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Konad Special Polish Prencess White

Konad uploadYourImageNowTiny Special Polish Prencess White

Key features

  • nail art

Honest reviews


Seems Legit

It is thicker than a regular polish, i haven’t stamped with it yet but it is what i ordered i think. cute bottle and it comes in a cute box.

Katheryn Bethel, MN


I picked up this polish and another Konad polish to try with my stamper, and I don’t think I like using either of them. I think the Konad polishes dry kind of fast and make it hard to work quickly enough in order to transfer images. I’ve had a lot of success with Orly polishes. I don’t know that I would buy the special Konad polish again, especially since I’ve found both a black and a white from Orly that works much better. The best part is that my Orly polishes work well for stamping AND just polishing, so they aren’t just sitting there when I’m not stamping with them.I do think the white is very clean on the Konad polish, but I have found some cheaper brands that work better and are still pretty darn white. Sally Hansen has a Tough As Nails white that is okay, but I have found some really off-brand stuff that looked good too. You can find white polishes that are just as white as this one, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Julia Arthur, IL

Fast Delivery

I am so excited to have received this! I was not expecting it today so it was a surprise! Great time on shipping! I have not received any of the plates that I ordered separate from this order, but being a professional cosmetologist I know this is exactly what I was looking for and will work great!

Sheri Lake Butler, FL

Lovely stamping polish

I loved this stamping polish. It provided strong color and works well. The bottle shape is OK, it is easier to tip over than other Konad bottles. However, I would purchase this again.

Elaine Denver City, TX


The color is great and it stamps excellent. Images that I could not pick up on my non-konad stamper looked sharper. I would recommend you invest in a konad stamper it makes a real difference especially if you using non-Konad polishes. As usually recommended stamp lighter colors on darker ones, and darker colors on lighter ones for better contrast

Leann Plattsmouth, NE

works well

Stamps fairly well nice and opaque most of the time not as solid as i’f like all the time but mostly a good product

Delia Pedro, OH