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Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap 135g 4-Pack

Kojie San has all-natural kojic acid formula that helps lightens dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, and other skin pigmentations. Kojic Acid was discovered in Japan. It is a by-product in the production of Koji, or Malted Rice, for use in the manufacture of Japanese rice wine. In cosmetics, Kojic Acid is popularly known for its excellent whitening effects and antioxidant properties.

Key features

  • helps lightens dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, and other skin pigmentations

Honest reviews



This soap works amazingly. I have dark skin and when I scar, it’s really bad. I started using this soap in addition to the skin bleaches I was prescribed by my dermatologist and it improved my skin a LOT. My skin was brighter and the scars started to fade after about a month of use.At first, it burned my skin a bit, but I built up a tolerance to it. I loved it so much, that I just ordered a 4-pack of the stuff. Highly recommend!

Elise Greenwood, DE

Miracle Soap!

This soap is FANTASTIC! I am a 39 year old mixed race Black female. I bought this soap to lighten old facial acne scars, dark knees and elbows, and armpits. I did like some others suggested and melted each bar down in a 48 oz jug of water, then poured it into two 24-oz empty Suave body wash bottles for convenience. One bar of soap can yield 48 oz of liquid Kojic Soap. If you wash with it using the bar, it will melt very fast. The entire bar was melted by the next morning after I placed it in the water. I’ve been using this soap for almost 2 weeks now. My skin looks radiant! The old acne scars on my face are already lightened by 50% after using this soap daily morning and evening every day. I’ve also used it everywhere else on my body. My armpits had darkened due to years of using aluminum based deodorants. No more! After using this, in conjunction with an exfoliating skin pad and hydroquinone in my armpits, the dark brownish black color is finally completely gone. I had tried hydroquinone alone and it didn’t work even after several weeks. My caramel complexion doesn’t look much lighter, but the tiny marks that were sprinkled all over my body do look amazingly lighter and less defined. I guess I can finally look forward to beautiful even toned skin after all these years. I’m so excited!Even better: My daughter, who has very bad acne vulgaris began using this on her face. Her skin literally looked like it had a mountain range growing on it. After 6 days, I almost burst into tears. Her face, which even dermatologist prescribed products couldn’t seem to clear up, looked 100% better. She still had quite a few white heads and black heads left over after 6 days, but nowhere near what it had been a week before. It’s almost 2 weeks now. All major bumps on her skin have almost completely smoothed over. Her cheeks and forehead look completely smooth now and her freckles are showing through on her skin. She still has a few bumps on her chin, but I’m sure that in another week or so, those will be gone also. Her chin has always been her major breakout region. Her skin finally looks amazing. I’m so happy that I ordered this product. I’m about to order more. I highly recommend this product

Selma Hillsboro, TN

My only problem is they should sell this soap by the case!

Wonderful soap…I want to buy it in bulk because it is just that good. Clears the skin and give my face and body a gorgeous golden brown glow. The dark areas on my knees and elbows are lightening so quickly, which never happened before, not even with heavy use of hydroquinione. I would recommend this soap to anyone with dark skin or who suffers from hyperpigmentatioin. It isn’t a whitening soap…I love being black, so I am not trying to "lighten" my complexion. I just want it to be even toned and healthy. This soap does just that! Great product.

Enid Saint Michael, AK

a good soap

I started seeing results after 3 months of use.For some reasons I don’t know, I started to have pimples on my back 5 months ago. At first I thought nothing about it. But then it started to get bad and left ugly dark spots on my back. I tried this soap and thought nothing about it. 2 months after using this soap, I noticed that the dark spots on my back started to lighten up. The change wasn’t so drastic that I barely noticed it. One thing I didn’t like about this soap is that it gave me rashes on my face, but I won’t give it a 4 star just because of that.I suggest to those people who say that this doesn’t work to not say that this does not work if you only have used this for a month. Things like this soap won’t do any drastic work on your skin no matter how long you leave this on on your skin. It doesn’t matter whether you leave it on for an hour or a day. You won’t see change for at least 2 months. You need to be PATIENT.

Peggy Corning, OH

ONE MONTH and NO Lightening

I left this soap on a MINIMUM of 15 minutes EVERY night.It could be good for clearing up acne, but you need to leave it on a minimum of 15 minutes.The bar will last longer if you leave it in a sealed plastic container.It is not ordinary soap, so don’t use it just for washing.Put it on your face and neck, be careful of your eyes and then go and read or watch TV for 15 minutes and then use a moisurizer.It did not lighten my skin in any way, shape or form.It dries your skin out (exfoliates) and that’s it.

Alison Bradford, RI

Waste of money

This soap was garbage. It did nothing for my face except make me break out more than i already break out and dry out my skin. I’ve tried all types of soap for my skin and what i’ve found works the best is just plain water. now my acne is very minimum. also this soap melts in the shower super fast… dont buy it. also it doesnt lighten your face…what a waste.

Clarice Alliance, OH

Doesn’t work for me…

So, I bought this to even out my uneven Brown skin tone, not to Whiten or become lighter. So, I expected more of a uniform complexion. Not expecting miracles. I am on my 3rd bar of the 4 pack and so far, I haven’t notice any difference in complexion at all. Not evening, brightening or smoothing the texture. I don’t know if majority of people using these products have light skin or are using bleaching cream too but this did nada for me. I read one review who said s/he leave it on for a few minutes but who has time for that? I used these with exfoliating gloves too.I do not recommend.

