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Konad Nail Art Stamper And Scraper

This simple little rubber stamping tool transfers the design from the Image Plate onto your nail with no mess and no fuss. The Scraper is used to ensures that just the right amount of polish is left on the design plate to achieve the best result.

Key features

  • small one side stamer red pad and scraper

Honest reviews


Dont Waste Your Money

I purchased this product hoping to replace spending a lot of money for the nail professionals to paint designs on my nails, but it was really waste of money. It doesnt work as well as it says. You need a lot of patients for this one!!

Tracy Cobden, IL

Great success!

Received in just a few days. Bought this stamper after my initial purchase of a Salon Express set. Was not having much luck using that stamper or plates and had heard that the Konad stamper was better so I thought I would give it a try. Have been using this stamper on the SE plates along with the BM and Mash plates I have purchased and have had much better luck since using the Konad stamper. I have found out that the stamper works better if I remember to use a buffer across the top occasionally.

Ester Myra, TX

Stamp and Scrape

This is a nice tool for those who don’t have the ability/patience to design nails by hand. The scraper doesn’t always scrape clean (annoying sometimes), but when it does scrape clean, you’ll end up with a clear design. The stamper is tricky. I had to watch a video to learn how to apply. (The trick to using the stamper with non-Konad polish is buffing the scraper with a nail file.) It takes a little practice to do a perfect stamping job. But overall a neat idea.

Yolanda Iroquois, IL

Easy to use but a little messy

I had a lot of fun using the stamp. The scraping off of the excess nail polish from the plate got a little messy but it was worth it to get cute designs on my nails that I could never have drawn with a nail polish pen.

Rosalyn Keene, TX

as espected

Reveived my items on time and were in excellant condition. No Problems with my items at all, work excellant. Have used them non stop since receiving them.

Celina Steele, AL


I am crazy about Konad! I love the little stamper. It works great. I would suggest buying the Konad’s brand black and white nail polish for stamping. It helps alot when it comes to the designs showing up, but you don’t NEED to use Konad polish. I have a few colors of my own that work great.

Katelyn Maida, ND

Good stamper

This stamper and scraper works good on all plates. I use it on Pueen plates and it works good. The scraper is metal and scratches the plate but the design is the most important part and the scratches is just cosmetics.

Lindsey Woodburn, IN

just what i needed

I needed a small stamper, becasue the longer one I had was hard to handle. This stamper is the perfect size, and for me, much easier to manipulate than the longer handled stampers.

Jade Knox City, MO

I love this stamper!

I was using the stamper that comes with the Coraline Konad starter kit and I thought it was good until I got this stamper. It is way better! Easier to control and place. I don’t like the scraper as much as the one that comes with the Coraline set though- I find that it just doesn’t work well.

Milagros Olivebridge, NY

Not what I ordered

This order only gets 2 stars because I did not get the stamper pictured – which is what I wanted. I specifically ordered the stamper shown because of the smaller size. I already have a double sided stamper, but I sometimes find the length annoying to work with and wanted to try a small one. That’s the only reason I ordered this stamper. What I received was another double stamper. When I place an order with Amazon, I expect to get what is pictured – not what someone in a warehouse thinks I should get. Not happy.

Maria Preston, MS


I bought Mash plates and this stamper is great, I love it, all the designs on my nails stamped beautifully, it is a great stamper set.I have to say that is very easy to stamp nails, if you like craft you will be able to do it with any polish, this is my first time and the came as a salon quality.

Adrian Hartford, AR