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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M66

Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate M66

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  • Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate M66

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The plate has nice details but I do not like the long design …

The plate has nice details but I do not like the long design because I cannot have he same results twice. However I gave it 4 stars because the quality of the plate enables me to do my stamping art without any problems, like not having the image transferring to the stamp.

Selma Dodson, LA

This plate is really different than others!

I love this plate because the images are big, and you can polish whatever part of the image you want. I love how you can make the designs so random, if more designs came like this I would buy more. Also the images fit well together and you can easily use multiple design elements together in one manicure.

Erica Durham, NY

Love it!

Just received this plate today and did my first attempt at nail stamping, and it worked just fine (I figured there would be a learning curve, but watching youtube videos was fun and gave me great tips). Definitely use a thick nail polish for the stamping or when you scrape the polish off the plate all of it will come off! I used sally hansen extreme wear in a very opaque color. Also chrome metallics usually do well but the key is having a thick, very pigmented polish for this to work. I am very pleased and excited to do more stamping! I definitely recommend this.

Rachel Brasstown, NC

Obviously Conad is the best

Conad is the best in sharp etching.Very thin lines that comes out crisp on your nails.There are many dupes out there, yet the conad is the original that can’t be beaten.Only one big con is the price, that’s why I moved on tothe BM and Cheekys.Sorry Conad, but you are the best…….

Frankie Summertown, TN

very pretty designs

These designs are very pretty, although most of the patterns do not fit fully on a single nail. The cherry blossoms pattern is large enough to make each nail a little bit different, and I recommend filling in blank spaces with some of the small individual flowers. The butterfly does not hold ink as well as some designs, so make sure to clean it before/after each use so the grooves will take up more polish. They work with regular nail polish, as long as the first layer is lighter and the second layer is opaque. They stay on really well with a topcoat. Youtube has a lot of good tutorials on how to use these.

Tonia Fairlee, VT


Cute designs, stamps well. I find that this plate has crisper lines than my mash and bundle monster plates, but I’ve heard that konad is one ofthe best companies. The only problem I have with it is that obviously the designs are too big for a single nail, but I also like that iit’s different from other plates in that way.

Jewel Olivehurst, CA

Great designs!

This plate is just what I wanted. I was looking for something with an Asian theme. I love it and it works great! I will purchase more Konad plates in the future.

Nadia Dillonvale, OH

Konad Plate M66

Plate M66 prints clear and clean images. This plate has a lot of different images to use. The cherry blossoms are really pretty and you can put them where you like individually or using the branches. The bamboo prints out very nicely too. I would recommend this plate to anyone who like nail art and nail stamping.

Selina Choctaw, AR


Konad plates are pretty much the standard by which others are compared, but this was my first one after using other brands.The designs are nice, but I wish some of the blossoms and branches were either closer together or had another branch under the longest part. It’s nice to have a large pattern I can use partially and creatively, but picking just the right placement is a little tricky. The leftmost side of the branch with only one flower where the branch splits isn’t a very useful portion of the design.The bamboo design is useful the way it can be positioned. The other individual designs are crisp and clear, but the man isn’t something I’d want as a design, and it’s so small that I don’t think anyone would know what it is anyway.The designs are clearly etched .but not very deeply. I need to work really, really fast and experiment with polish and stampers with the plate I got because the images dry fast because they are so fine-lined and not very deep.It’s a nice plate, but you may need to practice with it to get good results.

Mara Granville, PA