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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate Holder, 0.6 Ounce

Konad stamping nail art image plate holder, an essential item if you are doing a lot of stamping. Holds the image plate securely in place. Provides a surface you can easily clean, avoiding the use of cloth.

Key features

  • Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate Holder
  • UPC: 8809109833029

Honest reviews


Does what it’s supposed to do

I purchased this to hold my Konad and Monster Bundle IP’s and it does the trick. It helps on holding the plates down while scraping the excess polish off and it helps me be less messy. It is easy to wipe the polish off of the holder with regular nail polish remover.

Kim Rosebud, MT

only get this if you are only getting KONAD brand plates

So this thing is basically worthless if you aren’t getting the KONAD brand image plates. I bought an off-brand set of plates (cause they were very inexpensive) and the discs are slightly too small for this plate holder. You can still use it but the plates can wiggle around so there really isn’t much point to having this thing anyways.You can just as easily put the image plates on a paper towel and work from there instead of using this plate holder. I say that you really don’t need it to still do a good job stamping your nails.

Lauri Philo, IL

It’s ok….

I got this image plate holder because I was new to Konad Stamping Nail Art and I wanted to make sure I got all the things that will help me use the system better. The holder is not bad but it’s not really necessary since you can place the image plates on top of a paper towel (which I still do even though I got the plate holder) and it will work fine. So if you don’t feel like you require it don’t waste the money, I gave it 4 stars because it does the job, but it’s not really a must.

Geneva West Brookfield, MA

Easy nail designs

Wasn’t sure if I really needed this, but it does hold the plate still while you apply polish and scrape of what is not needed.

Dina Laurinburg, NC

Konad vs. Salon express

I also have the salon express set. The salon express set’s image plate holder was way more flexible and easy to use. This Konad one was hard. Like as if you were scraping the polish too hard, you could break it

Aileen Lanagan, MO

Mostly Helpful

I purchased this product to use with my Konad brand stamp plates. Considering most of the kits do not come with the holder, I was not certain I really needed one. After seeing several Youtube demos, I decided it would be helpfulThe purpose of this holder is to keep your plate stationary when needed and allow you to easily move it (without damaging your paintjob) when you need to clean it.If you have never stamped before and are new to all of this, I do suggest you get the holder. It makes it easier to hold the plate steady while you scrape it. The lip on the end allows plenty of room to hold it. Unlike generic plates, the Konad ones do not have sharp edges, so it’s not really a safety issue.My only complaint about he holder is, I’d like the hole deeper. My konad plates have a backing on them that cause it to stick up a little bit and it sometimes rotates in the holder while I clean it. I’d like it if the holder really “grabbed” the plate.Overall, I am happy I ordered the holder and I use the holder every time I use a plate.

Phoebe Ebro, FL


This plate holder is great and really cuts down on getting nail polish everywhere. You can just wipe it down with polish remover and a cotton ball after you are done with all your nails and it’s perfect. It’s not a nessessity to use the plates, but it’s helpful, and you don’t have to hold down the plate with your fingers. It’s also cheaper than buying it directly from konad

Phoebe Creston, IL

What was I thinking

I bought this because I though it would be great to have something to hold the discs as you swipe off the excess polish, but the circle implanted in the holder is to shallow and uneven causing just a great big mess and uneven swipes. I wasted my money on this.

Lela Backus, MN

Nail Art Stamping Plate

Once you get use to it, it becomes easier. At first it was a bit difficult. It is an awesome tool to have for Stamping nails.

Julie Plano, TX

inexpensive resource

This is a handy tool, although not really necessary for stamping. The light pink color makes it more difficult to clean. Sometimes the plates pop out too.

Bridgette Marienthal, KS

It’s ok

It does the job. All it does is hold your plates in place so it’s not much of a disappointment. It goes to a cheap set of nail design tools.

Christian Mount Vernon, NY

Stamping Art Plate/ Italian Kitchens

Bought the whole Konad nail stamping kit. It works does what it says it’s to do, bought for the girls for Christmas no complaints. I recommend this product.

Pauline Stow, NY

Five Stars

Bought for my granddaughter and she loves it.

