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Konad Stamping Nail Art Set Care Ca

Basic Stamping Set Package Includes: * 1-Stamp * 1-Scraper * 1-Image Plate * 1-Special Polish (5 mL. – 0.175 Fl. Oz.) Image Plate: M3 Special Polish: White Konad Nail Art Kit is a new nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes. Apply or change designs any time you want, change designs weekly, daily, as many times as you want. Furthermore Konad Nail Art Kit has special merits, express delicate designs, which nail artists can not. You can put designs not only on your nails but on cellular phones, watches, calculators, clocks or any plastic surface of your choice. With Konad Nail Art Kit you can create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money professional salons charge. It’s neat and easy !!!

Key features

  • Delicate details never before achieve by hand painting
  • Create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money
  • New nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes

Honest reviews


Great, Easy, Fun

I got this gift for my friend, and we used it. She loved it and i loved it it was really fun. we had to clean the plate every time though after every design we did. we used the special polish we didnt try to see if other ones would work. ou should buy this.

Amber Boynton Beach, FL

Great product!

I ordered this and received it even before the estimated delivery date. This is my first experience with Konad products and it is so easy! I don’t know why some reviews say that it doesn’t work. I found some videos on YouTube that are also helpful. My only issue is that I did not receive the plate that is stated in the description. I got m36 not m2.

Helen Montgomery, PA

Love this product!

I was very happy when I found out I would be able to make detailed designs on my nails with the help of this product. I’m not very good at painting my own nails (especially when it’s something small and detailed) but with the help of these plates it’s so easy! They took a couple of tries to get used to but overall I am very happy with this purchase.

Jana Otis, KS

its okay

i tried using this but all in vain, sometimes i get the design on nails but most of the time it doesnt, so i woudl say its practice..

Genevieve Ohlman, IL

I gave it five stars BUT…

As the other reviews said it does take some practice, if you’re patient enough to take the time then it really is an awesome product just don’t expect your first attempt at stamping to come out amazing. I gave it five stars because I really do like the product and there isn’t anything wrong with it but I’m not a fan of the price. Let me explain why. It only comes with one plate, a single-sided stamper, a scraper, and “special nail polish”.In my opinion you don’t need the scraper it just ends up scratching the plate anyway so what I use is an old gift card it works much better and isn’t as messy.The stamper is great but it’s only one sided; they sell a two-sided stamper and I think it’s so much more useful.The “special nail polish” isn’t all that special to me, I’m not really a fan of white nail polish so I just use one of my own colors, if you plan on doing that too make sure you use a thicker polish, the thin ones tend to dry a little too fast and you don’t want it to dry before you have the chance to get it on the stamper.The plate only comes with seven images, it’s a m3 from konad I suggest you google that before you purchase it, I was a little disappointed with the plate but I should have done my research.So, if you plan on really getting into this whole nail stamping thing, this is what I suggest:Skip this product, buy the double-stamper (and scraper if you want it) and buy these nail platesBundle Monster Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit 25pcthey’re only $22..and they are of good quality. Also use your own nail polish. Hope this helps!

Julie Los Olivos, CA

Great Price & Works

I got this for a little over $8. For that price, it was completely worth it because I was able to try all of the Konad items (stamper and scraper, special polish, and plate) to have it to compare to other generic brands. Please beware that it will take a lot of practice and patience to continue to get each design to look the way you want it (it will become easier as you practice). It also serves as a great item to bond or have “girl time” with a friend, mother/daughter, etc.FYI: Great alterntive nail polishes for stamping are: China Glaze (chrome); Sally Hansen Instant Dry; Pure Ice (metallic/chrome); some Wet n Wild nail polishes; and any really thick polishes.

Shari Lancaster, OH

A great way to start stamping

I’d never done nail stamping before but I’d seen some tutorials on YouTube so I thought I’d give it a try. This ended up being a really great kit to get me started and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try nail stamping.

Trina Fredericksburg, PA