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Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Gold

Konad nail art stamping polish – gold is specially formulated (5 times higher in vicosity) to achieve the best results when using our stamping nail art kit. *Not for as a regular nail polish/base coat.

Key features

  • Specially formulated: five times higher in vicosity
  • Mix and match different designs with different designs to create your unique nail art
  • Not for as a regular nail polish/base coat

Honest reviews


Quite sheer and hard to see over bright/dark polishes

Because some Konad metallic polishes aren’t completely opaque, this polish is best for full-nail patterns (leopard print, stripes, etc.) and not for small designs.I haven’t found a great alternative yet, but hopefully I will soon.

Michael Bogue Chitto, MS

Waste of money

The gold is flat and does not shine or shimmer and it is also not opaque. Waste of money, better off with Essie.

Roberta Leon, KS

love it!!!

The special stamping polish really makes a difference in stamping. I still continue using regular nail polish, but for my gold images there is no other than my konad stamping polish. The stamping plates with lots of detail really come out great when I use this nail stamping polish.

Lakisha Sunset, ME

Like it

I prefer konad for stamping. I have found a few instant dry polishes that are ok, but they’re never as good as this brand. I like the subtle shimmer of this gold.

Sally Hammond, NY


It’s not the most beautiful shade of gold… very yellow instead of metallic. I really don’t see the need to purchase Konad polishes. Any polish that works with 1 coat will do just as well.

Deborah New Vineyard, ME

but this gold and the silver I would not recommend. They are very subtle

Konad Stamping polish works well, but this gold and the silver I would not recommend. They are very subtle, not as clear as I would like.

Phyllis Big Spring, TX

Love it!!!

These are such a great product and an excellent deal! Thank you for this beautiful stamping polish! It works great every time!!! Happy New Year!

Luann Grapeland, TX


Completely ineffective for stamping. A total waste of money. Stamped designs on black or green are not even visible with this product.

Sheri Wood Lake, NE

terrific color pay off

this is a vibrate color and really sizzles on top of darker polish like lincoln park after dark by opi. I will repurchase when I run out

Lesley Chauncey, OH


great application i have found that when it comes to certain colors such as gold konad special polish is the best

Rachel Carney, MI

I love gold

I didnt give it a 5 because it wasnt bright enough. It stamps clearly but is very very subtle. I wish it left a more noticeable impression.

Ladonna Harris, MN

Stamp Polish!

This polish is super silky and made specifically for stamping kits. The gold color stands out against regular non-stamping glossy or matte polish. One of the best polishes for stamping out there. I have purchased the whole set now because they are so well. Great product.

Edythe Alto, MI

Essence of Gold

This stamping polish is faint gold and somewhat thin. It is very sparkly and pretty, but lacks opacity.Keep in mind it is useful for making layered designs, but you will not be able to stamp out an easy to see design.I was much happier with it after I added a lot of white Konad stamping polish to it.

Leeann Harrisville, OH

Great Product!

The gold is true to color and is a strong polish that does not chip easily. I would buy more colors of this when I need them and they work great with the Konad and other brands of design plates of nail art.

Araceli Haileyville, OK

Works Great

This works well. I’ve been having a blast working with nail stamp art. Super fun and easy to do once you get used to it. Great color, very opaque.

Lena Colton, WA

Bit of a waste really

I didn’t feel this was any better than any other gold polish and it doesn’t do as well as some regular polishes like essie good as gold or even the kleancolor metallics so if you just want a polish "made for stamping" I suppose this is will do but I had some real issues getting it to pick up on finer lined designs. I wouldn’t recommend or buy again

Olivia Hopewell, PA