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Korea’s Puretree Face Essence Mask 10pcs Set

Raspberry Extract for firming up and brightening up your tired skin; Hyaluronic Acid Extract gives your skin extra an extra moisturizing and nourishing treatment; Aloe Extract sooth and moisturizes your skin; Collagen Extract makes your dry and tired face look more moisturized, firm, and youthfully healthy; Kiwi Extract provides your tired skin a moisturized and brightening treatment; Pearl Extract with whitening effect makes your unclear and dull skin look more glowing and toned; Tea Tree Extract is good for soothing and calming of sensitive and acne prone skin; Green Tea Extract clears up uneven skintone and keeps your skin moisturized; Honey Extract is known to have natural healing properties while providing nutrients for your skin; Lemon Extract makes your unclear and dull skin clear and adds to it a healthy glow. This set has 1 of each of the 10 flavors + 2 bonus sheets

Key features

  • Sheet Masks made in Korea
  • 10 extracts masks, 1 each + 2 bonus (Total 12 Sheet Masks)
  • 0.07 oz of Essence in each Package
  • The Ultimate Fall-Winter Moisturizer; add a few sheets to your week and see the differences

Honest reviews


Very nice product.

I bought the 30 pack of these and am VERY happy with them. They fit my face perfectly. The fragrance on these masks is present yet pleasing. Not at all overwhelming. My face is left very smooth and supple. I wish the parabens were not present, but….cant have it all. This is the only mask I use with them in it and I wont give it up. They are SUCH a good deal and I genuinely see and feel a difference with these. I rotate them, but Im lucky enough to use one high end ones every OTHER night while using these on the ‘off’ nights…lol.

Melissa Norco, CA

I like them

They get the job done, hydrating and soothing. A good essence mask… I have had better but for the price this is great. Its not as forming to my face as others I have used but honestly its not bad at all.

Carrie Wheatland, OK

It’s Okay

I got this because of the variety this pack had. However, some of them irritated my skin. Furthermore, the mask dried up too quickly in my opinion.

Rene Everett, MA

Love them

It feels so good in the skin, so many options and so refreshing for the sking, plus the price is awesome.

Kerri Concord, CA

Face Masks (at home spa)

I use it after my evening bath, while watching TV I wear the masks, to help with mousture and deep penetrating support for my skin before going to sleep at night. I love it. I have ordered this product several times. I recommend it.

Kristina Dickson City, PA

Saving grace

Wonderful! Inexpensive enough to have a mini facial every day. I wear every night overnight, and wake up feeling refreshed and moisturized. They do need to be cut in a few places to help them lay completely flat against the contours of my face, but I don’t mind and they’re worth every penny. Excellent seller! !

Dollie Cross Hill, SC

Five Stars

Great price, bought as a gift and she loves them!

Jennifer Biola, CA

Awesome – how cool are these

A while back I saw little packages with just enough cream to use 1 time for a mask at my grocery store. I wanted to get a few, but couldn’t find them anymore so I checked Amazon and found these. So I ordered them cause the price was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised when I got them and noticed they are actual fabric masks to put on your face!!! Maybe I am late, but I never even saw those before! I love that there is no mess. And my husband gets a kick out of it and says I look like Jason! HAHAHA! I would definitely get these again. My husband has to go to Korea in April and I already told him to look for these and stock up on them! 🙂 So far I only used the lemon kind and there was a bit of burning at the beginning, but it went away after a few minutes. It also had plenty of moisture, and I could spread the liquid from the mask to places the mask didn’t cover, such as my nose and lover chin and neck. I love them!

Karyn Cornell, WI