Tammie Attapulgus, GA

Great for evening out skin complexion

Perhaps this product should be marketed as a skin complexion "evening" soap. In my case, I can’t say it lightens me; rather it has minimized the naturally occurring tan lines I have developed over my lifetime.I give the product 4 stars because it doesn’t last as long as I would like. I wouldn’t say I lather up excessively, but one bar only lasts me 1 week of showering.Also, a word of caution for any males that may use/try this product: I made the mistake of using this soap on my male member. The stinging that resulted when I rinsed off was a tad bit painful. Needless to say, there are certain areas of the body that are more sensitive than others. Keep this in mind and wash accordingly.

Ethel Polk, PA

Great product & customer service!

The soap is good, it works but slowly (better than not working at all). Over the past few months that I’ve used this product, I have seen a great change in my skin (underarms) lighten. It looks a lot lighter than before. Also, one of the changes I made after I started using this product was, I switched from regularly shaving my underarms to waxing which helped a lot in lightening my skin. I have also used the soap on my knees to lighten that area on my legs and I have seen a huge difference. This soap is not no magical soap, it works just like any other product but to be able to achieve expected results, you have to be patient and have consistency in terms of its usage.When I received the product, I had few issues regarding its delivery, my packaged had been damaged due to the poor service of USPS. When I mentioned that to the buyer, they took very great care of me and had sent me a pack of two kojie san soaps for free. The guy I spoke with was very kind and helpful, he even apologized to me on behalf of USPS. I would most definitely purchase from this buyer again.

Latoya La Motte, IA


I loooove this product it works works works. I am a now a regular customer and will be for life. I loooooove this soap. I was a whole shade lighter in two days. I loooove this.

Geneva San Jacinto, CA

Love this product and company 🙂

I love this company. Key2vitality this Is the second time I’ve ordered from them and have received everything in a timely fashion. Alright The soap is SOOO Much bigger then ths last 3bars I had and, I paid the same price foe three bars at 65oz . Now I have four bars at 135oz. For only 17.70 with shipping !!! Happy customer: )

Taylor Drew, MS

I know this will work

Their full kojic acid soap is excellent so I have high faith in this one . People claim that it has a vanilla scent and it doesn’t. It smells like what you will get with hyporallergenic products. Anyways, I know this will be great for scars as well.

Monika Cranbury, NJ

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

I LOVE this soap I love the appearance of my skin when I use this soap I get a dewy very pretty look! I had a bad breakout on my forehead that just wouldn’t clear up this is what prompted me to try this product I read many reviews and decided to go for the 4 pack. The soap may cause a tingly effect and can over dry if OVER used, I recommend twice a week. My intentions for purchasing was to clear up the breakout area and it has did just that and has given my whole face a Refreshed look. I love the scent of the soap and I have chosen to cut chunks of it with a paring knife as recommended by a fellow reviewer. The soap like all soaps will dry out if not protected I store my soap in A airtight Glad container, to seal away from air. This was a GREAT purchase for me, I recommend all to try. I am completely satisfied and the soap has went above and beyond my expectations, BTW I am African American I can say that the skin lightening hasn’t lightened me instead it has given my skin a clearer, softer feel while it has lightened my acne marks on my forehead. Thank Beauty Elements Ventures Inc., for superior service!

Mia Concord, NH

Love love love this soap!!!

My skin is smooth and clearing up fast. Use it with my carotein and boy is my skin looking amazing after only a week and a half. I am so happy with my purchase. Supplier delivered the product fast. I am so happy!!!Noticed my skin looking brighter and clearer from the second day! I lather it on my face and body and leave it on for 20 mins to an hour. It is also exfoiating my skin and leaving it smooth.

Anita Wiggins, CO

I love this ….. I use it in moderation!!!!!

I love this, however I use it in moderation because of previous reviews of too much of a good thing. Hopefully, the use of this once a day will last me at least a month and a help. My skin glows and the flaws are disappearing…..But I use it on my body letting stay on for only for 5 minutes right now……But once my broken ankle heals I will let it stand for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Henrietta Fultonville, NY

Will be buying more!

I will bought the 4 pack this time but I’ll be purchasing the 24 pack soon. I am an African American woman with a caramel complexion but I have slight skin discolorations and blemishes that I wanted to get rid of. I have been using this for two weeks and I can already see a big difference! My skin glows after every use and the darker marks on my body are starting to fade. Great product!

Lesa Springport, IN



Elba Otis, LA

Fast delivery and authentic product

This is one of my favorite face soaps for keeping my skin bright, oil free and pimple free. I think this may be my third order of a multi pack of Kojie San but my first with this particular vendor. I actually like their 4 pack and price because I’ve typically have only gotten the 3 pack bundles from others. Excellent seller. I’ll stick with them for future purchases of this brand.

Lakesha North Falmouth, MA

It works

I buy this soap all the time. It works great and its a great price. I highly recommend this soap.

Jeannette Shelburn, IN


It works but it takes time. It wont lighten you a good shade if you do not use a lightening cream with it.

Patti Argenta, IL