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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M54

Konad nail art stencil with 7 designs.

Key features

  • Image Plate
  • Mini Image Plate
  • Mini White Special Polish 2.5 ml
  • Mini Stamper & Scraper (Nail polish can be stored inside the stamper!)

Honest reviews


Cute Stamps

Cute stamps from konad. Just be careful that you don’t scrape too hard because it will leave scratch marks on the surface of the plate. I’ve been using these stamp patterns for a while and regardless of the scratch marks, they work perfectly. Don’t forget to clean the plates thoroughly because the stamps won’t come out correctly if there’s older dried polish left in the grooves.

Caryn Linden, WI

pretty good

I like this product over all but was a little disappointed. I like all the images on this plate, but I mainly ordered it for the butterfly image in the center. Well all the images stamp perfectly but that one. It seems after trying different polishes and lots of different angles with the scraper, I just cant get a good image. I still gave this item 4 stars because the rest work great.

Alice King City, MO

Good beginner plate

Because none on this plate are french designs, nor full nail images they are great for beginners, but still have some delicate designs that seem more sophisticated than other beginner Konad plates. I recommend this particular plate highly to any Konad newbie.

Katy State Park, SC


When i check out the way the girls do it on Ytube. It looks easy. Not for me. Ive got to try to get the hang of it. Its not as easy for me as it looks. Im not giving up tho.

Amber Paulina, OR

NIce plate

These plates work great to dress up your nails and make them look like a pro did them. Looks just like airbrush.

Lakeisha Maple Springs, NY


Ive used these numeroys times stamping takes some practice, but it is so much eeasier than free hand drawing. I definitely would recommend this product.

Naomi Cope, SC

Konad plate M54

I ove all the Konad Plates. Plate M54 is really pretty and prints out clean and clear. I would recommend this plate to anyone who like nail stamping.

Elnora Louise, MS

Nice Flowers

I have several Konad Stamping Nail Image Plates and I list this product as the top of the line. Print is shallow enough to get a good print and an excellent transfer. Thank you…Love the flowers…Good seller and shipment

Amy Leopold, MO