Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M19

Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M19

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  • Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate – M19

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Not as easy as it looks I’m using Konad polishes and it is hard to align the strip in the proper place without tearing the strip. Also one of the strips was not cut into the metal properly and it is crooked. Its the one for the thumb so I was kind of bummed.

Lucy Gobler, MO

Simple but great!

I love my Konad stamper set! This plate is a must have for your basic french mani or if you feel a little wild and mix it up!The tips are a lot harder to apply then the other stamper designs, but practice makes perfect!

Letha Liguori, MO

… of money I could do free hand and get better results.

Waist of money I could do free hand and get better results.

Eunice Bad Axe, MI

Pretty Cool

The concept behind this is cool, I need to practice more. I find it is a bit difficult to place the stamp on the nail with these design but over all it is a good product. I love my other stampers, just when it comes to french tip, I feel it’s easier to draw the line yourself.

Hilda Steeleville, IL

Great for nail art Stamping

I love this nail art stamp image plate. Of course Konad puts the best of nail art stamping image products out there on the market. Always a clean and consistent stamping image

Angelica Larslan, MT

Wish the images were thicker.

This plate is as advertised, but the thickness of the image (the length between the end of the cuticle and the end of the nail) is a problem for me. What if I want to have longer tips? You can stamp multiple times to make up for it, but that introduces variance.I also had some trouble with the image not transferring well to the stamper, but I was using an Essie polish, not the Konad polishes. I used to think this didn’t make a difference, but I recently got some Konad polishes for stamping and it’s a night-and-day difference.Anyway, it serves its purpose but I’m a little underwhelmed.

Olga Lamont, WA

thank u

I just love this product!!!!!!! Colors are beautiful!!!!! I’m just starting out in the nail business and the price is great too!

Doretha Pie Town, NM

Another great Konad plate!

Love this plate for doing at home french tip manicures. It takes a little practice to get the tips lined up just right and make sure they are applied evenly on the edge of the nail, but once you get it down, it’s a breeze!

Fanny Preston, MS

It works

It just makes small French nails and I like thick French nails, but I like Italy ways. It works well

Ida Hibbs, PA


This template was hard to get all the color off in the correct shape. I couldn`t get this one to work the way I wanted it to.

Annabelle Crandon, WI

Great French Tip Plate!

Arrived on time and is as described. This plate works best with thick nail polishes. I used a thinner nail polish and ended up doing three layers of the french tip on each nail. One thing that bothered me: The plate did not have the blue protective film like most Konad plates. Makes me believe this is not an authentic Konad plate. It’s a knock off, Ladies. However, it is a good plate.

Bernadine Naytahwaush, MN

french tips

well it was nice in theory like someone said but it didnt quite work out. the scraper takes off too much polish from the middle and even with the special polish the strips are too thin to be opaque

Elinor Gibbon Glade, PA

love it !!!

best #1 stamping nail plates!! just used them and omg could get it to work always turned out crooked but after a while it turned out perfect. Remember dont give up practice makes perfect

Arline Shipman, IL

awesome french manicure…any color tip makes this super fun

Finally even I can have a perfect french manicure! I’m terrible at freehand and I have a huge Konad collection, but did not have this plate as I have seen mixed reviews. I think this plate works for my nails as they are medium length, for longer nails I guess u could stamp twice to cover ur tip, but Konad has other french plates for longer nails so Id just go with that if u can for longer nails. Also worked great for my daughters nails, she did it herself and she is only 9..anyone can do this its so easy!

Gay Siloam Springs, AR

Newbie but love it

Im new at this nail stamping but this was one I would probably use most. Because I do alot of french manicures on myself and Maybe this would be a little more quicker just stamping on there. It’s such a good price can’t pass it up.

Earline Butler, KY

Harder to do than appears

My problem with this image plate is that the polish dries quickly and it seems to me to waste the stamping polish. None of the stencils seem to fit any of my fingers though. they are either too long or too short and not doing the French manicure correctly. I am still deciding if this item will do what it says or was a waste of money.

Beatrice Cusseta, GA

A little harder than it looks.

The Image plates work best with Konad special polish but can still be done with Insta-Dri from Sally Hansen. Its a bit harder to do this on my nails because my nail bed has a rainbow bend to it. But I tried it on others who have flatter nail beds and it works great.

Lila Protivin, IA

Nice to have …

If you love to have a "French Manicure" you’re love this product, its easy to use and you can use it with any nail polish, any color!

Abigail Farmington, IL

Quite happy but…

I’ve always wanted a perfect french manicure and now I can totally DIY at home!!! I have shorter nails and so the images of the tip on the plate were thick enough for me, but I wonder if it works as well for someone with longer nails… I might grow my nails a bit longer one day and I hope it still fits.

Reyna Stratford, TX

Plate works good, but lots of practice needed

The plate works good but I needed a lot of practice getting these tips on my nails. doing the left hand wasn’t too bad but doing my right hand was a little difficult. I don’t use this plate very often because it can be difficult to get things lined up correctly.

Janis Roscoe, PA

Konad Plates are Excellent.

Konad original plates have more detail than the knock off brands, so when you stamp with them you get professional looking images on your nails. I’m just working on my nails at home, but the results are so nice!

Lacy Osseo, WI


I thought that this plate would help so much by doing french tips anda lot faster than doing it yourself with a brush at home, but it takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice. i alsways end up missing or don’t get it alis=gned properly. my advice is to stick to professional salons or DIY with brushes.

Pam Hubbell, MI

they work but…

I cant ever get my manicure to line up. It’s always crooked. I’ve tried it on myself and others and i just cant get it to work for me. The designs do come out though. I guess I just wont be using it. It’ll be faster for me to do it the long way lol.

Lee Polacca, AZ

Nice Tips

I had to get this again, the first one I purchased was not konad and the edges were not clean and crisp or perfectly curved either. So I decided to get the real Konad and the edges and shape are perfect. I will enjoy doing my tips in all sorts of colors. I got this really fast too. Thanks!! 🙂

Mamie Bettendorf, IA

Doesn’t work at all

We’ve all tried it many times and it leaves blotchy results. This is a poorly designed stamp that is a waste of time.

Renee Otis, MA

Great but you will need practice!

This works wonderful when you can get it lined up well! It does take a lot of practice. I did notice that the more I practiced the better I got! It does make doing a french manicure easy with salon quality results. I plan to keep practicing because it really can work very well! Just don’t get discouraged if you can’t seem to get it perfect on the first tries of using it. I will say it does take time! Just keep at it. It will get better 🙂

Carly Brenton, WV