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Konad Stamping Nail Art Stamp& Scraper+one Touch Remover

Konad Stamping Nail Art Stamp& Scraper+one Touch Remover +

Key features

  • Konad Stamping Nail Art Stamp&
  • Scraper+one Touch Remover +
  • the touch remover is empty!

Honest reviews


A must-buy

I just recently discovered the Konad nail stamping system, so I am far from being an expert on the subject. But, one thing that a friend shared with me was to get the two-sided stamper – the large end handles the large designs, and the small end handles the smaller designs, allowing for better placement. The one touch remover is nice, with a spill-resistant bottle, which is a really good thing.So, if you are getting into Konad nail stamping, then get this little kit, you will thank me later!(Review of Konad Stamping Nail Art Stamp & Scraper+one Touch Remover a-viva beauty)

Cecilia Wilmot, NH


The double sided stamper is great and the one thouch remover is a plus, it holds about an entire bottle of nail polish remover.

Kristina Buckhannon, WV

Konad one touch bottle

The One touch remover bottle lets you put in your own remover of choice and then you can pump up the remover to a cotton ball without having to use to many fingers, it is really easy and the pump works really well. It was a really great deal to get an extra Konad double ended stamper.

Kathryn Garland City, AR

Okay if you have the patience for it

I found this too hard to work with, but maybe cuz im 20 something and lazy. Im sure teens and girls in their early 20s would love to work with it. They do have some neat designs and some boring ones. When i did spend a little time, my nails came out great, but that’s only happened twice in the past year that i’ve owned it.

Martina Chicago Heights, IL

This broke in less than 3 weeks.

I bought 2. One for myself and one as gift. I only used it 1-2 times a week! The one I used worked for about 3 weeks before it completely stopped pumping any liquid out anymore after 3 weeks. The one I gave as a gift worked for a while but was really hard to push. You had to push REALLY hard to get any remover to come up. A big pain. I would not recommend.

Beth Bucklin, MO


I was worried about the quality of this product, because I have read many different reviews, but they are great! Not too soft, not too hard. You push down and it releases the correct amount of acetone! Plus! Is easy to fill! Great purchase!

Bertie Martinsburg, OH

I really like Konad

i bought Konad stamper and scraper, black and silver nail polishes and a couple of plates from […] AND I LOVE THE PRODUCT!!!!!!! Everything is great quality and just like in the add. Shipping was real quick! I would highly recommend it to all who enjoy nail art! The images do not transfer to the nails very easily and i messed up 4 nails the first time. But with practice I learned how to work with Konad and I LOVE THE RESULT! It’s a lot of fun! I want to thank people who invented it!

Beatriz Comstock, NY

Cheap but very useful

Very handy!Very useful!Love the one handed operation.Would pass this on to my many friends who work on their nails.

Camille Beaver Creek, MN

It’s does look nice

Comes with an empty bottle which allows you to add any remover you want into it. And it comes with the mini rubber stamping and scraper.

Rae Milton Center, OH


I got exactly what the picture showed…a double ended stamp with a scraper! The nail polish remover bottle is really handy too! Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase! The nail polish remover bottle is a top pump. You just put your cotton on it and press. It saves the hassle of opening and closing the top on a regular bottle of remover. Plus, the best part is spill prevention!!! That’s a BIGGIE in this household!

Cortney Walthourville, GA