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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M36

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Key features

  • KOnad Nail art image plate

Honest reviews


Great product

Great product….. I needed lots of practice and I’m still getting the hang of it… I need more plates and designs for my nails…. I love these…

Francis York Haven, PA

looks like air brush

These plates are easy to use and they look like a pro did your nails. They look like air brushing.

Lacy Ozan, AR

Konad Stamping nail Image plate M36

Konad stamping nail image M36 has a nice clear and clear image. I would recommend it to any one who likes nail art.

Christa Blooming Glen, PA

Great Product

To use, be sure to have very thick nail polish (like Konad Special Stamping Polish, etc.). Just dab the polish on the image you select, scrape off the excess, smash the stamper into the image and stamp your nail.

Brittany Bethpage, TN

Nail Art

I bought the Konad Stamping Nail Art not too long, probably 3-4 months ago. And when I first got it I was excited to try out but once I tried it out, the quality is not as good as I’ve thought. The designs are very pretty but I am not sure if I am doing the procedures wrong because it works on some of my nails that I applied on and the others it won’t work. When applying the designs on the rubberize stamper, you have to do it really quick or else it will dry and the design will be ruin which means you have you start the procedures again. I applied the art onto my nails and it was very nice if done correctly. Overall, I recommend you to try this product out, it doesn’t hurt.

Alta Tea, SD

Works awesome

I love this one. It was one of my first plates. Works like a charm with Konad stamp and Konad polish and also with some non-konad polishes. But comes out best with Konad polish!

Sophie Portlandville, NY