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Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Black

Black Pearl special Nail Polish (10ml) for use with Konad stamping nail art products.

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  • Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Black Pearl

Honest reviews


Works great

I was skeptical of purchasing a polish specifically for the nail art stamp plates since I’ve heard other people using regular nail polish and getting nice results. But the texture or smoothness of this product works great for stamping. Very opaque and dries fast, but not before you stamp it. Once I did all of my nails I could put a top coat nail polish on right away. Top coat is recommended if you’re using this product, probably to help protect it and make it last longer. Was happy to find it for a lower price than other sites.

Corrine Fenelton, PA

ok-takes a lot of practice

Polish works ok. Dries very quickly. That’s good and bad. good when setting up on your nail…bad when you are trying to get the polish transferred from the stencil plate to your fingernail.

Elaine Walnutport, PA


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Annie Stanardsville, VA

Worth it.

I used to think stamping polishes were unnecessary, and that I could stamp with any polish. But these Konad polishes have changed my life. They’re opaque in one stamp and they transfer to the stamper perfectly. When I use regular polish to stamp, I have to scrape with very little pressure or all the polish comes out of the image, but with these polishes, I have to scrape with more force because the polish stays better in the image.It sounds like a lot of money to pay for a polish you only use for stamping, but if you’re looking to take your designs to the next level, I highly recommend using these polishes.Also, I thought I would only get tiny bottles with not a lot in them but this 11 ml size is only slightly smaller than an Essie bottle, for reference.

Rebekah Shannock, RI


This stuff works great, but be careful not to use too much…it can get a little smeary. And yes, I’ve used other kinds of black polish and they don’t smear the same way. Absolute best price anywhere.

Shelby South Jordan, UT


It is a little thin so it takes a couple of coats as most nailpolishes do but looks great afterwards!

Mae Barnstable, MA

Five Stars

Works great

Glenda Oolitic, IN

Black stamping polish

I am so far impressed with this polish! It is thicker than usual lacquer so it fills in my stamping plates better. The design comes off much darker and clearer on the nail than regular polish. I would definitely recommend using a polish designed specifically for stamping to achieve the best results!

Tamera Peach Orchard, AR

Great Stamping Polish

I haven’t tried any other stamping polishes but I read many review that raved about this brand. It’s not expensive and worked perfectly.

Eloise Geneva, NY

Works great

Works great and is very pigmented. Images cone out very crisp and clean with this polish. I have used the wet n wild brand in black cream (which is recommended by many as an alternative to black konad polish) and it works pretty good I was pretty satisfied. It is much darker than most regular black polishes she used for stamping. But then I tried konadand it’s even better. It makes black cream look so much lighter. If u don’t want to spend the money on konad i suggest black cream or ebony hates Chris (I heard that works well too) by wet n wild. And as for white Sally Hansen extreme wear in white on is great. Its thick n gets even thicker as u use it. Haven’t tried konad white yet or any other colors but I plan to based on my gem rest experience with the black. The only reason I tried konad was because I couldn’t find black cream at my local Walmart so I ordered this. While I was waiting for it to arrive I found black cream so I bought it. I do love both 🙂

Luann Secretary, MD

Special Black – Awesome

This Konad black is well worth the money if you are using it for nail stamping. It dries quickly and makes excellent, crisp images.

Selma Hinkley, CA

love it

I compared this with my black nail polish and the stamp comes out much thicker in color. I am definitely sticking to this.

Shari Inman, GA

best stamping polish for good reason

Love this stamping polish. I wish it was made in more quantity other than the 10ml. Would also like it if it was a tad bit cheaper, but will continue to use.

Valerie Groveton, NH

great color!

Quality is great..still getting the hang of the whole nail stamping thing I tried usingA regular black polish an it couldn’t compare id recommend getting the konadin black and white

Pam Elkhart, IN


Works perfectly with nail image plates – great coverage and darkness. We’ve used it multiple times and it’s consistently excellent. Thank you for this great product. Highly recommend.

Andrea Mount Blanchard, OH

Love it

I prefer konad for stamping. I have found a few instant dry polishes that are ok, but they’re never as good as this brand. I really like this black.

Clare Whelen Springs, AR


If you can’t find another thick black to stamp with this works well. It is a very small bottle though so not really worth the money unless you have no other choice.

Dorothea Lac Du Flambeau, WI

Love this polish

I bought this pollish to do my own nails. It is just the right thickness so I can do them myself instead of having to go to the nail salon.

Ruthie Topaz, CA

Got To Go with Kit

Ordered this to go with the started KIT B I purchased, I got it for mainly the stamper part of this application.

Elda Macdona, TX


Definitely want to use this black when stamping. It works best compared to other black polishes. I’d also buy the white, too. It’ll show up better!

Cecelia Pikesville, MD

Bottle dried up too quickly.

I did like this but the bottle dried up too quickly. It was closed tight. I don’t know if it’s something I did or if I just got a bad bottle.

Vilma Aurora, IA

Fast shipping

I am very pleased with how fast this product was delivered. I am very excited to get to use this on my new plates that I should be getting tomorrow. It is just what I needed and wanted. Would order again.

Deena Cromwell, MN

Loved it

My mom was obsessed with stamping her nails so she decided to try this. Although we absolutely love this product, I don’t think it’s THAT important to get it because there are other regular nail polishes that work just as well as this one does. I’ve stamped my nails with China Glaze, Kleancolor and other drugstore brands. The art it in is the actualy scraping and stamping part. If that isn’t perfected then your stamps won’t come out properly whether you use this or another polish.

Mindy Templeton, IA

Black Konad Polish

I have seen You Tube videoson this product. And I finallyhad to buy it.I do my own nailsnow and I received it today. It wasfast delivery.

Catalina Malta, MT

Tricky but practice makes perfect.

Hard to use at first but with practice you get the hang of it. Works better than regular nail polish.

Lee Hanover, MA

Not necessary

If you do konad stamping I would just buy regular black nail polish at the drugstore. This polish doesn’t dry great and when you put a top coat over it the design smears. I use regular black polish to do konad stamping, don’t let people think you need special polish to use your stamp.

Marcy Leslie, MI


This works great for light colored polish to stamp on those awesome images!!! Thank you for such a great product!!! Happy New Year!!!

Heather Temperanceville, VA

You can skip this one

Obviously, it’s the best balck stamping polish, but you can use any black polish too.The result is only slightly better with this one that only you can see.BUT, white conad polish is must have.

Marla Belview, MN

Does the job!

I bought a set of Konad plates about 6 months ago, i never used them because no nail polish was thick and pigmented enough to do the job. Finally i realized that only Konad can do this job, cause it’s made for it. They know what they are doing-lol.

Karina Oakman, AL

Definitely worth having!

I’d heard reviews on YouTube for this and decided to try it. You should too — you’ll get beautiful opaque stamped designs with this black; great, sharp detail and perfect transfer to the stamp and nail.

Theresa Trivoli, IL