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Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Green

Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Green

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  • Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Green

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Cannot Rate!

Have not received, the stamping plates, to rate this product, as of yet, but feel free to get back to me, to tell you at a later time

Avis Chester, MD

Stamping polish

Perfect for stamping. Green was true to what is pictured. Polish was thick…a little goes a long way. Stamper grabbed polish from my plate every time. Worked better than any other emerald green polish I have. Would buy again.

Consuelo Morgan City, LA

Nail Polish

I use this green. on different color back grounds. The green stands out great. I mostly like it on all colors. It make the designs stand out.This greeen is great for making leaves in my designs.

Jami Nazareth, TX


I have a great deep green color from this nail polish. Compared to regular nail polish which I used to use for stamping. Once I try this one, wow it was such a difference. I will for sure continue buying konad stamping nail polish

Alexandria Hinkley, CA

Great green stamping polish

A great green stamping polish to use for stamping Christmas images and other images. I would recommend this product for stamping

Guadalupe Streator, IL


I prefer konad for stamping. I have found a few instant dry polishes that are ok, but they’re never as good as this brand. I do find this color to be a bit dull though.

Grace Kincaid, KS

Fabulous pigment showing up great over dark colors

Bought this for Fall nail art hoping it would show up over dark colors and I was not disappointed. Konad makes a great stamping polish. No other green polish shows up over dark colors like this one.

Janette Mulga, AL


Ok so this product is a great product we all know Konad has the best stamping polish. Now the seller I don’t want to bash the seller but I literally waited almost a month and me buying from the U.S. is because I don’t want to wait a month or two for my product I want to say it wasn’t their fault because the post office does lose things every now and then but I tried emailing them and no result I had to go through amazon and put in a complaint and that’s not fair to me I don’t want to go through all of that when it only took u 2.5 seconds to take the money out of my account.

Valerie Sheridan, IN

Worth it.

This is one of the only green polishes that stamps well for me. The consistency is nice, and the color is very deep. It came in a new updated bottle (different from the picture).

Eunice Whitleyville, TN


The color is beautiful and it stamps very well. Images that I could not pick up on my non-konad stamper looked much better. I would recommend you invest in a konad stamper it makes a real difference especially if you using non-Konad polishes. As usually recommended stamp lighter colors on darker ones, and darker colors on lighter ones for better contrast.

Sadie Volga, WV