarily softens your lips and it makes your lips look wonderful because the color is deep and you can lighten it by using less-However I rated it 3 stars because I bought it to repair my lips because I know Korres products-used his lotions and lip glaze and they are the best I’ve used so I assumed this lip butter would repair my dry, rough lips, but it just covers the dryness and once the product wears off my lips are still rough and dry. I usually use a sugar lip scrub and then condition with lip cream or balm but that is annoying to have to do every week, so I thought this lip butter would solve that problem-I guess not, but my lips looks great wearing this lip butter. This butter only sits on top of the dry skin on my lips, but if your lips are smooth this would be a lovely lip gloss to die for in Wild Rose and Pomegranate-wow wee. The others with little to no color would feel soft and look shiny too, but not as good as Wild Rose and Pomegranate.

Nell Durham, KS

Love the color, the feel, and the mild scent.

I’m usually a Burt’s Bees girl, but I wanted something with more color, now Burt’s Bees has apparently discontinued the Merlot shade of their colored balms. After LOTS of online searching, I decided to try this, and am so glad. The color is intense, but sheer- could definitely apply more for a really deep rosy color, but even one coat leaves a nice deep shine, and the balm feels great on, and hasn’t left any kind of chapped feeling like I have got from glosses before. I wish it smelled even more like roses, but maybe that would clash with perfume or taste funny, but it is a pretty perfect treat of a gloss. The color is more of a deep cherry in the pot, but on my lips at least, the color is a sheer intense rose- just lovely.

Brandi Morrill, KS

Overrated prodcut

I couldn’t wait to get this lip butter after hearing so many people rave about how good they were. I must say I wasn’t impressed, especially for the price! I will stick to my nivea lip butters

Daisy Hiwasse, AR

doesn’t do anything

the moisturizing part does not even do its job and the tint looks gross . . . . . . . . .

Georgina Speonk, NY

Love it

This is my favorite thing to put on my lips! Because it is made from natural products I feel much better about using it, and it does not have a funny taste like most lip products do. It gives a nice rosey color & shine to my lips without leaving them super sticky like a lip gloss would. I wish that it would stay on better, my husband sees my red lips and ends up kissing it all off!

Hilary Richeyville, PA

Beautiful color, creamy texture

I was contemplating between which color I should try and I ended up getting the Jasmine and I am so happy with my decision. I don’t like too much color on my face and this Jasmine gives you a nice pale lip color. It smells great and doesn’t taste bad when it gets in your mouth 🙂 Its also very creamy. Overall a great product. Thinking about trying some other colors as well.

Maggie Mentor, MN

Good stuff!

I’m a bit addicted to buying lip balms, chapstick, and glosses and this is one that I would buy again. It was light with a nice hint of color, smelled/tasted good, and is moisturizing. In my opinion, it isn’t as moisturizing as people are indicating. For a colored lip product, it is a lot more moisturizing than most tinted lip balms, stains, or lip sticks. However, it’s no where near as moisturizing as plain chapstick or lip balm is. If you’re looking for something deeply moisturizing to heal your dry, cracked lips, this probably isn’t your best pick. If you’re looking for a splash of color that isn’t sticky or drying, then you’ll likely love this. I got it in the Jasmine (which smells like cotton candy) and love it. Would recommend.EDIT: After having the Jasmine for a while and loving it, I decided I would try another color. I’ve never had success with the whole red lipstick thing, but like the look on others so I decided I would try Wild Rose for a hint of red color. I’m disappointed that I did!! The color is fine, but if you put on more than the slightest dab, it looks clownish. And the little dab that gives a good amount of color does nothing as far as moisturization. It’s not something that you would want to apply without a mirror available either. And then there’s the smell…it does smell like wild rose, as it’s named, but it’s a very strange perfume-y smell…not something that I want to be wearing on my lips (I feel like the scent would be fine in a body lotion or perfume, but not something that you wear on your face). The smell is sort of nauseating and doesn’t taste good at all. Disappointed in the Wild Rose and sad that I wasted my money…I should have just got another thing of the jasmine!

Pam Sinking Spring, OH

On my third tub!

I love this stuff! It looks incredibly flattering with just about anything, giving my skin a nice warmth without looking like I ate a sloppy Joe. It lasts quite long if you put a nice coat on, and does not migrate to the edges as other balms and glosses can do. It is not at all sticky, either. It has a nice sheen, not too greasy, more satiny. It has a mild natural fruity flavor.I am no fan of using my fingers on the go, so it stays in my vanity at home, but since it lasts so long after it is applied, it works well. Pot lip glosses actually stay sanitary more than the kind you dip a wand into, so…..just make sure you wash your hands first!

Nelly Sargentville, ME

love the color love the scent

It smells awesome, the color is great. It’s not really very moisturizing though, I have to use some other lip balm underneath

Molly Palmer, KS

Great tinted balm

I love the shade… it makes me look more perky when I wear it. The only downside is that your finger gets gooey and pink and you need to have a wetwipe handy after applying. Would be better if it came in a stick.

