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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate M71

Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate M71

Key features

  • nail art stamp

Honest reviews



These are really nice. They print off great and I have no trouble with them.Will be buying more in the future.

Aline Woodward, PA


who doesn’t like a romantic look on your nails! Very whimsical and good for all ages! works very well! I am happy!

Cornelia French Lick, IN

Konad M71

Definitely loved this image plate, very classy and easy to use. I recommend getting the double sided stamper from Konad. If you are worried about your plates scratching try using a credit card or a study piece of paper. If you do have larger nail beds, the images will not cover your whole nail, also if you have long nails, again the image will not cover your whole nail.

Dixie Pueblo, CO

Fave Konad Plate

This is my fave design plate by Konad. I use it a lot.Note, however, this particular plate is VERY intricate and the designs are wire thin. To get this plate to transfer properly you will have to practice stamping many times before getting intricate designs to work well.I highly suggest using Konad special stamping polish for this plate also, as regular polishes will dry to fast in these super thin/shallow designs.

Robbie Roselle Park, NJ

Made of good, strong and sturdy very nice…

I have not try any other brand of Nail Art Image Plate besides Konad Brand. I can only say I really like this product and its so much fun to create so many intresting desings on my nails.

Latanya James City, PA

Fun and Versatile!

I have been wanting to create a french lace manicure for a long time, but wasn’t having any luck with decals or pens. I recently ordered my stamping kit and this plate, and they arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, I had recently cut all of my nails short, but I was still able to learn and use the stamping kit very quickly with the help of a how-to video. The results were very surprising! After a few practice attempts, it became very easy and fun. The stampings came out even and crisp, and despite my short nails, my very first french lace manicure turned out very sweet (pic uploaded). The lace is very delicate looking over a sheer polish (I did mine in Konad white on Essie Pink Glove Service), but it still camouflaged my uneven and short natural nails – as you can see in the photo.I only have one plate so far. But I can already see this lace plate’s versatility. Black or colored lace would look very sexy on a natural nail. White or pastels for weddings, Quinceañeras, etc. The lace would make a great background for gems, paints, or 3D sculpts. If you enjoy having fun with nail art, or even if you’re a pro, nail stamping adds more versatility to your looks.Don’t get discouraged if your first attempts don’t look perfect. It takes a few tries to get the feel for stamping, and the results are worth it.

Vanessa University Of Richmond, VA

worth the purchase!

this one is probably my favorite. there are about 3 designs that i like to use. the rest of the plates i can never use or am never interested in more than one, maybe 2 designed. this one is worth the buy!

Denise Harmony, PA

Fun to use

Am a big fan of these. Have been using them for a couple years now. They allow me to save money on getting mani-pedis. Konad makes a wide variety of cute stamps, some designs are easier to use than others. I found the french manicure type of stamps to be a little hard to line up. Takes a little practice applying the right amount of pressure–not too hard n’ not too light, but is easy enough to figure out. You can find videos online that demonstrate how to use these stamps. They sell konad brand polishes that are designed to go with the plates, but some of my “regular” nail polishes do a fine job with these stamps.

Georgia Carroll, IA

Konad plate m71

Plate M71 is one of my favorite plates. The full finger stamps comes out great. I used the lace strips as French tips that came out really nice and the bow looks cute on the full nail stamp or just by itself. I would recommend this to anyone who likes nail art and stamping.

Brianna Campo, CA