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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M3

Konad nail art stencil with stars, hearts and bows.

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Cute little designs

I really like these designs on this plate especially the hearts and the stars because they are a perfect combination! It is a good price as well. Received it earlier than expected!

Paulette Hartselle, AL

The smaller prints do not show and it is really …

The smaller prints do not show and it is really frustrating to have to keep having to redo the same print.

Lila Tyner, NC

Not bad

Used a credit card to get the access off. The stencils are deep enough to make a suitable design on the nail. I’m 27 and to be honest, esp. with a three year old daughter and working full time, a simple solid color works for me now. Cute for teens though.

Abby Coats, KS

Great product!

I gave this plate to my daughter as a part of a Christmas gift, as the matter of fact, I bought her 2, different designs of course! She loves them, her nails look like salon made! I liked them so much when I saw the work she had done that I want to buy some plates myself!!!There is one plate for Christmas nails too!

Lynne San Angelo, TX

A fun simple plate

This plate is wonderfully fun, whimsical, and simple. It makes for a great beginner Konad plate, and is the perfect size for kids hands. I highly suggest it to anyone with children/teens, or even for oneself learning to use nail stamping.

Staci Marenisco, MI

Just as shown and displayed

I love these Konad plate took me a while to get it right but I love it… I needed practice practice with these..

Shana Douglas, ND


i dont regret buying this plate. even though now that i think about it it was silly of me to buy plates that were not in a set. these work a little better than some of the bundled plates.

Nadine Jonesport, ME

Cute stamping plate

I bought this plate for the two star designs but ended up using a lot of the others as well! A really nice stamping plate to have (esp for you star and bow lovers out there)

Kristin Hinsdale, NY


They never disappoint, will recommend this brand for first time users, stamping is a quick and easy way to create or recreate beautiful nail designs

Lynda Reddick, FL

A decent stamping kit

This kit worked reasonably well. I used the two tiny flower images and the stars and they turned out pretty. They do run a bit on the smaller side but this was my first stamping kit and with no prior experience, I would say it was an easy to use kit and the results were good.

Sherrie Folsom, PA

These are SOOOO Fun!

The original Konad plates are the best. If the image won’t show up on your stamper, try roughing up the stamper just a little by sanding it with a fine fingernail file. If it’s too slick it won’t pick up the image.

Stacy Burlington, KS

My first plate purchase

This was my very first stamping plate purchase, and after seeing videos on youtube, I knew that getting a "Konad" plate was the best choice. I am happy with my purchase, and I plan on getting more.

Delia Edgewood, MD

Excellent product!

I have used the Konad Nail Art plate and find that they are well made and are shallow enough to get excellent prints to transfer, This was just too cute! Thanks

Zelma Douglass, TX