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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M73

Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M73

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  • Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M73

Honest reviews



This plate is awesome however i was bummed to find out I could of gotten one ALOT cheaper than this one from another company. Konad is over priced. Bundle monster is a great alternative for half the price.

Heidi Mason City, NE

Another quality stamping plate – versatile designs

Nail stamping is such a fun way to jazz up any manicure. I’ve tried many of the different brands, but Konad truly remains my favorite, and is worth the price. This plate is etched deep enough that the polish actually sinks into the designs for easy transfer to the nail (some of the other brands the etchings are so shallow or not consistent that it will affect the design).I don’t actually use the Konad polishes with my stamping plates – I found that they’re too thick for some of the other brands, so I’ve adapted to using the polishes I have – I just pick the color I want and go. I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter which brand I use – I’ve ranged from Sally Hansen and Essie to Zoya and Deborah Lippmann. It’s all in the application.Pro tip for those just getting into stamping – it’s handy to have the double-sided stampers, and rather than using the razor-esque scrapers that come with the kits (these can scratch your plates to heck and back if you’re not careful), use an old credit card – it works awesomely, and then gently roll the stamper back and forth to pick up the image, and then roll it on to your nail (I have weird shaped nails, I guess, so this is the easiest way for me to do mine).Konad is highly recommended in my book, and as I said, this is truly a fun and super easy way to jazz up a plain manicure.

Rachael Olmsted, IL

Great product!

I bought this plate for my daughter and she loved it. She has a bunch of them and they work perfectly! The price was right too!I saw her nails when she did the stamps and they looked so professional that I couldn’t believe you can do such a good work at home with such little tools!

Helga Des Arc, MO

Love it!

Really love this plate because of the musical notes and piano keys. I love music and this is a great nail expression plate.

Erica Wakarusa, IN

Love it!

I have other brands of ail plates and Konad is always the best for full nail designs. They are big and gorgeous! I use this plate all the time. The viney flowers is my favorite

Coleen Brantley, AL


Couldn’t wait to get this one and i tried it right away! I used konad white on my black polished nails! Beautiful! Very happy!

Kay Poquonock, CT

Love Konad!

I have a few different types of stamping plates, (bundle monster, salon express, fing’rs and Konad). They all work just fine but I will say that the Konad always stamps the best. I love the designs on this plate and like any konad product it’s easy to use. I can see using this plate many many times over!

Penelope Goodman, MS

love it

i think i use this plate over 20 times with all images the notes though is my all time favorite

Abby Avoca, NE


This plate is awesome. The quality is very good. The images on this plate look so adorable, especially the piano w/notes., and the images print up very nicely. A must have for the collection. Highly recommend.

Alfreda Roosevelt, AZ

Nice one…

I got this one because of the music art image, I know that I am going to love the image on my nails. I like it because it has different kinds of art images on it that I can have on my nails.

Elvia Sparta, KY


I haven’t used much of this plate yet because I’ve been looking for a gold nail polish that stands out well with the flowery design; I saw someone else uploaded finished pictures online. I bought this plate just to use the #3 image(flower one). I tried the music note with keyboard with black paint but didn’t come out nicely at all.I’m not sure what recommendation does for this kind of item…if you like the images, you’ll get it right? At least that’s how it works for me, so good luck finding the plate(s) you just love 🙂

Nola Mar Lin, PA

Konad m73 plate

I love the designs on this particular plate and I have a couple. I don’t always love the stamping way because I feel it takes awhile to do. I’m kind of impatient, but if you like stamping get this plate. It has hearts for the tip of your nail, cute floral design and music notes

Deann Toledo, OR

Worth the Price

Konad plates are definitely worth the money you spend on them. The detail is amazing and the result is breathtaking when you use the Konad polish.A couple of things:I do have the metal scraper and it leaves superficial scratches on the plate. However, it does not mar the design.The images are a tight fit if you have large nails. I have long nail beds and wear an "active-length" nail and can juuust get the image on my middle finger. I have to double stamp my thumb.I would give them 4 stars for sizing, but the images are just wow. Try one 🙂

Gabrielle Nanticoke, PA