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Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Clear Top Coat

For use with our nail stamping system. This clear top coat protects your nail art design. 10ml.

Key features

  • konad top coat 11 ml

Honest reviews


Bought To Go With Kit

Bought this to go with the kit because I believe you should try to use all compliant products with their own it works well with the stamper, quick dry.

Sylvia Richlands, NC

It’s OK

Nothing special about it. Doesn’t prevent Konad polishes from smearing. Won’t buy again. . . . . . . .

Tameka Wilson, KS

love this top coat

I Love this top coat I would definitely recommend because it will not smear your stamping image unless you paint over your image to hard I do it lightly and in 3 steps go over with your top coat in the middle then one side then the other side works great would recommend if your top coat are smearing your image stamp

Maria New Albany, MS

Worked great

I liked the product, it worked great. It doesn’t smear the stamped stencil like others I have used. It seems to help the nail polish last longer.

Deidre Dell, AR

Konad top coat

Works great , the top coat dries fast and doesn’t smear the print. Very nice shine, looks like it sparkles.

Socorro Robinson, KS

Its good

I do like it and It is pretty good not to smear the stamp, but the reason I only gave it 4 stars is because it takes FOREVER to dry!!! I put it on before I go to bed, so I wont have a chance to nick them up!

Carly Barkhamsted, CT

not bad

I am an fan of seshve ( I know I spelled that wrong but if you use the product you know what I am talking about) but since I am now a lover of stamping I decided to try the right top coat! I don’t know I used it and it did its job buy so did mine!!! I don’t think I would buy it again I will continue to use the one I have because I like the shininess on nails and the quick dry and I get both with what I use so although this product was good and did its job its all in what you prefer!!!

Maggie Summersville, MO