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Komenuka Bijin Japanese All-Natural Essence Whitening Cream with Rice Bran


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More a Liquid Essence than a Cream

Rice Bran is the secret to these products and the results are immediately apparent in the texture of your skin. After just one to two uses, you start to notice a sense of calm and order descending upon your formerly sensitive skin. This is especially apparent if you layer the products, first using the cleanser, toner and then the essence and skin creams. If you have oily or combination skin, you may be amazed at how balanced your skin becomes.The Skin Essence contains Mulberry that naturally lightens discoloration from sun damage and aging. The antioxidants help to revitalize the skin. This is applied before the cream. Who knew when we were climbing around in mulberry trees staining our fingers and faces as children that one day we would use an extract in a lotion that would heal the skin and lighten our skin.Age spots and freckles literally start to disappear or may even slightly whiten more than the surrounding skin so they literally seem to fade away. I noticed this after just a few uses so it is super effective.Another reason to use this product is the “super” and I mean super fast healing properties. I was amazed. Put this on any skin irritation and watch it disappear in days.These products are so fun to use, I’ve incorporated them into a little night routine for my husband where I give him an antiaging facial before bed. I saw the results of the products on my skin and wanted to share this secret with him. His skin looked instantly more hydrated and he has dry skin. With my combination skin I’ve seen great results in balancing and clarity.The cleansers are like the champagne of skincare and the rest of the line is equally impressive. These are sort of out of my price range if I they didn’t last so long and were not so effective. You only need such a small amount so in the end, it will be very economical and the results are superior to other products I’ve tried. The products also seem to encourage a natural exfoliation and deep cleansing, so you save money on all those other products you used to have to buy all the time. Plus, your skin will clear up and you can say goodbye to all those annoying costly solutions to a problem these products actually prevent.The entire line deserves 100 Stars! If you struggle tokeep your skin clear, these products also providea new sense of confidence and are emotionally healing.Another surprising use for this product is on scars. Oldscars and new scars. They seem to just fade away.As Liv Tyler once said: “I Swear Buy.” Well, she was talking about the shampoo.I say: “Collect Them.” These products are essential and the best I’ve ever tried.~The Rebecca Review

Denice Nocona, TX

great product, derived from natural ingredients…….

I have struggled with the redness and discoloration of my acne scars, and was looking for a solution. Though, I was pleased with Mederma, it didn’t succeed in really making the scars vanish. So, upon some discernment and research, I decided to try Komenuka Bijin All-Natural Essence Whitening Cream with Rice Bran. When that little bottle arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it. I was very pleased with Komenuka’s cleansing powder, and the rice bran felt very healing on my skin, without causing any further inflammation or irritation.The whitening cream (which is actually a clear serum) was no different. The ingredients are: water, rice bran, mulberry bark extract, sake, collagen, yeast extract and liquorice. For starters, you don’t need much (just a few drops for your entire face), and the recipe is so concentrated. I felt it soothing my face, almost on contact. I have only been using it a brief time, but I am already noticing a difference. I know that the label says “for age spots,” but it is for any kind of discoloration, really. I like to use this after I cleanse my face with their cleansing powder. I really reccomend it. I know it isn’t terribly cheap, but you don’t need much and it lasts you a good long while. Great product!

Gertrude Waverly, IA


I read the reviews and decided to give this a try. I was looking for something that contained only “good stuff”–not a bunch of chemicals–as well as a product that would not harm my sensitive skin (which is also combination). Oh, and it would have to actually work on the two annoying brown spots I’ve noticed over the past 5 years (probably from occasional lapses in sun protection). Here it is–miracle product! I’ve only used it for about week and ALREADY the major (to me) spot is fading noticably. I didn’t believe it either! My boyfriend–who always thinks the spots are dirt or “make-up”–noticed the difference as well, saying that he thought I was beautiful to begin with (a[…]) but that I looked more glowing since starting this. I cannot believe the difference in my skin–the oily-dry stuff is balanced out, and now it’s just evenly moist. Absolutely no problems with sensitivity, and I get horrible rashes from just looking at most skin care products.I am looking forward to trying more from this line.Oh, and I read one review that said this was tiny–she must have been talking about the sample. This isn’t tiny and a little goes a long way (I know everyone says that but it’s true–I use 5 drops on my entire face and I’m probably putting too much on). By the way, the 10 piece sample is nice and I ordered that as well, and yes they are sample sized (enough for one use or so). But this is full sized and wonderful. Having only used it for a week, I haven’t made a dent in it, and would estimate that there’s about 3 months’ worth in the bottle. Not bad for a product I will never, never be without!!One last thing: a while ago I bought a bunch of really pricey skin care items from SK-II, which also contains rice bran stuff in them and are little Hollywood darlings. They were just ok. This stuff blows them out of the water and are much less expensive.

Chris Seminole, PA

Very good cream.

I love this product. I don’t think that it works as well as Cauladlie’s Whitening Serum, but it’s a cheaper way to keeep my ivory color going after using a dose of the more expensive brand. This lasts forever! I will definitely keep alternating with my Caudalie. Perfect product!

Maricela Donnelly, MN

Mild and requires your patience!

I have used this product for a month now, the lightening of dark spots is not striking yet but a little noticeable, in a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say it is a 3. Notice however that I just started to get microdermabrasion treatments and I have had one so far a week ago. I saw an improvement of my skin texture and complexion after the treatment and undoubtedly will help whatever effects the serum may have. All in all I will keep on using the serum as, like it states on the product information, the results will NOT be seen overnight and they recommend to use it for months. I like that it is not harsh, by the contrary very mild, you do not get any annoying sensation upon application. This is something that is hard to ask for in a lightening product.BTW, stay away from “Even Better Skin Tone Corrector” by Clinique, I only got suntan with this product, notice that I was using only a 15 SPF sunblock at the time (instead of a 30 which is much more appropriate) but still, this product does make your skin more prone to tanning AND IT DOES NOT PROVIDE A LIGHTENING EFFECT whatsoever. It is a total failure by Clinique.

Amber Clear Lake, WI