Lilia Norfork, AR


Does what it’s stupposed to. cleans easily with non-acetone remover. I’ve used this for over a year and I still think it’s great

Bobbie Hartline, WA

Unnecessary to purchase

I recently bought the Konad nail stamping kit and thought I needed the image plate holder. Nope! All you have to do is keep the plate steady with your hand while you scrape excess nail polish off with the other hand. I should have gone with the advice from other Amazon buyers, who said this image plate holder was not necessary.

Antionette Sheridan, MI

Handy Little Gadget

I bought this plate holder, not sure if I really needed it since I am able to stamp my nails just fine without it. This plate holder just makes the process a little easier, it holds the plate steady so that I don’t have to think about it. I like this plate holder and enjoy using it. Is it an absolute necessity? No. But it is nice to have and I am happy that I bought it.

Dessie Bluefield, VA

It Holds As It Should.

I got it in a good amount of time and exactly what I saw on this site. When I first looked into buying this product I was unsure if I needed it, thinking I could just use the plate without the holder. I decided to buy it because I was new to using the plates and the price was reasonable to make the purchase. Once I got it I realized it comes in handy and I do not have to worry about holding the plate with my hand. I just wish it would come with the stamper and scraper.

Carmela Cedar Springs, MI

Works like it should

This holds the stamps in well and does what it should do.I have no complaints about this product.It was a good buy

Dona Eastville, VA


This holder saves a lot of trouble when you’re scraping your plates. I didn’t think I would really need it but I have learned it really does make things stay in place and provides a clean scrape every time.

Jamie Trenton, SC

Don’t need it

I got this to put my plates on when doing stamping. I thought I’d need it but honestly have only used it a couple times as I forget to use it. It really doesn’t make a difference in using it and just setting your plate on another surface. Also its hard to clean.

Beverley Windermere, FL

Works well

This plate holder works well to hold the plate while stamping. This also worked with my generic nail stamping plates. The plates are sort of slick, so I am glad as a beginner that I have the plate to hold the nail stamping disks in place while I am learning to use them.

Tommie Portland, PA

Thought I needed this but I don’t

I’m new to nail image stamping and I wanted to be sure I picked up everything I might need; however, I did not need this. It just causes more work since I have to keep cleaning off all the nail polish that gets on it. It’s easier and less messy just to place the image plate on a paper towel or any flat surface.

Cara Rockingham, NC

Not needed

I don’t know, maybe its just me but this is just one purchase I made that was unnecessary. It just sits there as I used it one time only. Its also an extra thing to clean that makes no sense to me.

Leonor Ivesdale, IL

Holds plate

Holds plate steady while using and makes it easier to use the plates. I would definitely recommend to a friend

Amber Stonewall, MS

image plate holder

I love this product but I really didnt use this as much as i should have because I always forgot I had it.

Dina Brittany, LA

nothing wrong with it but you can do it with or without it.

It actually took my longer to figure out exactly how to use this than it did to just use the plates without. It’s a nice little tool but if you are going to try nail stamping just jump in with both "hands". It takes practice and patience whether or not you use this or do it "free hand" so to speak. Either way once you get brave enough and gain some confidence you’ll see that it saves time, nail polish and cleaning if you just skip this step. I gave it a three because there is nothing wrong with the product and if you are skittish about the whole stamping idea maybe it will give you a little boost of confidence. Or like me make it seem like a wasted and unnecessary step that seemed to make it sound more complicated than it really is.

Bertha Moyers, OK

great plate holder…

What you see is what you get! Great plate holder and exactly as described and pictured. No complaints here. Thanks!

Vonda Felts Mills, NY

Sure why not?

this image plate holder is a must (in my opinion) it just make it easy to use the Konad Stamping Art Image Plates.. its not that expensive and it work great.

Greta Marcus, IA

image plate holder

disk does not stay in place when using. I find using a paperplate under the disc is easier than trying to use this. quality is ok for price.

Natalie Dudley, MA

No Use!

Some stamping plates I own are much larger then my konad ones and you honestly do not need this plate holder instead of wasting your money on this go put it towards a case that can hold all your plates which is much more lovely and usefull!! I recomend the pueen case holder they are gorgeous and totally worth it!

Tammi Darien Center, NY