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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M59

Konad nail art stencil with bows, hearts and snow flakes.

Key features

  • Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M59

Honest reviews



I love these designs, they look great! I think I’ll use them during the holidays too. Can’t wait to see them in a variety of colors.

Sheena Boss, MO

such cute designs

I wanted this because of the cute bows; snowflakes and hearts. This is the only Konad plate I have so far; but I will get more. I did notice that it came in an ordinary letter envelope with no protective wrapping. This didn’t come with the protective film like other brands, but it wasn’t scratched or anything.

Virgie Hammond, NY

Love this plate

This plate is awesome! Although Konad is rather expensive it is a great plate with designs I haven’t found any where else.

Doris Sidman, PA

Better for pedicures

I found that the bows in particular are a bit too big to fit on my nails even on my thumb nails. I think this particular image plate is better suited for your pedicures. Other than that it’s really cute.

Diane New Bloomfield, PA


I bought this plate ONLY for the snowflakes and it’s great! Snowflakes stamp amazingly well and you get a professional looking manicure with ease!

Sheena Gallatin Gateway, MT


I especially love the two snowflake images. They are too big to get more than one whole snowflake on any but thumb or toenail though. Wish they had a plate of just different shape and size snowflakes : )

Ana Midway, PA

nice plate

I am very happy with this purchase. The seller is great, I got everything I ordered:) Highly recommended!I have some Konad plates which aren’t as good as this one…I am writing about the print quality, this one is great!

Elda Dudley, MA

Tied up with pretty pink ribbons

I LOVE this Konad plate!!!! I bought it for the polka dot bow, but love the solid bow and the hearts on it. . I am not so keen of the snowflake shapes on here and wish there had been a polka dot pattern or another type of bow & ribbon on it.Konad always makes quality stamping plates and this one was no exception. The polish filled the plate and was easy to stamp with.

Bettie Salfordville, PA

Pretty but big

I mainly got this image plate for the bows. Unfortunately the images, contrary to most stamp images, are too big for my fingers. I can JUST squeeze it only my thumb. I do have slightly small hands so others may not have this problem. The rest of the images are good sized as well but fit better. Kind of disappointed, but nothing I can really do to change the size of my fingers.

Pansy East Glastonbury, CT

worsk great

Love it it works great all the images work and it works with different polish not only konad which is great

Ronda Punxsutawney, PA

Konad is always great.

I love konad plates they are worth the price! They are the most easiest to stamp. For some reason better than any other brand I have.

Ola Eddy, TX

The Best!

I love the Konad plates, the laser cutting used in their creation is so much better than the knock off brands.

Daphne Brohard, WV