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Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Powder from Natural Rice Bran – 30 Packs

The outer hull of the rice kernel is nutrient-dense, packed with over 100 powerful antioxidants like skin-renewing Vitamin E, Oryzanol, and Lipoic Acid. Plus, rice bran is a natural exfoliant – gentler than fruit extracts which can tear the skin.

Key features

  • The popular new product Elle magazine calls “a cult favorite among hard core beauty shoppers”.
  • Granulated, concentrated rice bran that exfoliates, heals and moisturizes without tearing like fruit botanicals can.
  • Delivers high amounts of over 107 antioxidants deep below the dermis layer.
  • A favorite for travelers — just grab what you need, and go! 30 Packs deliver 90 uses!
  • The secret of the ageless Japanese complexion is rice bran, known for its deep cleaning and rejuvenating properties. It is a safe, all natural, and effective anti-aging regimen.

Honest reviews


Worth all the hype

When it comes to beauty I believe that cleanliness is one of the most important steps along with applying SPF creams and moisturizers, drinking water and sleeping (which is hard to do since I love to read till the wee hours). Cleansing loosens dirt particles, dislodges makeup stuck in every nook and crevice or prepares the face for the new day ahead. Morning and evening ritual of face washing can be a sweet indulgence, especially when I pamper it with the fancy Komenuka Bijin rice bran powder. The container houses thirty packets and each one can provide about three or more uses, depending how much is poured out. I love to mix the pale grains into a smooth and creamy paste that caress my face with a soft flurry of gently cleaning lather.I won’t repeat the list of ingredients as each Komenuka product comes with instructions and a detailed list of exotic items. The glow my face obtains with this wash is really fabulous and there is no dryness and discomfort, in fact I look forward to washing my face and take great pleasure at the benefits I can feel and see. Without thorough cleansing, it would take about twenty five days for the dirt and build up to wear off the face, not including the dirt that would start piling up on top of the skin as it would try to slough itself off. Proper care is necessary for a harmonious relationship with our biggest organ that expresses even the tiniest nuance, joy or discord through our facial muscles and the quality of the epidermis. The tiny grains in this powder blend well with water and are portable and easy to take when traveling as no one wants to drag bottles of creams and liquids on any trip. I also recommend the shampoo and conditioner form this line as they are truly standout products that do make a difference in how my skin and hair looks and feels.- Kasia S.

Keri Orlando, FL

Not remarkable

This stuff didn’t do anything extraordinary for me, and certainly did nothing to justify the high price. It foams up and washes off easily but I broke out while using it. Either I was having a reaction from the ingredients or it did a poor job of cleansing(my guess is the latter). The only thing I really liked about it is its portability. This product is mediocre at best and there are much better cleansers.

Evangelina Warfield, VA

this product is great!

At first, I wondered about rice bran and its effectiveness as a cleanser for skin. It made sense, but I had never used it before. Previously, I had found oatmeal to be a very effective detoxifier for my skin, when I had a bad skin rash. It pulled out the toxins very quickly and my skin felt so healthy!The ingredients for this great product, put out by Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Powder are: rice bran extract, aloe extract, seaweed extract and coconut oil. That’s right….all natural ingredients that you can very easily pronounce (unlike some skin care products whose moisturizers, cleansers and toners consist predominantly of chemicals, engineered in a lab, that are tested quite heartlessly on innocent lab animals). The great thing about this gentle scrub is that it doesn’t take much to be effective. In fact, they reccomend that you use only 1/3 of a packet of the product, then mix it with warm water in your hand and apply it directly to the face. You can feel the cleansing powder work almost immediately. For me, my skin felt a lot cleaner, once I had massaged it in. Once I rinsed it off, my skin was so soft. There aren’t any fruit acids, here, to burn and add abrasion to the delicate facial skin. Also, my face felt firmer and looked smoother. Great product! Yes, it’s a little pricey, but a little goes a long way and it’s very effective!

Sherrie Hazlet, NJ

Great for travel

I love Komeunka Bijin, and these little packets are great. I travel a lot, and these are perfect fo my “travel bathroom”. It cleans so well and exfoliates so gently. The glow that you have on your skin is amazing. I would tell anyone to go for it!

Tracie Central City, KY

luxurious feel but too drying for everyday use IMHO

The first time I used this powder my face felt so silky. Howeverafter a few 1X daily uses it was drying my skin too much. So nowI have to relegate it to weekend only use. Wish they would put thepowder in some sort of dispenser because the packet gets wet in theshower and it’s a little awkward to save. I will bring this alongfor vacations (instead of bulkier Noxema) and also use it afterheavy perspiration (running).

Carrie Windsor, OH

Mild cleanser

This is a mild cleansing product for the face, it won’t remove heavy makeup completely so better to use it as a last step (I saw some comments about how it did not clean well). You do get 3 cleansings per package but have to be careful to keep the packages away from water, the container they come in helps. As for exfoliation, very mild too and only right after applying the granules directly to your wet skin and rubbing a little. It becomes foam very quickly which I do not think exfoliates much. I would recommend to form the foam in your face rather than on your palm.My skin feels dry afterwards but this should not be a big deal as everybody moisturizes. It is a nice mild cleanser. As for lightening power, I am using this and the serum plus I am having microdermabrasion treatments so I cannot unequivocally attribute any lightening to any of the Komenuka products.Also, for acne-prone skins, I recommend to use the komenuka cleanser in the morning and your regular acne treatment (cleanser, lotion) at night. In this way, you do not interrupt the acne treatment and still can try other products for other purposes.

Valerie Bethune, CO