Marsha Hunter, AR

Formula changed? This felt different to longtime user

Instead of the very light silky balm I am used to, this time it just sat on my lip and felt tacky and uncomfortable, and even hard to rub off. What a disappointment! I usually love this balm and am addicted to putting it on every night. I don’t know if this is a bad batch, past pull date? Or if formula changed? I don’t like putting up negative reviews but I feel it’s important to warn others , in case there is a pattern here.

Janice Saginaw, AL

Happy 🙂

This is my first time buying a Korres product and I’m glad to say I have not been disappointed!. It’s an amazing product… not oily, doesn’t have that petroleum weird smell. The color is very subtle… it gives you like a natural finish to your lips. Lovely!

Shirley Colville, WA

Smells lovely

Love the texture and the smell of this lip balm, does help to prevent chap lips.It provides a light pink tint to the lips but I get the same effect with Maybelline Baby lips pink.

Debra Saint Michaels, AZ

I really wanted to like it.

I was really excited to try this product because of all the good reviews on it, but I was really disappointed. I get horribly dry lips if I’m not careful enough and I read on sites and heard tons of great reviews for this product. Now, this may just be from the color of the Guava flavor, but when I applied it to my lips it made them look even drier. However the product itself, ignoring the color, did not improve my chapped lips at all. I’m still trying to use it and see if it works better on lips that aren’t dry, but so far I’m having the same issue.I wouldn’t totally dismiss the idea of it, however. I may try it in another color to see if it was just the pale one that made my flaky lips stand out.

Juana Townsend, GA


I love the smell of this lip butter but I thought it would be more moisturizing than it is. The color is wonderfully natural.

Esther Elkton, OR

Love this stuff

I love this gloss/stain. It feels great on your lips – not too thick or heavy. The price is a little spendy for lip gloss, so I shopped around. I found it on eBay for half the Amazon price (including shipping, even).

Hilary Monterey, IN

Really lovely scent and texture

I have this in two scents: the rose and the jasmine. I bought the rose one a few years ago and love it, but it’s got such strong color to it that when I apply it without looking in a mirror, I end up looking like a clown, with it smeared around my lips. Since I love the texture of this so much, I decided to get the jasmine one since I had read that it’s nude. It’s perfect for a quick application since it doesn’t make a mess and it smells like cotton candy.These are super creamy in texture, and they last on your lips. The only thing I dislike is sticking my finger in the tub, but it’s worth it since this is such a great balm!

Louella Paauhau, HI

Beautiful color

But it doesn’t last long.It is more like a lip balm than a lipstickIt would be perfect if the color lasted longer.

Jannie Carrboro, NC

Kind of a weird design for something so pigmented

It’s a great lip product, honestly, but I knocked off a star for the packaging. It’s too small to get your lips right into the pot, but if you use your finger, you get a bright red fingertip. So the stuff is really pigmented and moisturizing and it’s great to throw it in your purse.

Wendi Oldtown, ID

I love this!

I got this in pomeg/ color..redish/pink, and i love it! it goes on smooth and it is so pretty! 🙂

Aida Katy, TX

Pomegranate, Sheer Peach

The shade I selected turned out darker than it looks in the picture. It looks really good on me though, so I guess it’s alright. My lips feel really hydrated and soft, and not just sticky like other ‘moisturizing’ lip glosses I’ve tried. Even though it’s a bit over my price range for a lip gloss, I’m still willing to buy another one because of the quality of the product.

Bernadine Eakly, OK

Perfect Lip Tint

This product is amazing, even thought it is a little bit on the pricey side. You can often get it off of Amazon a little cheaper than retail, which is great. Pomegranate is a gorgeous coral color that will show up on the lips, and the product even comes with a clear plastic cover for light sealing and protecting the product. What I love the most is that the color does show up and there is no stickiness. My lips feel moisturized and great.

Isabel Rivesville, WV

My absolute favorite lip balm.

This delivers just the right amount of color….natural. It stays on and makes my lips stay moist. I have several of these, in my bag, in my desk, in my cosmetic bag…. I have tried hundreds is lip balms over the years….and this is the best one I have ever tried. This is a must have.

Arlene Mabel, MN

Jasmine Korres lip butter

One of the few lip butters on the market that does work. When applied at night, I have returned my chapped lips to normal with use of this butter.

Nellie Dexter, MO


I love this lip gloss…rich and the color is very consistent. Keep getting compliments when I wear it and it goes on so smoothly and doesn’t dry my lips out with is always a plus.

Marquita Williston Park, NY

Mmmm…..Lip Butter

This is a nice little moisturizer for the lips. A nice little hint of color. I was happy with my purchase.

Cecelia Drums, PA

needs to be reapplied

I was searching for a lip balm that is moisturizing and doesn’t just sit on top of the lips. This was ok and I felt it was moisturizing however it did need to be re-applied frequently.

Charlene Wendell, MN

Good color lip balm

Great lip balm, color is great and it moisturizes my lip especially during the winter months. My only issue is that it does not last very long but perhaps thats because its not a lip stain.

Martina Long Bottom, OH